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Scion of Ikshvaku Book 1 of the Ram Chandra Series. And last, but certainly not the least, you, the reader Chapter 1 BCE, somewhere. First City Scion of Ikshvaku Book 1 of the Ram Chandra Series. List of Characters and Important Tribes Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5. First book in Ram chandra Series by amish tripathi (indian author).

Scion Of Ikshvaku Full Book

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But The Scion of Ikshvaku is quite the Un-Ramayana, writes Urmi The book is full of such fruits of Amish's imagination, but it is for the reader to find them, taste. Scion of Ikshvaku book. Could not the author think of any other story in this whole wide world than focus on Just saw the released cover of Scion of Ikshvaku. MB·18, Downloads. dlscrib_com_scion-of-ikshvaku-ram-chandra-amish- Scion of Ikshvaku . This book deals with the modern period of Indian history. Elfort has been WE WATCH THE ENTIRE DRAMA. * THAT IS OUR.

And wait- that is not all; the queen had to be waiting on battle side just because Kayikie gotta save Dashrath. I have seen people applauding the author for explaining things scientifically. We obviously should have better standards- world believes Indians to be good scientists.

No, I was not expecting Michael Crichton stuff over here, nor I was waiting for chapters of quantum physics to unfold. But then the absurdness of nilly-willy make up stuff made my eyes bleed.

Naturally, Amish is no author and he can't write. He tried and it turned out to be a best-seller in our country. He got encouraged and wrote Meluha series. Next, there were awards and rewards. Now, he conjured more of his "art" in form of Ikshvaku, and it is turning out to be bestseller. He will get further encouraged and write Scion series. Next, there will be Stay away- its mockery of originality, skills, creativity, literature, and fantasy genre View all 12 comments.

Jul 18, Swetha rated it did not like it Shelves: Though the scene in the cover looks like a young Milkha Singh aiming his bow at a helicopter, it is apparently a bearded Lord Ram shooting at the Pushpaka Viman which has rotary blades.

If covers speak volume, this serves the same purpose that a machine on mute does.

Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra Series)

Amish Tripathi borrowed the characters and setting of the Ramayana, made it the continuation of The Shiva Trilogy and then used his own imagination.

IIM did him well and Ramayana played the perfect marketing tool to catch the attenti Though the scene in the cover looks like a young Milkha Singh aiming his bow at a helicopter, it is apparently a bearded Lord Ram shooting at the Pushpaka Viman which has rotary blades. IIM did him well and Ramayana played the perfect marketing tool to catch the attention of lovers of Indian mythology, such as myself. I see what you did there, Amish.

Some ways the book differed from the Ramayana: They call it the Taint of 7, One of the rapists is a minor and therefore cannot be sentenced to capital punishment.

Ram, the strict abider of law, reluctantly sets him free while Bharata and Shatrugna fight for justice. What an artless allusion to the Nirbhaya case that goes on for 50 pages. Was this really necessary? This book is just a pretentious form of plagiarism. View all 28 comments.

Jun 28, Saloni rated it did not like it. View all 4 comments. May 27, Mith rated it it was ok Shelves: I want my money back. View all 7 comments. Oct 18, Vishnu Chevli rated it really liked it Shelves: Before I begin let me clear this was not a review copy. I actually bought it within the first month of release and I have received author signed steel bookmark with the book as well.

Now coming to the author, Amish Tripathi, I had three spans in last 15 years in which I was drawn towards reading. The first one was due to the Harry Potter series and that span continued for months. Next two spans started with Amish Tripathi's Shiva Trilogy.

And It is till date in my favorite top five book serie Before I begin let me clear this was not a review copy. And It is till date in my favorite top five book series. The series is also my wife's favorite.

We have two sets of the trilogy. So it was obvious that we will buy the next series of Amrish. I know I am 3 years late to review the book. Well like Shiva Trilogy the story is not plain Ramayana. Amrish has used his magical touch to repaint it. Just like Shiva from Meluha, Rama is also shown as a mere human. Amrish has shown how a human was got the title of a God. Timeline of the story is around BC when the old order of Malayputras previous Vishnu and Vayuputra's previous Mahadeva were maintaining harmony.

Dashratha was the supreme leader of Bharatvarsha. He lost to Kubera and his general Ravana. Treaty cost Ayodhya and whole Bharatvarsh heavily. Rama and his three brothers were being trained and educated by Vashistha an ex-Malayputra Vashishta wanted to bring new Vishnu to the society, he found the qualities of ideal Vishnu in Rama and he trained Rama thoroughly. Rama wedded Sita, a strong character who hold an equal ground with Rama in all situation.

Talking about comparisons, similar to Shiva Trilogy, the same concept of society rebuilding, law and order discussed in the book. You can think of this book as a prequel to the timeline.

The author has wonderfully shown the importance of the law-abiding. The way Amrish has shown male and female nature of society and its ruling is fundamental and realistic. The book is not up to the mark compared to Shiva Trilogy, but if you want to dwell in the world of ancient modern India, similar to Meluha then there is nothing better than this book. Detailed Review Link - http: View 2 comments.

Jun 22, Rahul Khatri rated it it was amazing Shelves: Zip-Zap-Zoom Read As the book was exclusively available on Amazon , I Recieved my Pre-ordered Copy Yesterday and once I start reading , it kept me hooked till the very end. Front Cover secures the scene of a jungle with a man holding his bow , his elbow aligned with arrow ,straight in air pointing towards a conical machine.

After Reading I Realise that the pic depicts of Ram pointing his weapon towards the flying machine called Pushpak Viman. One of the finest part of writing is that author has put List of Characters and Important Tribes in alphabetical order in the beginning itself.

The First chapter Rolled out with the Kidnapping of Sita but later details the way Characters reached on the actions that happened in chapter 1. As the name of first instalment of Series , Scion Of Ikshvaku , suggest , the plot revolves around Ram belongs to the Ikshvaku scion.

Scion-of-ikshvaku-English_Amish Tripathi.pdf

Story basically breaks after 1st chapter when Dashrath and his allies lost badly to Raavan , then Head of security of Trading Security Forces , with which he lost major wealth ,leaving Ayodhya weakend. It was widely held that all the good deeds of Ram's Life would not succeed in washing away the 'taint of 7,' , the year that Dashrath was defeated and Ram was born.

Beside Ram , later three more Prince born from two other Wives of Dashrath. Author had portrayed Ram as Idealistic , One who considered laws are meant to be followed and all are equal in front of law while Bharat was Practical and Real , who thinks freedom to citizens will lead to good living among citizens.

Laxman is portrayed as the cutest character among all and loyal to Ram while Shatrugan is shown as the one who keep himself engaged in Books and always stand beside Bharat.

As the crime was on hike ,but as soon as Ram resume his duties , he led the rules inscribed on temples as many citizens aren't even aware of laws , which dips the crime rate to all time low and makes him popular among common folks.

And events turns in manner that Ram knocks down Raavan from Asurashastra , a celestial weapon , whose usage cause a penalty of 14 year exile. While Ram sticked to law and self-imposed 14 year exile on himself and when went to Ayodhya to seek his father's permission prior leaving , Keykayi plays his game of activating two boons from Dashrath which includes sending Ram to 14 Year exile as per law and Declaring Bharat as Crown Prince. It was in the last year of exile when Sita was kidnapped.

Author has embedded the character of all four princes to show true love among all four brothers. As wrote author has re-introduced Ram but with highlighting evils that are dwelling in our society. How cast system is a serious threat to our society. How anger is the root cause of self-destruction. From all , I found most amazing is the hilarious Laxman , when he was kid who keeps lisping and is loyal to his elder brother Ram.

I love my country. I love my India. I swear I will do what must be done. Give me courage , My Lord. View 1 comment. Jun 26, Shwetha Anand rated it did not like it. Less said the better. Forget acceptable standards of literature, is it too much to ask for a decent read that doesn't involve inane statements like" Shukracharya was from Egypt"?? Well apparently it is.. Sep 24, Shravanthi rated it it was ok. Yeah, so I read this 'Ramayana remake'.

Didn't like it. Well okay Kinda-sorta okayish book I'd say. Ram is born on the day of Dhasharath's first defeat against Raavan! The King blames his first defeat on the new born. How is a baby responsible for a king's blunders in war?

See a Problem?

I don't know. But it says a lot about how much we suck. As a community that buys into such idiotic be Hmmm As a community that buys into such idiotic beliefs, and as an audience who hasn't raised riots for infantile injustice. Maybe that was too strong. The plot and sub-plot: Ram, Lakshman I'd like to call him Lakky from now Bharat and Shatrugnan are brothers from different wombs.

They grow up in a gurukul. They have different gurukul names, sorta like these fake reddit usernames. This is to protect the royal family from danger. Totally unnecessary if you ask me. Can't remember any of those now.

Because Vashista seems to have mysterious dealings with the Nagas deformed people according to Amish Tripathi Why is Vashishta associated with the Nagas? And why are they interested in Ram and Co. A sub-plot arises. The boys grow up, unawares of this other face of their guru.

Over the course of 16 years, they are trained in fighting, archery and other life skills. They learn about vedhas, dharma and history. Ram is especially interested in Dharma. Bharat is especially interesting in girls. Both of them are equally interested in politics and ruling the kingdom. They do spend a good part of their time in the gurukul, learning about their ancestors.

Their guru talks a lot about sociology concepts like the feminine and the masculine ways of life, what are their benefits, the disadvantages, so on and on. After a while I began wondering if Amish was talking about society years ago, or if he is taking a satirical hit on today's system. Because most of the social constructs seem like they are new-age. Whatever it was, it was all very boring for me.

I can only say that Amish made some fatal flaws in the name of humor. Pay the bills?!! Like really? That was something that made me stop reading and go Likewise there are just too many modern terms - pain killers, operation theatres, business woman, police force etc.

At this point, I'm beginning to dismiss this as a retelling of the epic. Now, either Ram or Bharat could become the crown prince of the Kingdom of Ayodhya. That decision totally depends on King Dhasharath.

But is King Dhasharath in the mood to favour Ram, after his most embarrassing defeat against Raavan? Is Ram worthy of becoming the crown prince? The main plot of Scion of Ikshvaku rests on this point. Being potential crown princes and all, the brothers start discussing politics in their early teenage.

Ram staunchly adheres to the laws and is mesmerized by the historical?!? Bharath when his is not fooling around with girls has some strong opinions about how to run a kingdom. BTW while Ram is toiling away to become Dhasharath's pet son, Bharat is having a love affair with the daughter of the Tribal chief of the forests near their gurukul.

The story suddenly jumps from the gurukul to Ayodhya. Apparently Ayodhya is in a state of moral and economical decadence, after Raavan defeated Dhasharath remember? If Amish being confused wasn't enough, the people of Ayodhya are too.

First they hate Ram because the King hates his own firstborn. Next thing you know the King loves Ram for saving his life in a singular hunting expedition. So the people love him. Why u no clarity? The one thing I really liked in this book is contrasting characters.

Ram, easily beguiled, strict follower of rules and a one-woman man this phrase is repeated multiple times in the book itself At one point, Ram claims that he would only fall in love with a woman who earns his respect. Lakky is a lovable fellow. Kinda reminds me of the breed Irish Setter.

He is huge, he doesn't know his own strength, is extremely lovable and just wants to play. Lakky comforts his wife, that was the most touching scene in the whole book. Lakky and Urmila make a cute pair A playboy, a true friend and brother. Don't-care-to-break-rules types. We don't see much about Shatrugnan, except that he's a studious fellow and in always immersed in his books forever.

The actual story All this is fine, but when does Ramayana begin? Those were exactly my thoughts. Fortunately, the story moves on, but not really in the way we want it to. When it's time to choose a crown prince, Dhasharath is confused.

So he ends up making Ram the commander of the police force of Ayodhya and Bharat, the external affairs minister do you see why I called this societal structure new-age? After a gross incident of gang rape alluding to the Nirbhaya case , Ram is left feeling devastated at his incompetency as the chief of police.

Then stuff happens and blah blah Mithila is a progressive kingdom in terms of their culture and architectural proficiency. Not so much coffers-wise. Mithila is struggling to maintain its political ties with kingdoms nearby. Their Prime Minister is Sita. Ram falls in respect, I'm sorry , he falls in love with Sita. Sita likes him back. Swayamvar takes place. Here's the crazy part Yep, that scene where Arjun has to shoot at the fish's eye above, by only looking into its reflection, that's what happens here.

Wrong epic, Amish. Maybe you fell asleep during your research? If that was shocking then get this: Kaikeyi should've been the one to banish Ram, but Ram banishes himself for nuking Raavan's troops. Yeah, Raavan makes a reappearance. But not even this time it's the real one from Ramayan. Amish has been using Raavan as a threatening villain, who occurs only twice in the story but annoys us. I'm an action person. I wants wars.

Ram was only interested in building an utopian society. He was like that one attentive student in the lecture hall, listening to speeches and furiously taking notes. I didn't think he had the empathy for his subjects. Plus, I also think that the real Ram wasn't this stuck-up. Scion of Ikshvaku was only a prelude to Ramayan. The story begins only at the end. I'm officially disappointed. Hmm, and I also didn't have any goosebumps-worthy moments.

Overall feeling - Meh. On a totally unrelated note, is this Ikshvaku person even real? Jun 22, Sookie rated it it was ok Shelves: The book is set in same universe as that of the Meluha trilogy.

And like Meluha trilogy, this novel has to be read without constant comparison to Ramayana as we have come to know.

Treat this story how you treat any other characters that are loosely based on popular mythology. If done well, this can be an interesting trilogy, even better than Meluha perhaps. Amish delivers his own not entirely original brand of philosophy as he explains Gods and their roles in the world. It would have given the The book is set in same universe as that of the Meluha trilogy.

It would have given the story a depth had he taken that thought process throughout the novel instead of sprinkling it here and there when necessary. The continuing use of modern colloquial terms can be awfully off putting. Amish writes "angvastram" and "India" in the same breath. Even though I was expecting to encounter words and phrases from modern times, it didn't become any less jarring.

Maybe that's why the book is such an easy read. The story more or less remains the same; Amish doesn't change any major story arc from Ramayana but he gives different nuances to the character. Though the characters and their agency seem to be vastly different from the story we know, their actions and decision always fall in line with the plot.

Its an easy read for a boring or a lazy day. The book reads itself and you are kinda riding along with the fast paced narration.

Have to give credit to Amish for that! Nov 24, Swathi Kiranmayee Manchili rated it really liked it. Amish Tripathi, the master story teller, does it again! Scion of Ikshvaku is a retelling of Ramayana. This is Amish's version of the Epic. The narration is pacy and the author keeps us interested throughout the book. The way Lady Sita character has been etched is what stands out for me.

The bond between the brothers is depicted in a very convincing way. I went for 4 st Amish Tripathi, the master story teller, does it again! I went for 4 stars instead of 5 as at a few places I felt like the author inserted things forcefully like Nagas, Somras to connect it to the Shiva Trilogy. But I will read the next part and hope that the insertions are organic rather than forceful.

In the beginning, I did the common mistake of comparing this book with Shiva trilogy, as trilogy is one of favorites. As the book progressed, I was completely engrossed. I definitely recommend this book.

Go for it! Jan 28, Ashish Iyer rated it it was amazing Shelves: Scion of Ikshvaku is Amish's version of the Ramayan. Book is fast-paced adventure based on several versions of the Ramayan, melded with historical theories and imagination.

The story tracks the journey of Ram, the son of Dashrath and the founder of what is known today as Ram Rajya, the perfect empire. It traces his struggle, his love, his destiny as he set about creating this perfect empire.

All of his books have a core philosophy, with the story to convey it. The philosophies are usually drawn from his understanding of Indian scriptures and life experiences.

In the Shiva Trilogy, the core philosophy was built around this question: What is Evil? The answer is not simple.

In Scion of Ikshvaku,he is trying to explore this question: What is an ideal society? And in this case too, the answer is not simple. Amish's point of view is so believable and practical. Worth a read. Happy Reading. Nov 11, Bhanuj rated it it was ok.

You can also read the review here Argumentative Watermelon Ramayan was written over a period of more than years, it went through so many changes and interpolations that what came out its many versions included was a masterpiece. It is a retelling of the great epic with its own moderation and revisions.

The core of the story is the same, Amish chiseled the outer surface to remodel it his own way, but fails miserably.

The story reads li You can also read the review here Argumentative Watermelon Ramayan was written over a period of more than years, it went through so many changes and interpolations that what came out its many versions included was a masterpiece.

The story reads like a first draft that has been chucked straight to publishing without proper revisions and editing that it desperately needed. Sadly not a single scene or sentence makes an impact.

The dialogues are penny plain unornamented. No strong character emerges out of the story, even the protagonist struggles to find firm ground. If that was not enough, the story takes a degree spin from its main theme and launch itself into a rape and revenge drama right in the middle, which ends with no conclusion, just the way it was taken up.

The chronological misplacement of words like doctor, operation theater, missiles and small pox highlights the amateurish writing. The big conspiracies being hatched in the forests are not exciting enough, the battle scenes are hurried, the humor fell short and the romance is a dud. Overall, I believe the story is written with a set audience in mind. India is a country where the majority is not in a habit of reading, the novel caters to that mass who may not be too proficient in English and hence the plain writing but sadly it fell short of a gripping fantasy tale.

Jun 07, Arunita rated it it was ok.

Regretting those hours of my life that will never come back. One of the worst books I have read in a while. Ramayana is already viewed as less interesting than the Mahabharat Edit: Since someone has taken this as me thinking 'epic' Ramayan 'less interesting,please note I have implied no such thing. Hence the comment. I h Regretting those hours of my life that will never come back. I have absolutely no intention to disrespect the Ramayana.

Plz do not attack. Amish has just drove the point home. Can't remember the last time I have read so much mundane characterization of Lord Ram. And don't even get me started with the whole Nirbhaya incident projection. It was so much forced through the throat that I kinda choked on it. He was an ardent follower of rules no doubt but he also killed Vali in a so called unfair manner while he was fighting with Sugrib.

He just let the pathetic excuse of human pass through the net while the lady was his 'rakhi sister' as per Amish's potrayal! But let me stop here. The word'law' alone is going to hurt my head for a while.

Ashok Banker's interpretation was Much better compared to this mess. View all 14 comments. Jun 22, Anmol Rawat rated it it was amazing. This is such a beautiful book that I was disappointed it ended so soon. Excellent narration, excellent character development and excellent emotions. Scion of Ikshvaku is one of the best books I have read this year and I highly recommend it to all my friends.

Eagerly waiting for the next installment now. Feb 10, Arvind rated it really liked it Shelves: And she went on to say some very rude things about Lord Ram. That upset me enough to write an article explaining why I respect Lord Ram, while readily accepting that what he did with Sita Ma was unfair.

And I also decided that day that I will write my next book series on Lord Ram. Moralist, but unlike Yudhistira who has few fans, Lord Rama was also one of the finest warriors of his times, like Arjuna.

Because he tried to be too perfect and failed and because what he did to his wife. I have an author-signed pre-ordered copy but I delayed reading it looking on the negative reviews.

But if u liked the Shiva trilogy, go for it. Was pleasantly surprised because Ramayana is a black-and-white story and such stories can be boring unlike the Mahabharata. I have read a re-telling of Ramayana by my fav author Narendra Kohli in Hindi and it was disappointing. And if you didnt like his earlier books, the least u can do is stop being a spiteful troll who hasnt read this book and r assigning 1-star ratings.

Yeah, one of the top reviews for this book on goodreads is from one such petty idiot. Sep 26, Gayatri, eine Leseratte rated it liked it Shelves: Something is missing in this book. I loved Amish's previous work and was super excited to read this one but this book disappointed me. In this book, Lord Ram doesn't leave a solid impression on the reader and maybe that's why its not as great as The Shiva Trilogy.

View all 26 comments. I really liked the book. You get to know and admire the main characters and you find your spiritual self happy about what you read. Jan 31, Vikalp Trivedi rated it really liked it. The first book in the Ramchandra Series 'Scion Of Ikshvaku' is set in the same arc in which the Shiva trilogy was set. Being bluntly offensive on the book is one thing, offending about hundreds other communit Dragon's wrote: "Oh, you're one of those crabs then.

Being bluntly offensive on the book is one thing, offending about hundreds other communities and beliefs is another. So not good reviewer--without havi Run to your mommy. The prince of Sapt Sindhu. Son of Chakravartin Samrat Dasarat.

Yet he is considered inauspicious and his birth year is marked as tainted for the defeat Dasarat faced. But as ideal son, he refuses to rebel against Dasarat. He gains the hatred of elites to whom Bharat is dearly.

Ram needs to regain back his misinterpreted name among his people. At the corner of his mind, he believes that Vashista could harm Ram.

While Ram stays idealistic, Bharat grows up to be practical and real. Ram needs to choose between the two. And the Vayuputra counsel is with the Asuras. Ram helps Vishvamitra in tackling the asuras who attacked Akatsyakootam. And yes, Ram seeks a woman to love and respect. He finds his companion in Sita. Kaikeyi plays her role perfectly. Excellent remodelling of the ancient epic.

You could actually imagine the way the cities were built and the organization of the people. Raavan comes here and there in few chapters, yet you can understand the mightiness and fear he had cultivated. And the juvenile who was spared by Ram reminded me of Kasab. It was very realistic and proved how rules are bended for the criminals to escape.Indian Readers: Can't remember any of those now. You can think of this book as a prequel to the timeline.

The book is a pure enjoyment and will leave you refreshed and wanting. Brilliant guys. We need a new way of life, Lord Parshu Ram. She soldiered on determinedly, refusing the doctor her permission to perform a surgical procedure to extract her baby from her womb.

They intended a rolling charge, where the first lines would strike the Lankan ranks, and after twenty minutes of battle slip back, allowing the next line of warriors to charge in.

In my novel, he will be gay - to hide which fact, he marries multiple women. The story suddenly jumps from the gurukul to Ayodhya.

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