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Peter Weverka. Author of Office All-in-One For Dummies. 7 IN1. BOOKS. PowerPoint. ® Microsoft. ®. ALL- I N- O NE. Making Everything Easier! ™. G. A fully updated guide to creating dynamic presentations with PowerPoint PowerPoint dominates the presentation landscape. With the. This class is designed to give a basic introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Specifically, we will progress from learning how to open Microsoft PowerPoint to .

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Uploaded by: BARBARA . Microsoft Office confusing, relax. It's not your Excel), presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint), database management Send as PDF: Converts the file to PDF format before attaching it to. Microsoft PowerPoint is a full-featured presentation program that PDF . pdf) This format is preferred by commercial printing facilities. Microsoft PowerPoint is a full-featured presentation program that helps you quickly Publish As PDF or XPS dialog box, Pushpin.

Beware of images that you take from the internet.

They are generally of a very low quality and are likely to pixelate lose their smoothness when you project them onto a large screen. Make sure graphics are relevant to your text and not just decorative.

Consider using graphics to replace text where you think an image would be easier to understand. Ensure that the images that you use are simple and clear enough to be easily read at a distance. A small, overly complex and poor quality image will only frustrate your audience.

Many images are protected by copyright. If it is not explicitly stated that an image is copyright free, or available for use in educational contexts, you should ask for permission to use the image. Using animations and transitions Animating elements of slides and using Slide Transition are two of the most powerful features that PowerPoint offers.

However, it is very easy to overdo your use of these features and create a presentation where the animation distracts your audience from the content of your presentation. Use animations to show progression. Animation is very effective at revealing a process one stage at a time. Be conservative. Make sure that any animation you use serves a clear purpose e. Be consistent. Try to ensure that you use similar types of animation for similar functions.

Convert PowerPoint to PDF (Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to PDF)

For example, if your text always drives in from the left it will be distracting if it suddenly appears from another direction or uses another animation technique. Step 3: Using PowerPoint to help structure your presentation Once you have designed your slides you should review your planning and think about whether you need to refine the structure of your presentation.

PowerPoint offers a number of features that can help you. This can help you to focus on and review the structure of your content rather than the visual impact of your presentation. Use the Slide Sorter View to gain an overview of the visual impact of your presentation.

This is also a useful view for rearranging the order of your slides or deleting multiple slides. Use these PowerPoint tools to give you an overview of your presentation so that you can create a clear focus and a logical structure for your talk.

Avoid using too many slides in your presentation, as this will be distracting for your audience. In general you should use about one slide every two minutes, so a ten-minute presentation should have around five slides. Step 4: Preparing to Present Find out as much as you can about your audience and the environment in which you are going to be presenting before you present.

PowerPoint 2010 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In PowerPoint , you could hide the ribbon, so the feature has always been there. With this version, Microsoft has just introduced a tiny button to do it with fewer clicks of the mouse.

Embedding a video located on your computer saves a lot of anguish if you later move or send your presentation to another location. Embedding the video means that it always stays with the presentation, so you don't have to remember to also send the video file along.

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The video can be of an actual "movie" type or you can also embed an animated GIF type of clip art. Linking to a video On your computer greatly reduces the file size of the overall presentation. However, you risk forgetting to copy the video file when you move the presentation to another location.

On a website such as YouTube, allows you to embed the code of the video into your presentation.

The video is not really in your presentation, so you will always need an internet connection in order to view the video. Users of PowerPoint have been asking for this for years, and at long last, the feature is present in PowerPoint You can still use other software to convert the presentation into other file formats such as AVI or MOV for example if you choose.

Any transitions, animations , sounds, and narration will be embedded into the video. The video can be published to a website or emailed.

What's New in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?

It is not editable, so the entire presentation will always remain as the author intended. Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? Old Password.

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Forgot your username? Enter your email address below and we will send you your username.This feature is a real time-saver as you do not have to add all these animation properties separately to each object.

Microsoft PowerPoint advanced. Older versions of Microsoft Office are more susceptible to security vulnerabilities and they cannot support several advanced features in the Office platform. That old saying "What's old is new again" comes to mind.

Consider using graphics to replace text where you think an image would be easier to understand. Embedding a video located on your computer saves a lot of anguish if you later move or send your presentation to another location. Select Object action, and select Open in the list. Whether you choose to use PowerPoint or not, your presentation will need to be carefully planned and structured in order to achieve your objectives.

By default the option is checked and it will add in the supported Microsoft Office applications another tab called novaPDF that will let users create PDF files directly from the Office interface by simply clicking a button.

This is also a useful view for rearranging the order of your slides or deleting multiple slides.

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