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Jericho Season 3: Civil War is a comic book limited series of six issues that continues the storyline of the CBS television show Jericho. It was written by Jason M. Season 3 has been turned into a Comic Book Series. The story begins at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, ten months after The Bombs. Beck now receives word that Green and Hawkins are alive in Texas, which he secretly relays to the Jericho underground resistance. His other credits include Jericho, Touch, and Human Target. Jason M. Burns is a comic book creator. His work includes Pocket God, based on the bestselling.

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Jericho Graphic Novels Book Series (2 Books) Latest Book in the Series. Jericho Season 4. Go to book. 1. Jericho Season 3 by Robert Levine, Jason M Burns, Matthew Federman, Dan Shotz, Alejandro F. Digital Comics · CreateSpace. And much of the creative core of Jericho has remained close to the show with their involvement with the comic book. So it seems like this is a possibility, though . Continuing right where the Jericho Season 2 television cliffhanger. First, I have to say I don't read a lot of comic books but being a fan of the television series I.

Posted by Johnny Jay at 7: Jericho Season 4 Issue 4 Now Available! Issue 4 is now out on the stands, so go grab your copy while it it still available or order it from TFAW. Check back here shortly for that and also chime in with your own comments on the comic book. Posted by Johnny Jay at 6: Issue 3.

Issue 2. The second issue of the Jericho Season 4 comic book is finally out! And my local shop didn't get it either.

But I stopped by there today, and it had finally come in, so I can confirm that the phantom issue 2 is finally a reality. Unless you pre-ordered it, there's a good chance your local comic book shop won't have it as this series has probably fallen off most people's radars.

But you can order it from TFAW. Enjoy it, because it will probably be another six plus months before we get the next issue! Posted by Johnny Jay at 4: Jericho Season 3 - Civil Wars: Issue 1. Jake and Hawkins enter a refugee camp at the border of Texas and Mexico intent on passing into the Allied States of America. They befriend a Native American boy who puts them in contact with a man who can produce forged paperwork for them.

This man recognizes Hawkins because he has been monitoring all of the recent activity and notices from the authorities.

He agrees to help, even though Hawkins has nothing to trade for his services, because the man's wife and kids live back east and he does not want them involved in the impending war. He gives Hawkins the papers hoping that he and Jake can help avert the looming conflict.

Unfortunately for Hawkins, Jake and the boy become involved in a bar brawl which brings the attention of the authorities in their direction. They head to the bus leaving the camp hoping they can still slip on, but find it too closely watched. They still manage to escape from the camp, though, by sneaking underneath the bus and holding on as it drives out. Meanwhile, in Jericho Major Beck and his co-plotters are monitoring the other ASA military divisions stationed in Kansas and weighing their options for convincing them to withdraw their support from President Tomarchio.

Beck believes that if they can convince him to stand with them, then many of the other divisions would follow. Patrella comes to Jericho to see what methods Beck used to quell the resistance in that town.

He interviews several of the locals and also asks if they know the whereabouts of Hawkins and Jake. During his interviews, Patrella talks with Dale Turner and asks how he has managed to keep his supplies coming into the store; a conversation which makes Dale feel threatened. During all of this, Stanley and Mimi also find out that she is pregnant. He has Patrella called away to his office where he shows him the information about the original plot.

Patrella then decides to leave Jericho but tells Beck that he will think long and hard about what he has seen. We then find that it was Dale who had him killed.

Season 3 (Comic Book Series)

Issue 2 continues from the setup established in the inaugural issue of the series and packs in a lot of story across its 22 pages. Hawkins and Jake are still on the run and Jake is still attracting trouble wherever he goes. Meanwhile the people of Jericho are still plotting against the ASA in the hopes that they can convince the military operations in that area to stand down from using violence.

This issue really had the feel of an episode from the series and delivered a more satisfying story than the first issue which seemed to pass through its 22 pages too quickly. However, that issue was necessary for setting up what would follow in the current issue and beyond.

This issue also flowed better as the writers appear to be getting more comfortable with the comic book format. I enjoyed this installment though I found the escape method Hawkins and Jake used a bit far-fetched and have high hopes that the series will manage to maintain its level of quality.

Jericho Thread: When he arrives on the bus he comments to the two about the number of ASA checkpoints he had to go through to get there. Also arriving on the bus is Skylar who had gone to New York looking for her parents with no success.

The wedding goes off without a hitch, but during the reception Emmett stands to make a toast and instead berates the people of Jericho for accepting the presence of the ASA. This nearly leads to a brawl, but Gray Anderson steps in to diffuse the situation. Emmett leaves with Gail and he tells her Johnston would have never stood for this, but she rebukes his criticisms and tells him he does not understand the situation.

New Mexico Thread: Jake and Hawkins, who had jumped a train, arrive in a deserted town. He reveals a helicopter which they will use to break into the facility where John Smith is being held captive. We then see the helicopter approaching a military prison but it fails to acknowledge a radio summons. It then crashes and as rescue vehicles with military personnel arrive on the scene Hawkins and Jake and their team jump them.

They use the ambulance to enter the prison as Hawkins holds the driver at gun point. Once inside, they immediately focus on the task of freeing John Smith as quickly as possible. Hawkins then flips a switch opening the gates to all the cells allowing the prisoners to escape and provide a distraction.

Coming in October: Jericho, Season 3

Yet another excellent issue and I have to say that this series has really exceeded my expectations so far and has done a magnificent job of carrying on the feel of the television series.

As each segment plays out, I can just see and feel the original actors leaping off the page. In fact, this issue really made me regret once again that CBS cancelled the show because the hour long format would have allowed them to expand on the stories relegated to only 22 pages in the comic book.

Still, the writers make the most of those pages and cram in a ton of story while also succeeding in not making us feel they are throwing too much at us at once like what we saw with the second season because they were trying to get too much into only seven episodes.

And Alejandro F. He does a fantastic job of capturing not just the likeness of the original actors but also the mannerisms of the characters they portrayed. Posted by Johnny Jay at 5: This issue gives us the backstory for John Smith, the man who masterminded the terrorist attacks on the United States.

The issue begins with a woman from the prison interrogating Smith and using various psychological tricks to throw him off balance. It does not work, though, because he informs her that she is using the manual he wrote.

As the interrogation progresses, an alarm goes off as Jake and Hawkins break into the prison and Smith knows they are coming. The mercenaries turn on him, though, angered for being sidelined, and they kill his wife and injure him. As he recovers, the doctor tells him that he has cancer which vastly changes his perspective on life.

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They do uncover his plans, but chose not to reveal them because it would destroy the company and possibly result in its executives going to jail. And from that, the nuclear detonations occur which tear up the nation and set the stage for where the story began with the first episode of the Jericho TV series.

This issue ends as Jake and Hawkins make their way through the chaos in the prison after many other prisoners have escaped and caused a grand commotion see the previous issue. The ASA military are still based in Jericho, and for unknown reasons Beck and his troops are once again wearing the A.

Army insignia, and Beck himself appears to still be in command. Beck now receives word that Green and Hawkins are alive in Texas, which he secretly relays to the Jericho underground resistance. Forced to enter into enemy territory, they must use the help of the Jericho Resistance to make their way through an Allied States processing town on the Texas border.

Disguised as refugees, the heroes must maneuver past hi-tech cameras, armed ASA soldiers and local black market thugs to continue their mission to find terrorist John Smith.

Their goal: break into the massively fortified, off-site facility and retrieve terrorist John Smith.

This unreachable goal becomes slightly more attainable with the aid of Chavez, who knows the ideal way to infiltrate the Allied States' defenses. In Jericho, Skylar arrives home by bus after a trip to New York to try to find her parents, and is welcomed back by Dale.

Emmett who is drawn to resemble actor Gerald McRaney who portrayed Johnston in the original Jericho series has some of his brother Johnston's gumption, which surfaces during the toast.

From his recruitment by Jennings and Rall to his showdown with Robert Hawkins, Smith details how his thirst for revenge brought a nation to the brink of civil war.

Jericho The Comic Book

With a cavalry on their tail, Jake finds an unlikely place to harbor Smith as they begin to make their way to Columbus. In Jericho, the citizens react to the ASA's institution of a military draft as Beck is interrogated for his involvement in the death of Major Petrella. Major Beck, losing his foothold in Jericho, is redeployed to the front line just as Jake and Hawkins make their way to Jericho.This nearly leads to a brawl, but Gray Anderson steps in to diffuse the situation.

Continuing where the second season left off, Season 3 widens the scope of the nuclear attacks further, revealing a mastermind behind them with his own agenda. Palmer to track Smith down.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. But it is still a satisfying continuation of a series that was cancelled way before its time.

Issue 4 Release date: February 16, The storyline was exciting, explained some important backstory of Seasons 1 and 2, and ended with a bit of a cliffhanger of course. Criticism aside, though, this is a very good continuation of the Jericho television series. Other editions.

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