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The Watertower book. Read 88 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Nobody in Preston could remember when the watertower was built, or w. Crew (First Light) weaves a disquieting tale set in an Australian outback town, where a rusted old watertower seems to be inhabited by a malevolent alien. The Watertower is a young adult's picture book written by Australian author Gary Crew and illustrated by Steven Woolman. The story, which takes place in.

The Water Tower Book

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The Watertower continues to attract interest - and readers. Crew, a prestidigitator of words, has managed to work his magic -The Horn Book Magazine. Watertower by Gary Crew, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Watertower is an Australian picture book written by popular children's author Gary Crew and illustrated by Steven Woolman. It was first Published in .

This is represented through the use of satellites. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Publisher Description

The Watertower Cover for The Watertower. Children's literature portal. Children's Book of the Year Award: Picture Book. Waltzing Matilda by A. Books I Love Best Yearly: Read Australia Award.

Bubba loses his shorts and is too embarrassed to go home, so Spike runs home to get him another pair. While Spike is gone, Bubba begins to suspect that there might be more to the water tower In , a sequel was published called Beneath the Surface, casting a clearer light on what the water tower is really for, while still keeping some of its mystery.

Advertisement: Tropes Abandoned Area : Played with. The water tower isn't well-guarded and just barely kept from falling into disrepair. The sequel reveals that whoever put it there wanted people to think it was this.

The Corruption : Bubba's fate at the end. It's implied the adults in Preston have gone through this as well.


Creepy Gas Station Attendant : The local adults have this vibe about them. Crop Circles : The circular design on the water tower as well as the book's aesthetic all allude to this. Whilst the boys share a youthful bond, they actively separate themselves from the town.

Readers are unsettled by the shifting orientation of image and text on each opening which is accompanied by circular coloured tiles and sepia thumbnails of the incessant watertower. Not all picture books are suitable for a young audience ….

Some paragraphs and ideas need further refinement.

Bestselling Series

We used these questions to frame out thoughts on selected openings. Analysing Picture Books. Symbols and rituals are shared experiences that help foster a sense of belonging among members of a group.

The initial opening unusually contains publishing details as well as situating the story in Preston, but more specifically Shooters Hill. Colours are soft — wispy white clouds and faded orange grass — blurring reality and causing readers to engage emotionally with the menacing environment. Belonging is shaped via relationships between people and places.

In the second opening, we are drawn to the face of the foregrounded male figure. Reflecting the tower, his glasses invite us to follow his gaze across the streetscape.

The Watertower

The central figure becomes important when we locate him at the end of the bench. Closely seated with uniformed workers, his slouched posture sets him apart and, significantly, he lacks the circular symbol which binds the community.

The highly saturated illustrations, using realistic colours of orange, contrasting with a cool blue, take us to a typical rural setting. An absence of any sense of belonging can generate feelings of isolation and disaffection.

The opening reveals Bubba climbing up the watertower ladder, to exit through the hatch. The ghastly green and dispersed black portrays the felling of eeriness for the viewer. We empathise with Bubba due to being in danger.

The naturalistic scene of Bubba climbing allows us to feel as though we are present with him. The reoccurring circular symbol is present within the ripples in the water that seem to stalk Bubba from below.

Branching algae have the sinister armlike connotation as though they are trying to drag Bubba to them.

The long-shot from below reinforces that Bubba is a small insignificant other within the tight-knit community.The watertower symbol is repeated up to 5 times throughout the image; in the iris of two and again on the hats of two men. Crew lets readers draw their own conclusions about these strange events. However, the ending allows readers to create their own interpretations.

Green and Mean : The cover art uses green and black to make the water tower look even more lien than it already does. However, the written word provides only half of the story.

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