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Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for NO EXCUSES. "No Excuses will really pump you up. Kyle Faced with impossible challenges Kyle Maynard lives life with No Excuses. He was born a congenital amputee, his arms ending at his elbows. No Excuses: The True Story of a Congenital Amputee Who Became a Champion in Wrestling And in Life by Kyle Maynard. Read online. But that didn't stop Kyle Maynard from becoming a champion, on the wrestling mat and in his Excuses is the inspiring story of Kyle's battle against.

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Award for best Athlete with a Disability. • The Year after that, , Maynard wrote the autobiography No Excuses: The True Story of a. Congenital Amputee Who. BECAME CHAMPION IN WRESTLING AND LIFE KYLE MAYNARD. Document about This pdf ebook is one of digital edition of No Excuses. No excuses. byKyle Topics Maynard, Kyle, , Wrestlers -- United States -- Biography., Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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All right, welcome to the show everybody. How you doing, Kyle?

Thanks for making time. You always got something going on. So thanks for squeezing us in. I was born with a condition called congenital amputation. It basically means that my arms right at my elbows and my legs, right at my knees.

And it was more like one in several million, maybe like 10 million that they have four limbs affected symmetrically. Jim: I typically start out with questions about wrestling, just diving right into wrestling. And I tell people, this is not a wrestling podcast. This is podcast for former wrestlers. Can you talk more about that? Maynard: Yeah. I really believe what you just said is true. Walking down the street, you never really have any idea and it comes from life experiences.

Which we all do, every single person. I think that is probably bar none my favorite thing about wrestling is that it forces you to confront a lot of that stuff. It kind of forces you to work on those weaknesses.

It really forces you to dig deep and learn something within yourself. Jim: Yeah. Just stepping on the wrestling mat, you have to face your fears.

Your deepest fears.

Your deepest self-doubts. So tell me how did you get involved in wrestling? I think your dad was a wrestler, is that right? My dad was a wrestler. He was a very successful wrestler up in Michigan.

I remembered his stories from [inaudible ].

Jim: Yeah, I never had to wear one of those, thank goodness. I remember him also convincing me, because I was a football player at the time. I started out as a nose guard. That was my first sport. So nose guard, defence of line. He said wrestling would make a big difference for my football tackling and that was his logical reason trying to get me into the sport. But it was really total Trojan horse, trying to get me into it.

By the time I got into high school, wrestling was my sole sport. Tell us all about your football experience and how that started off. So you struggled in the beginning of your wrestling career, right? A lot of listeners are fathers and how do we handle it when our kid wants to quit something that we know is good for them?

Tell me about that whole experience for you.

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I had a lot of fun playing football and I was not having fun with wrestling. It was as simple as that. It was 6th grade when I started. But it really was a big psychological swing. When I won that match that second year, then it was like whoa. I started winning a lot of after that. In fact, I ended up winning the regional tournament.

In 8th grade, you go to state. It was crazy. I went from just getting pounded on all the time. So try to roll them and come on top. I drove over with a good friend of mine, Brendan Buckley.

He was the head coach at Columbia at the time. Brendan and I, we had heard about you and this was the round of So we went down and we stood mat side and I watch you beat this kid. I was amazed. But I could see what you were doing. So is that something that you developed?

Kyle Maynard

Talk to me about that technique. I mean, it was a single and it seemed to work quite a bit. I depend a lot on that single leg and yeah, just work that, twerk the leg and like you said, put the guy on his butt. Sometimes, guys will try to keep their hips sprawled out and I just come up underneath. It makes a big difference because the toughest times that I have is when people control their distance effectively with me.

And my goal is to close the distance and create as little separation as possible.

Conditioning plays a really big role there too. Like you know to have that aggressive style, you have to be able to push the pace. Jim: Kyle, we all have things in our life that we look at. We all have this dream of this ideal life and achievements and what not.

You embody the mentality of overcoming obstacles more than anybody else I know or ever heard of.

No Excuses

How do you develop that mentality? Is there a mechanism, is there a step-by-step? What do you do to create self-belief when there apparently is no reason to have it? Maynard: That is a fantastic question. That inquiry is really what drives me in my career now because just to understand that. I can be the biggest quitter on the planet, I promise you. I think a lot of have one foot in, one foot out. It sounds really crazy to say but you almost have to have it.

I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in and for the first four days, I was like frightened by what I got myself into. And I was thinking about quitting, I was thinking about getting a helicopter off and I realized pretty quickly, I had one foot in and one foot out. And there are thousands of other guys like him, just my generation, hundreds of thousands and millions in American history.

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You just find and make it happen. Jim: So when you climbing Kilimanjaro, when we say climbing, you were basically bear-crawling this thing. What a huge goal, right? We have these goals but you had a really powerful reason. You have to do it.

Scratch that out. Scratch that one off, and through process of elimination, I think the reason why we wrestle is because of the person that we become through the process. I remember growing up and going to wrestling camps. These guys were my heroes. These college guys [inaudible ] and I look up to these guys. And I also heard an interesting quote recently. You must have that. You must have that different self-talk within you, these different things you are saying to yourself.

Maynard: Right, yeah. And really, interesting point with the why thing. And for sure in my case with Kilimanjaro, it was like an actual thing. And I never would have known had I not just shown up and done it. Maynard: Totally, yeah. Kyle had to overcome obstacles from the day he was born, and he had to learn to do everything differently for instance: eat, walk, and write. To eat, Kyle uses regular utensils but he balances them on his arm.

To walk, he had to learn to balance on his legs and eventually learn to run on his arms and legs.

To write, he had to learn to hold a pencil between his two arms. But because of his attitude and perseverance these posed as only a minor roadblocks in his goal of success. From a young age Kyle wanted to participate in sports, but due to his condition his parents were uneasy about signing their child up for athletics. They were afraid that Kyle could get hurt and because of an injury his condition would be worsened.

For instance he wanted to participate in wrestling and having no arms or legs meant that he could not grab his able-bodied opponent. However because of his coach wanting Kyle to succeed, they worked out moves that Kyle could perform with other parts of his body.

Because Kyle had a disability he had to learn to play sports differently and this did not phase him at all. He was so determined that he could be the best at any sport he, "wanted to strip his opponent of his confidence," he also wanted his opponent to feel like, "…he was the one who had the odds stacked against him.

Through these challenges that Kyle faced you see how anything is possible, if you are willing to put in all the time and effort that is required to achieve that goal. Kyle did this and more, he surpassed what he thought he could do and ended up a world class athlete and person. Through his determination and his "no excuses" attitude Kyle became a champion in every aspect of life. Every piece of this book was phenomenal, and the way Kyle depicts all the scenes make the reader feel like they are watching a movie.

You can see and hear everything he is talking about. After completing this book the word, inspirational, will come to your head, and every time you hear that word you will be reminded of Kyle Maynard and of this amazing journey. This book is very interesting, and has inspired me, and many others around the world to work harder, and do our best, no matter what happens.So that was my first speech and that was right after I cut close to like 15 pounds or so in 36 hours to make the.

A belief that I can go on and do what I need to do. Jim: Kyle, we all have things in our life that we look at. I filled this out and I decided to change my self-talk. He takes us through each stage of his life, and how he overcomes pretty So, when you have nothing to do, and no inspiration, just thank God that it is Christmas time, so your Aunt can send you an amazing and inspirational book like this one. To ask other readers questions about No Excuses , please sign up.

We all want to grow wrestling. Kyle even drives his very own truck, on his own. To view it, click here. I had a lot of fun playing football and I was not having fun with wrestling.

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