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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth (The Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race [By (author) Jon Stewart] on *FREE* shipping. AUDIOBOOK A VISITORS GUIDE TO THE HUMAN RACE The Daily Show; Also known as: wo, 27 mrt GMT Earth (The Book) - Pdf Download Instructional Fair Inc AnswersAnalysis Introduction Proof Steven Lay Pdf. Visitors Guide To The Human Race [PDF] [EPUB] The Daily Show is an Mon, 01 Apr GMT Earth (The Book) - Wikipedia Ec Price/wordlist -.

Jon Stewart Earth Book Pdf

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Get Free Read & Download Files The Daily Show Jon Stewart Present Earth The Book A Visitors To The Human Race PDF. THE DAILY SHOW JON STEWART. The Human Race - [PDF] [EPUB] The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Presents Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race [Jon Stewart, David. Download the daily show jon stewart present earth the book a visitors guide to the human race in PDF format. Nicholas R Mann

Of course, that is also the problem with this book: After a while, it's exhausting. Jon Stewart and his writing staff present this book as a guide to aliens visiting Earth for the first time. All life on Earth at least, all human life is extinct.

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We probably killed ourselves off due to our own folly I'm betting on that rather than a Star Trek -like future. However we disappeared, we are now extinct and so this book is a guide to human culture. Along with the surprisingly detailed information, the authors also supplied sarcasm and tons of jokes--jokes that probably the alien readers would not understand.

This is not a book to read straight through. It's more of a "pick up and browse" book due to the immense quantities of information and humorous commentary based on that information. You obviously I hope it's obvious wouldn't use this book as an actual information source; it's more of a humorous interpretation of a topic. The humor of this book is very similar to the format of The Daily Show: In the Religion chapter, there is a section about Islam.

Under a picture of President Obama taking the oath of office, there is this caption: If you're a fan of Jon Stewart and miss him, this is a fun book to browse. I'll keep it to cheer me up after watching yet another news story about the current president and his abhorrent tweets.

Dec 15, Jamie rated it really liked it. A Guide to Democracy Inaction. That was a great piece of satire because it lambasted something most Americans were familiar with and it had a structurally solid skeleton on which to drape its parody.

We all knew what he was talking about, or at least we knew we should know, which was often kind of the point. It had a target that was specific enough to structure a book around, but multifaceted enough to offer plenty of material.

Stewart et al. Kind of a friendly guide book aiming to hit the highlights. Rather than large paragraphs of text, the book relies on a lot of gags derived from pictures, fake newsclippings, charts, photographs, and other visual aids with scattershots of text to go along with them.

This being a Daily Show production, every page oozes irony, sarcasm, and humorous self-deprecation, and it often works. Unfortunately, Earth The Book is fairly uneven, with a few too many of the jokes falling flat or relying too much on the same gag that you had just read a dozen pages earlier.

The graphic-heavy nature of the pages also make the book tiring to read in long sittings, but you may get much better experiences out of it by just reading it a page or three at a time when you find yourself with a few spare moments. Whenever that might be. Mar 29, Stewart Tame rated it liked it.

Earth is written assuming that humanity has gone extinct, and is addressed to a hypothetical alien race that finds the book in the ruins.

It's as decent an excuse as any for attempting to summarize the planet and the entirety of human civilization in a single volume as any.

Mirth of a Nation: The Best Contemporary Humor

Obviously, the book is lots of fun. There are jokes galore, and nothing seems to be off-limits. We all have. Isn't humanity a ridiculous species in general? After America and Earth, I kind of wonder where they would have gone next with this series? The Solar System The Book? Anyway, I found it quite enjoyable. Jun 03, Gary Butler rated it liked it Shelves: Number out of on my all time book list. Mar 26, Karen rated it really liked it.

This book is just pure entertainment, and if you enjoy Jon Stewart's type of humor, you will love this read! Written as a guide for aliens who arrive at our planet after we have gone extinct, it covers so much of our life's absurdities and pokes fun at so much that we do that it ends up actually being very thought-provoking.

I read this during the reading of two other books, because let's face it, this is not a heavy piece of literature, with a difficult plot, but just fun. Highly recommended fo This book is just pure entertainment, and if you enjoy Jon Stewart's type of humor, you will love this read! Highly recommended for those who need a good laugh! Feb 24, Lil rated it really liked it. Well this was short! Man I miss this bunch! Dec 16, melydia rated it it was amazing.

This is written as a book for future aliens who come across our planet long after humanity has destroyed itself.

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It covers most aspects of human life, from politics to art to history to science to religion, and it's all hilarious. Definitely recommended. A note on the audio: The audio presentation is inspired. Between the music and sound effects and various narrators including, oddly enough, Sigourney Weaver , the whole thing has the atmosphere of a museum documentary. The juxtaposition of the s This is written as a book for future aliens who come across our planet long after humanity has destroyed itself.

The juxtaposition of the silly jokes against this backdrop make them just that much funnier. Feb 15, Marigold rated it really liked it Shelves: Hilarious silliness from Jon Stewart! That is the premise of the book. I read the Actual Book I know - call me a Luddite, whatever, yawn. This is why the very best investors were unfeeling sociopaths. There is something that will make you Laugh Out Loud on every page! They were considered a gateway drug for actual literature.

This read as much more caustic than the Daily Show's previous America: The Book —the effect of the monumental clusterfuck that has been the past five years? This was much the same mix as that book: Some fell too wide of the mark, especially those which relied very heavily on pop culture references this is not a book that's going to stand the test of time , and some were just unfunny.

The section on Africa, especially, made me winc This read as much more caustic than the Daily Show's previous America: The section on Africa, especially, made me wince; there was no subversion of stereotypes here, but an attempt to get a laugh by presenting those stereotypes as fact. It was, if not over the line, then skirting right on the line of Ironic Hipster Liberal Racism.

I listened to the audiobook, which has the benefits of allowing to you hear not just Stewart, but also John Oliver, Wyatt Cenac, Sam Bee and Jason Jones interpret the material. Oh, and I have no idea how they managed to get her, but the intro and chapter headings are read by Sigourney Weaver.

Their voices help add a level of humour that probably doesn't exist in the text. Aug 04, Ted Trembinski rated it really liked it Shelves: Nothing fills a long and lonely car ride like the newest comedy book on my iPod. Heavy on the sarcasm, Stewart and his team tackle all of Earth's major flaws and features. As should be obvious, I listened to this on audiobook, read by author. Stewart is obviously a great comic writer, but his strength as a performer definitely shines through.

If you have the time or opportunity to listen, I'd definitely encourage you to. The whole book took a few hours and he really had me laughing. Trading some sweet pictures for announcements by Sigourney Weaver is not the worst trade off.

You could argue that Stewart writes with pretty biased voice in terms of his views on some cultural points, but this is to be expected as it's not really a history book, rather a comedy book. If you're one of those especially if you're a liberal you should pick this book up.

You'll laugh, trust me. Tell 'em Ted sent ya. Oct 13, Jay Connor rated it really liked it. Carol and I are such fans of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show that we each bought a copy of this book as a gift for the other -- one audiotape, one text.

That alone should justify 4 stars. But the true justification for the fourth star was the joy to see Carol enjoy the coffee-table version -- from giggles to "wine out the nose" guffaws.

Unlike most books on tape, reading "Earth" and listening to Jon Stewart and the other Daily Show cast members are two distinct experiences and pleasures. Now, I'm Carol and I are such fans of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show that we each bought a copy of this book as a gift for the other -- one audiotape, one text.

Now, I'm either justifying the cost of having two versions or its the truth. I can never tell. My favorite piece of a generally inspired whole is the comparing and contrasting of the place religion and science each have in the human story. No other aspects of human endeavor can account for more human suffering justified by protecting us from the human suffering envisioned by its competing adherents. If that doesn't make sense, then, at least, you'd probably like the frequent references to things you thought were funny in grade school, like Uranus and Lake Titicaca.

Oct 25, Gendou rated it it was ok Shelves: Hit and miss comedy, worth it, but painfully ignorant at times. The concept of the book is interesting: Instead, Stewart explains why we've long become extinct, and what we were like.

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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth (The Book)

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PDF The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth (The Audiobook): A Visitor s Guide to the

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