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Magic Crochet Magazine Number 12 Vintage Crochet Pattern Magazine .. Crochet Patterns - Thread Crochet Patterns - Filet Crochet Patterns - Not a PDF. Crochet Patterns Magic Crochet February Nativity Irish Crochet Pillows Vintage Paper Original, NOT a PDF by elanknits on Etsy. Susan Arnold. full magic crochet magazine no pdf file #MagicCrochet.

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This Pin was discovered by Crochet Fan. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. I don;t know exactly how many issues there are really but I have successfully got Magic Crochet magazine free download for the following and. If you go online to search for good crochet magazines you will quickly find that there are a lot of people asking about a magazine called Magic.

Big issues and chock full of motifs cover to cover. I used this magazine to teach myself to crochet in the 90's.

I can't follow written Directions. I bought some magazines on eBay but I would love to find new patterns like Magic Crochet. I recently came across a issue of Magic Crochet. I have always had the instructions written out. I love to crochet i would buy every copy i could find. I decided to learn after i got married. It is so relaxing for me i start falling asleep, people ask how so it looks so stressing, not for me.

Crochet Magazines: Magic

I used to get this in the mail, I loved this magazine it was my favorite crochet magazine. I have not found another that even comes close to this one. I subscribed to Magic Crochet and also Decorative Crochet magazine. I stopped my subscription before they stopped producing the magazines so I didn't know they were no longer available. Since I retired a year ago I wanted to see if they were still available and found they are not.

I have many old copies of both magazines. I'm glad I saved them, although I never throw away any crochet pattern. I wish they were still available.

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I loved the Magic Crochet patterns because the diagrams of the patterns are so much easier to follow. To preserve the patterns that I especially liked, I removed them from the magazines and put them in a 3-ring notebook.

Each pattern and its accompanying picture are in a sheet protector. When I want to make that doilie or tablecloth, I remove the pattern, copy it and put the original back in the sheet protector.

I like to cross out each row as I complete it and this keeps the original pattern in perfect condition.

To the sheet protector, I can add a picture of the completed project in addition to notes on the size of thread, size of hook and length of time to complete the project. And who I gave it to! My notebook is now a 3-inch notebook and it is one of my favorite books to "read".

I hope this helps you preserve those patterns that are so difficult to find. This is a bummer!! I have maybe a dozen magazines left, and they're getting pretty tattered because I use them all the time.

Is there anything out there that is similar with the stitch illustrations?

I would be very interested in subscribing. I like using the magic crochet and have a collection of the older ones it not only gives the instructions but also the visual directions for ladies who does not understand the written directions.

I got hooked on these magazines back in the eighties. My daughter had passed away from cystic fibrosis and crocheting dolies and table cloths took me away from my pain and grieving for a short while.

I came to rely on these books for my therapy. Then I got my little sister hooked on them, and unbeknown to me my sister who lived far away was also using these books for therapy. We all get together and see who has which issues and we trade patterns. It is a shame they quit making these magazines, they have been the only magazine I have kept for so many years and will never get rid of them. I wish they would bring them back, my sisters also would pay double the price for a subscription as I would also.

We loved how you could learn to look at the picture and read the symbols or abbreviations to a pattern. Please bring back our magazines I've been crocheting since I was a pre-teen. I have a lot of issues of Crochet Magic and have made many, many of the patterns they offered.

I sure do miss that magazine. Has anyone found a similar magazine? I do thread crochet and some cotton yarn crochet. I also loved the magazine and am looking for a tablecloth pattern in Issue May called fine-art grannies. I made one they are beautiful and I lost my book. My e-mail address ie Nyanza14 hotmail. Debbies-fine-crochet, above, stated that these magazines were in French, but I have all the magazines from in the 's until they ceased in and they are all in English.

Decorative Crochet, was another one of their magazines that was published, but that one I did not care for as much. I called the company to find out why I could not renew my subscription and was told it was to costly to publish the magazines for the US.

Postage was just getting to expensive for them to keep doing so.

I loved that magazine as it had more professional looking designs in it I have crocheted so many patterns from those books, that I could probably not fit everything in my house.

I truly miss that magazine. A LOT! I started getting Magic Crochet in the mail in jan.

Free Crochet Patterns

I have every one published until they stoped in I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to have a huge amout of the old issues of Magic Crochet but lost them in a fire.

If some one has it I would appreciate a copy of just the chart portion. I don't need all the wording. If you could scan it and email it to me I would appreciate it.

And will exchange patterns with anyone that would like to have some. My email is grandmashouse hotmail. Thanks Everyone. I have not been able to find any of these available for new subscription purposes.

While there is a large resource on the web for both purchase and free distribution patterns, it doesn't come close to the 'wait for the mail' subscription magazines that used to fill my mailbox! I miss them all. Fortunately, I have a four drawer filing cabinet to keep all of my old issues and I refer to them frequently.

This absence of magazine inspired crochet has forced me to design many of my own patterns just to keep my crochet hook busy. I've been crocheting 45 years now and I have been buying Magic Crochet n Decorative crochet since the 80's. I do not have the whole collection cause we moved alot military does that to you. If they was to bring back Magic Crochet and Decorative Crochet I'd sign the subscription right back up in a heart beat!

I miss them coming to my mailbox. When I got time after getting my magazine that day from the mail box , I'd sit in my rocker, got tea and cake or pie or ice cream ready, paper and pen , I would be making notes, what color,what size thread , if I would change the border, or change the center, or just do certain rows, or do the whole thing etc I have almost complete sets of both Magic and Decorative Crochet and would be lost if anything ever happened to them.

I will new issues were still available. Can't someone bring them back?? I have many "Magic Crochet" mags. I have it but have used the book so much that the middle pages that this is a part of, is folded over and over, some of the graph is hard to read. I love the Magic crochet magazine.

I'm a self taught crocheter and I love the magazine its illustration and the easy follow guide in doing the crocheting. My projects came out perfect. I was a subscriber and I used to get so anxious in getting my next issue. I wanted to see the new patterns. I was never a thread crocheter until I had my first magazine couple of years back, and then began loving it so, I made doilies, tablecloths well just about everything.

I was so sadden no I no long received the magazine, but thank God I still have my old ones and I still can do my crochet from them. Wish magic crochet magazine come back. I miss them. I miss the magazine very much. It was the first thing I looked for when it was time for a new one.

I have a few of them but wish I had many more. I would love it if it came back, even as a quarterly. I have volumes of the magazine, I go back to them for inspiration and follow the great patterns.

Wish my collection was complete. I have several magazines and would continue to get them if I could. It was much easier for me to learn the symbols they used then to read the directions for the patterns. I have done at least 30 of their patterns and my whole family has at least one of my doilies. I wish they would bring it back, even if it is copies of older books and patterns. There are so many I don't have I would buy subscription again.

I made many things from both magazines and now value each issue that I have. I miss their format more than anything. I also miss the magazine. I started collecting them in If the magazine would come back I would get in in a minute. I also had subscriptions to both magazines until they started putting the junk in them. I didn't want other crochet stuff, just doily stuff or thread stuff. I didn't mind one or two things. Are you actually downloading these to your computer or just to your Picasa account?

You can go to Pinterest, type Magic Crochet into the search and it will bring you links to find not only Magic Crochet but other great patterns. This no longer work because of changes that google has made to picassa. Yeah, I have mentioned it in one of my posts already. But my blog has some picasa links to free crochet magazines that still work!! I c the problems with downloading due to picasa not being used anymore. Is there a way to download these now we something else?

Meaning, I appreciate ur lending ur copies, nothing like being charged for something that's not our own work, but I'd love to use them too. Is there a way u can email me so I can talk to u about possiblevery ways to get these? Thank u in kindly, Cori Lopez coripayson2 gmail. I am looking magic crochet If it is available I would love it have them Thank you. Picasa doesn't exist anymore. Can I still have this issues in another place Thank you!

I am searching for my elderly sister-in-law for a Magic Crochet pattern for a finer thread crocheted large hat with a smaller sized metal crochet hook that is decorated and meant to be a wall decoration. Please send your replies to maryannkunz gmail. Please leave your comments here.

Free Crochet Patterns. Visitors so far: Popular Posts. Crochet Angel Christmas Ornament. Free crochet pattern for angel ornament Angel Ornaments free crochet pattern I first made these pretty crochet angel ornaments way Free Baby Dress Crochet Patterns. Christmas Tree Doily Pattern. I made this doily just b Magic Crochet Patterns. I don;t know exactly h Poinsettia Doily Pattern.

One of the first free patterns I made from the Net is the Poinsettia doily below. I modified the pattern at the end and added a few rows t Free Baby Patterns to Crochet. Free Butterfly Crochet Patterns. Free Crochet Butterfly Doily Pattern If you have been looking for free butterfly crochet patterns here are plenty that you can download What Happened to Magic Crochet Magazine? Updated on October 22, more Crocheters who want to get inspiration, ideas and patterns for their work frequently turn to crochet magazines as a terrific resource for such information.

If you go online to search for good crochet magazines you will quickly find that there are a lot of people asking about a magazine called Magic Crochet Magazine.

What happened to Magic Crochet Magazine? What is Magic Crochet Magazine? Magic Crochet Magazine is a UK-based magazine about crochet. It has articles, patterns and loads of different crochet information just like you would expect from any good crochet magazine. It was especially good for crocheters who were focused on thread crochet as opposed to yarn.

It frequently focused on lacy, thread-based crochet designs like doilies and tablecloths. What many people loved about this crochet magazine was that there was a translation from the European instructions to the North American instructions. Crochet instructions and yarn weights are slightly different in each of these places so it is a lot easier to follow patterns if a translation is offered.If you don't see the Download button it may be because some people don't allow you to download their books.

I miss their format more than anything. I was a subscriber of Magic Crochet and Decorative Crochet. I have maybe a dozen magazines left, and they're getting pretty tattered because I use them all the time.

There are so many I don't have I would buy subscription again. I have many old copies of both magazines. I don;t know exactly h I wasn't able to edit my post so just gotta put this in this way.

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