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acid and the ph balance in your blood. He describes his revolutionary plan in his new book The. PH Miracle for Weight Loss in today's healthy eating. The PH Miracle Diet - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Feb 19, The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health- English Ebook pdf.

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Robert O. Young Shelley Redford Young The Ph Miracle: Balance Your Diet Alkaline Food Chart PDF | Alkaline – Acidic charts «Raw and Vegan Life Best. When the pH level in one's body is unbalanced, almost any area of the body can be may choose to follow the Alkalarian Diet completely, while others slowly. When I was very young, my mother was on this thing called a diet. In The pH Miracle, Dr. Robert O. Young states that fat is created to bind acidity in the body.

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pH Miracle Living “Dr.” Robert O. Young is finally arrested, but will it stop him?

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Is The Ph Miracle Diet Right For Me Plr Ebook

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Physical damage is only secondary to the effects Acne can have to the turbulent emotions of youths. I would say that the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet is the diet for immortality. For example, after a beautiful aspiring young Brazilian model named Mariana Bridi da Costa died of sepsis after a urinary tract infection so severe that she had had to have her hands and feet amputated in a desperate bid to save her life, Young wrote a post entitled Ignorance Caused Sepsis or Systemic Acidosis That Took The Life of a Young Brazilian Woman : Sepsis is the number one cause of death in the world and happens every day at Intensive Care Units, Hospitals and Medical Clinics!

What is sepsis or septic shock and what is the cause? Damn them and their inability to see the truth!

Most people believe that sepsis or acidosis is an infection. It is not! It is an out-fection from personal acidic lifestyle and dietary choice.

An out-fection, in the body, is the cell breaking down from the inside out from an emotional or physical stress or disturbance giving rise to increased acidity. Note how Young took a valid idea based on science in this case, that lifestyle and diet can predispose to disease and extrapolated it to the point where he ran right off into the deep end with it. The word virus is originally Latin meaning poison, as in snake venom, being too acidic.

When a serious snake bite releases venom or acid into the skin and soft tissues, the small sweat vessels become so enlarged that red corpuscles can flow into the tiny seat glands, showing red skin patterns and allowing the venom or acids to escape through the skin. Acidity dissolves and enlarges blood vessels for the movement of acidic fluids or gases. Alkalinity constricts and normalizes the blood vessels.

Unfortunately, he not only jumped off the deep end, but he went off the deep end of comprehensibility, too. Consequently, to him the answer is always to alkalinize, even though his methods of measuring the acid-base balance are not based on any physiology or science.

This is what Young claims to be able to treat is most commonly associated with. Is There A Cure? I have simply summarized this origin and cause of cancerous tissue in a few words. The prime origin and cause of cancerous tissue is the over-acidification of the tissues then the blood due to lifestyle and dietary choices.

A cancerous tissue begins with our choices of what we eat, what we drink, what we think and how we live.


Cancer is a liquid and this liquid is a toxic acidic waste product of metabolism or energy consumption. A cancer cell, is a cell that has been spoiled or poisoned by metabolic or gastrointestinal acids.

Cancer is a systemic acidic condition that settles at the weakest parts of the body — not a localized problem that metastases. Metastases is localized acids spoiling other cells much like a rotten apple spoiling a bushel of healthy apples. There is no such thing as a cancer cell. A cancer cell was once a healthy cell that has been spoiled by acid. The tumor is not the problem but the solution to protect healthy cells and tissues from being spoiled from other rotting cells and tissues.

The only solution to the acidic liquids that poison body cells causing the effects that medical savants call cancer is to alkalize and energize the body.

In conclusion, the human body is alkaline by design and acidic by function! If we desire a healthy body we must maintain that alkaline design.

This is so wrong on so many levels. Although we may not understand all of its mechanisms, we do know quite a bit about the process of metastasis. Metastases derive from the primary tumor and can be shown to be derived from a clone or clones of cells from the primary.

None of this prevents him from making claims that, for example, he can reverse metastatic breast cancer. But guess what? Indeed, the tag team of the lungs and kidneys are very good at regulating bicarbonate ion concentration through a combination of respiration which regulates it within minutes and the ability to excrete or hold onto bicarbonate which regulates over the long term.

As for treating disease, routine alkalinization of the blood is not recommended except for a relatively few conditions where urine alkalinization is therapeutic, such as to prevent the formation of certain forms of kidney stones.

Which used to be one of my major gripes. Trust me if you follow even a portion of this diet like I have you will get raised energy levels and your immunity will strengthen, skin will clear a bit wrinkles soften and you will lose lots of weight.

Weight falls too quickly This is coming from someone who had excess weight from my teens that I could never shake off. The 'biggy' is cutting out or cutting down on sugars which Dr Young recommends. Calling him a quack is unnecessary..

If he wanted he could easily go get the qualifications to be a so called 'Dr of medicine'. He might not be a 'real Dr' but I personally have friends who are qualified 'Dr's and they know nothing of nutrition and health. The real Quacks are those practising in the 'medical profession' who know nothing of holistic healing.

My personal story is that I suffered quite chronically from acid reflux and my GP sent me to an ear,nose, throat specialist who in one appointment offered surgery!

The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health

Then my GP offered an alternative of synthetic medication for the 'rest of my life', imagine the side effects from that? I was appalledI can guarantee that this is an excellent book and I only wish that more people would try it and see for themselves. He did things that only a real doctor can do. T h a t means 80 percent of your diet must be alkalizing foods.

There he was granted a full athletic scholarship for tennis. Still, the same ideas keep recurring even as far back as a century ago and even older, and if you broaden your criteria, these ideas exist on a continuum, either having descended directly from various ancient ideas such as vitalism, miasmas, or humoral theory or branched off somewhere along the way.

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I have simply summarized this origin and cause of cancerous tissue in a few words. In , Dr.

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