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Mockingjay is a science fiction novel by American author Suzanne Collins. It is the last installment of The Hunger Games, following 's The Hunger. From Book 1: This Special Edition of The Hunger Games includes the most extensive interview Suzanne Collins Mockingjay (Hunger Games Trilogy, Book 3). The third book in Suzanne Collins's phenomenal and worldwide bestselling Hunger Games trilogy is now available in paperback. "My name is Katniss Everdeen.

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Mockingjay book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. My name is Katniss am I not dead?I should be dead.K. Mockingjay is the third and final novel in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. It was released on August 24, Exciting, dramatic -- and bloody -- sci-fi trilogy finale. Read Common Sense Media's Mockingjay: The Hunger Games, Book 3 review, age rating.

Peeta has been captured and tortured by the Capitol. There are rebels and there are leaders. A rebellion is unfolding and war is on the brink.

District 13 has come out of the shadows and is plotting to overthrow the Capitol. Everyone, it seems, has had a hand in the carefully laid plans — except Katniss. To do this, she must put aside her feelings of anger and distrust. She must become the rebels' Mockingjay — no matter what the personal cost. Katniss takes stock of her new position as a rebel in District Only three victors were saved from the arena: Beetee A previous tribute from District 3 , who was one of Katniss' allies , Finnick The handsome victor from District 4 and Katniss' first ally and Katniss herself, but Peeta Mellark, along with other victors Enobaria the female tribute from District 2 , Johanna Mason tribute from District 7 , and Annie Cresta who wasn't in the Quarter Quell but was arrested when the arena blew up were all captured and taken to the Capitol and held captive by President Coriolanus Snow.

Katniss is still haunted by Snow and fears for Peeta's life. The book starts with Katniss in District 12, which has been reduced to ashes.

Katniss alone wanted to see the district herself. While she is there, she takes back Buttercup Prim's cat , her father 's old hunting jacket, a photo of her mother 's wedding, and a book of plants.

Before she leaves, she notices one of Snow's white roses on her dresser. A hovercraft takes her to District 13 where the survivors of District 12 now reside. When she returns, she watches an interview between Caesar and Peeta. She is relieved when she finds that Peeta looks unharmed, healthy even, but during the interview, Peeta calls for a cease-fire and is accused by many people of being a traitor. This is why later on when she decides to become the Mockingjay, she asks for the immunity of Peeta and the other tributes as well as hunting rights for her and Gale, the right to keep Buttercup for Prim, and permission to kill Snow.

President Coin, the leader of District 13, agrees to these conditions and Katniss officially becomes the Mockingjay. Katniss has to star in commercials for the rebel side, called propos a shortened version of propaganda.

5. There's less Plutarch

For one propo, she and a team that includes her old friend Gale are sent into District 8, where they see a hospital get destroyed. This inspires Katniss to call for justice. During the airing of an interview with Peeta in the Capitol, Beetee is able to gain control of the broadcast and air the propos for a short time before a battle for control of the broadcast breaks out.

During the back-and-forth, Peeta manages to send out a coded message to the rebels warning them of an attack. The Capitol then breaks into chaos, the camera tilts to the floor, screams can be heard and Peeta's blood splatters the ground.

Peeta Mellark warns Katniss of the impending bombing of District 13, after briefly fighting off the tracker jacker venom, which leads to him being tortured.


He does this during an interview with Caesar Flickerman, when he is asked what he desires to say to Katniss. A shrilling alarm sounds, to evacuate the upper levels into the bunkers.

As Katniss is viewed as the symbol of the uprising by the people, she composes herself and is one of the first to reach the bunkers, coming to ensure that her mother and Prim should still be relocating the hospital patients. As she waits, disturbed by the flecks of blood on the bunker sign, she grabs three packs of the instructions.

As time passes, her mother arrives, and they become wary of why Prim hasn't arrived yet. She imagines herself as Prim, and suddenly grasps the situation. Prim, being herself, had rushed back to their compartment to get her beloved cat, Buttercup. After much panicking, Prim, along with Gale, arrives back to safety with Buttercup.

Everyone waits in the bunker for several days until the bombing has stopped. Katniss finds out during the bombing that the Capitol is using Peeta and every time she says something against them, they hurt him. When she is looking above ground at all the wreckage after the bombing, she sees that President Snow has planted more roses.

Katniss starts crying when her camera crew tells her to say a short line for the camera, to show that she is alive and still fighting. Finnick explains to the perplexed camera crew that Katniss knows the Capitol will hurt Peeta if she does so. Haymitch Abernathy, Katniss' mentor in both her Hunger Games, tells a broken Katniss that a rescue mission was sent to save the captured victors in the Capitol, and that Gale was the first soldier to volunteer on the mission.

Katniss worries that both Gale and Peeta might die, and she would be helpless against it. The rescue mission was a success, bringing all the victors except Enobaria, but being from District 2, the Capitol had not harmed her back to District When arriving at Peeta's hospital room, she comes to embrace him, but in Katniss' shock, he almost strangles her to death. Katniss wakes up in a hospital room with a collar around her neck, along with severe injuries in her vocal chords and other parts of her neck.

While meeting with Plutarch, Haymitch, and Beetee, with Prim by her hospital bed side, she learns that the Capitol had used an uncommonly used technique known as hijacking in order to control and influence Peeta. The hijacking was done by giving him a dose of tracker jacker poison and sequentially showing him a clips of Katniss, therefore tricking him into hating her.

Katniss spends a significant period of time recovering and weeping from the attack. While Katniss recovers, Peeta's treatment begins with strangers who are doctors from District 13, but a close friend of his named Delly Cartwright tries to help Peeta remember his real memories, but their first meeting results in him screaming and calling Katniss a "mutt" short for 'mutation', which are creatures the Capitol had created.

After a short recovery, Katniss asks Plutarch if she can be placed into combat in the Capitol. Plutarch reminds Katniss that all the Districts have to first ally with the rebellion, and only District 2 is left, and allows Katniss to go there.

The rebels fly out to District 2 in order to take control of The Nut, a huge mountain containing the Capitol's principal military facility. Commander Lyme agrees to aid the rebels in the plan and they discuss how to take over the mountain. Gale suggests that they use special bombs that he and Beetee designed to blow up the Nut. Katniss is shocked by Gale's mercilessness, as he doesn't care if any innocent civilians or workers are killed.

The rebels decide to take the risk and blow up the mountain; the plan works and the remaining survivors retreat to the center of District 2, where the rebels are waiting. Katniss gives an inspiring speech, asking District 2 to join the fight, but an unknown man shoots Katniss from the crowd. She awakens back in 13, suffering from a broken spleen and badly bruised ribs. She is informed that District 2 has joined the rebel cause and is beginning to fight back.

Katniss and Johanna Mason become good friends whilst training as they recover. Plutarch has an idea for a propo and allows Finnick and Annie to get married. The wedding is a success and Katniss finally has fun for the first time in a while. Peeta soon asks to see Katniss, and she reluctantly agrees to visit him. However, she only stays with him for a short time before leaving in a panic. Katniss is angered when she finds that she hasn't been signed down for the assault on the Capitol as she wants to be the one who kills President Snow.

A special rebel team named Star Squad is created to be the main rebel team that invades the Capitol. Katniss completes her SSC simulated street combat training, and is assigned onto the Squad. However, Johanna is not permitted to join, as the hydrophobia that the Capitol instilled in her through their torture still lingers in her mind.

Angered, Johanna tells Katniss to kill Snow for her.

Suzanne Collins

If she chose Peeta on the other hand, she will have a chance at a new life. Because that is what Peeta represents -- hope.

Gale on the other hand represents anger, or the fire that Katniss herself feels. I think prim's death wasn't given much justice. Finnick's too. I honestly feel that their death deserves more credit than what was given to them.

The 5 biggest 'Mockingjay 2' book-to-movie changes

However, these negative points did not affect my judgement. Mockingjay is really hard to appreciate. Johanna's involvement is never even discussed, although she does help Katniss sneak away. Both the book and the movie hammer home the idea that the revolutionaries are not necessarily better than the Capitol.

Katniss makes a huge case in the movie for the protection of civilians, especially as the rebels cause the avalanche in District 2 and Gale's traps kill so many children Priiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim! But it leaves out a part in the book where Katniss, who is recognized by a Capitol citizen on the street after she and what's left of her unit escape the sewers, kills that woman to protect her mission. On a pure plot level, the ending to the movie is quite faithful to the book.

After Coin suggests doing another Hunger Games with the children of the Capitol, Katniss kills her instead of Snow, is locked up by the rebels, sent to exile back in 12 where she rehabilitates and eventually marries Peeta and has children.

In the book, her struggle with PTSD and other issues is more drawn out, and she even works with a therapist over the phone to help deal with everything that has happened to her.

In the movie, her issues are far more implied. In the book, she is only able to get married and start a family once she puts the Hunger Games behind her. Share This Story!His last piece of advice is to kill Peeta, not trust anyone, and do what she came to the Capitol to do, kill Snow. Her fickleness is pretty inconsiderate to these two guys whom she supposedly cares about. Some kissing. Are you sure you want to remove bookConfirmation and any corresponding bookmarks?

A hovercraft takes her to District 13 where the survivors of District 12 now reside.

Prim's death didn't have the impact that I'm sure Collins was aiming for; I didn't feel sad when she died, as she's barely in the story as it is, so I didn't get to know her well enough and connect with her beforehand.

A rebellion is unfolding and war is on the brink.

The 5 biggest 'Mockingjay 2' book-to-movie changes

Although it seems her death kind of defeated the point of sparing her from the Hunger Games. In the book, she is only able to get married and start a family once she puts the Hunger Games behind her. She delivers a fiery message to Snow, all of it captured by her fearless camera crew.

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