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Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between. View PDF. book | Fiction | Aug US → Little, Brown & Company (Ed. Elizabeth Bewley). One night. Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between (Preview) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. On the night before they leave for . It is their last night before leaving for college, and Clare and Aidan have to figure out if they are going to have a long distance relationship or break up.

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Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between Jennifer E. Smith audiobook | * ebooks | Download PDF | ePub | DOC. # in Books Smith. On the night before they leave for college, Clare and Aidan only have one thing left to do: figure out whether they should stay together or break up. Over the. Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. On the night before they leave for col.

So, while I wouldnt say it was better than Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, it was definitely on par with Smiths other novels, and I cant wait to read the next one. The cover art is modern and fun and sweet usually depicting an image of a silhouetted couple, obviously in love. When I received a copy of Jennifers September novel in the mail, I was beyond delighted.

I had requested the book, but wasnt confident it would be something Id receive. As if this didnt already pique my interest come on, you gotta admit, this one sounds cuuute I had two really good blogging friends shout-out to Amber and Kara telling me, reading a book by this author was a must. Though I would have eventually gotten around to reading them, Im glad a review copy did arrive on my doorstep, forcing me to sit down, and become lost in its charms.

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Saying this probably isnt fair since this is the only of Jennifers Ive read, but this book, somehow seemed different. Clare and Aiden are amazing characters. I loved how unpolished they were.

They were average teenagers on the cusp of changes and bigger decisions yet they were unique. I never once questioned their love or relationship, which flows naturally and reads authentic in every situation.

I was swept into their whirlwind night, flip-flopping in my opinion of what the endgame was to be and I may or may not have read ahead but Ill never tell.

The interesting side stories and memories the characters inspire is charm personified. Basically, when I turned the last page, I was left wondering why Id not read one of Jennifers books. This might have been my prologue to her works, but it wont be the epilogue.

Lighthearted when it counts, poignant when it should be, and appropriately emotional, 'Hello, Goodbye and Everything In-Between' should be on your must list for this fall. In short, youll despise having to say goodbye to this charmer. I honestly don't remember much of issue in this novel. There are a few minor profanities and perhaps a sexual reference or two, and a "fade to black" type sex scene.

Great story for high school graduates! Smith's books.

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They have predictability to it that makes the fun, light hearted story fall short for me. Her female characters always tend to annoy me and feel like they are all the same. I liked this because it was short yet it had a story that anyone who has graduated high school can resonate with. Whether you're in the spot where you're leaving your best friends to go away to college or you're watching your friends leave, this book has both of those perspectives.

Clare and Aidan follow a list of 14 stops in their Chicago town on their last night together before departing to college. They're trying to determine the outcome of their relationship to stay together or to break-up. Throughout this night, they follow Clare's list of their first-times and special places that have meaning to their relationship. It's a wild night full of emotions and what-if moments, as well as goodbye's to their friends and to each other.

I really liked the organization of the story. She looks genuinely sorry. That wasnt. Not like youd have a chance anyway, Aidan says with a grunt, folding his arms across his chest.

Hey, Scotty says, glancing up after an attempt to blow the wrapper off his straw fails completely. Im a catch. On the night before they leave for college, Clare and Aidan only have one thing left to do: Over the course of twelve hours, they'll retrace the steps of their relationship, trying to find something in their past that might help them decide what their future should be.

The night will lead them to friends and family, familiar landmarks and unexpected places, hard truths and surprising revelations. But as the clock winds down and morning approaches, so does their inevitable goodbye. The question is, will it be goodbye for now or goodbye forever?

This new must-read novel from Jennifer E. Smith, author of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, explores the difficult choices that must be made when life and love lead in different directions.

Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. So, Clare says eventually. I guess it is. But 24 you cant really blame me, right? Ive still got a little bit of 25 time to change your mind. I N28 cant believe thats all we have left.

Jennifer E. Smith

We have way too much to do. I just 09 figured maybe we could use a plan.

This is it. Then I guess we 13 should get going. This 18 is kind of crazy, isnt it? That after all this time, we only have twelve hours left. I 22 mean At the end of the road. A lot can happen in twelve hours.

Their nights always seem to begin in this way: Tonight is an ending. Just keep driving till we hit Canada. Clare says, raising her eyebrows. Are we going on the lam? Maybe just Wisconsin, then. Im leaving first 07 thing in the morning, she says gently.

The cars already 08 packed. And your flights at noon. His eyes are 10 fixed on the closed door of the garage. Thats my point. Who needs it? Lets run 14 away together instead. Just for a year or so. Well start a 15 new life. In the country.

Or better yet, a deserted island. Hes 18 just desperate and sad, nervous and excited, wildly unsure 19 of everything as they barrel toward the invisible line that 20 will separate their lives into a before and an after. Same 21 as her. She holds up the 28N piece of paper. No more talking. Weve just been going 01 around in circles: Stay together, break up, stay together, 02 break up The point is that were hopeless.

So no 05 more talking. For now, lets just drive, okay? Clare tries to absorb 13 each one of them as they whip past, because by the time she 14 returns at Thanksgiving, she knows she might be some 15 one entirely different, and she suspects thatbecause of 16 thatall this might look different, too.

And something 17 about that scares her. So one by one, she tries to pin them 18 in place: Not just the people: Aidan, of course; and her best 22 friend, Stella; Aidans sister, Riley; and his pal, Scotty; 23 plus the handful of their other friends who are still around.

All the landmarks 25 that had been the background to her childhood. She 26 couldnt leave without going to the village green one more S27 time, or getting one last slice of pizza at their favorite spot.

But it didnt take long for her to 04 realize that most of the things that meant something to 05 her were inextricably tied to Aidan. This place was a ghost 06 town of sorts, littered with milestones and memories from 07 their nearly t wo-year relationship. It would be a way for her to say goodbye to this town 11 where shed lived her whole life, and m aybesomehow 12 to Aidan, too.

Too windy? But its more than that. But shes run 24 ning out of time. So tell me, he says as they pull up 27S to the front of the sprawling building and into one of the 28N empty parking spots. Why exactly are we here? Though she spent 02 four years here, Clares already having trouble remember 03 ing the feel of the place when its full of students, everyone 04 spilling out the wooden doors and onto the front lawn.

Its 05 only been two months, but somehow, all that seems like a 06 very long time ago. But how come? And the idea is to start at the beginning.

Think of it more like a 14 refresher course. Just now, 20 just for this second, hes not the person she knows best in 21 the world, but the new kid again, the one whod shown up 22 on the very first day of junior year, all red hair and freckles 23 and ridiculous height, appearing out of nowhere and turn 24 ing her inside out. If Id known that, I wouldve tried 05 to be more punctual. I wouldve waited all 11 day.

I probably wouldve waited forever. Stop being 20 the romantic one. I hate that you get to be the 23 good guy here. Its not like I want to break up with you. It 24 kills me just thinking about it, but Im trying to be prac 25 tical. Starting tomorrow, were gonna be a million miles 26 away from each other, and it doesnt make sense to do this 27S any other way.

So you have to stop. Aidan asks, looking amused. One of us has to be. Its not a scavenger hunt. Her head only comes up to his chest, so she has to 11 tip her chin up to look at him. When she does, he leans 12 down to kiss her, and even though theyve kissed a thou 13 sand times b eforehave kissed, even, in this very parking 14 lotit still makes her stomach go wobbly, and shes seized 15 by a sudden worry over how few of these they have left.

She knocks a few times, in case there 19 might be a security guard inside, but nobody answers. There 06 has to be a way in. Its the first place we saw each other Coadys Earth Science class. Not that you remember.

At least not that first day. How could any 12 one not remember you? Clares been called a lot of t hingssmart and funny, 15 driven and talentedbut memorable certainly isnt one 16 of them. The most important things about h erthe ones 17 shes most proud o fare apparent only once you get to 18 know her.

At first glance, shes almost entirely unremark 19 able: Mostly, she just blends in, which has always 21 been fine with her: You could do a lot worse in high school.

The teacher was handing out geodes to pass around 26 the room, and when it was her turn with one of them, 27S Clare cupped it in her hands. When she turned to pass it to the new kid, 01 he kept his eyes on the stone. But laterafter hed finally 02 noticed her, after theyd both realized that this was the 03 start of s omethingshe would come back to that moment 04 again and again.

Because thats how she felt when she was 05 with h imlike shed been a rock her whole life, ordinary 06 and dull, and it wasnt until she met him that something 07 cracked open inside her, and just like that, she began to 08 shine. Does it really matter? We have to start this thing 14 right. Its just that the clock is ticking down fast toward 18 tomorrow, when everything will change. And thisthis 19 plan for their last night togetherwas supposed to be the 20 one thing she could control.

But as much as shes read, as much as shes 25 tried to find out, its impossible to imagine the details. And 26 its the not knowing thats the hardest part. S27 Theres so much of it, too. James, 08 who seems to only want to talk about what bands shes been 09 seeing this summer, and whoClare suspectswill end 10 up wallpapering their room with concert posters. She doesnt know 16 whether shell stand out or blend in, sink or swim, feel 17 homesick or independent, happy or miserable.

Who cares? I mean, dont you think this 25 is close enough? Each time 02 they pass another door, one of them jogs over to try it, but 03 theyre all locked, every single one of them. What I loved about this is that it was refreshing to read a romantic contemporary which started out with a couple who was already together. To those who know me, as a person, friend, or relative, they know that I am humorous.

And with that said, I am thrilled to share with you that I am absolutely in love with Aidan and Clare. They are witty, comedic, and such humorous characters whether individually, or as a couple.

They complement each other and it is with this fact that I fell in love with them from page one. Reading this was reminiscent of watching High School Musical 3. The struggles of choosing among different colleges, the pressure of hanging on to a relationship from a long distance, and trying to keep your friends close while enduring higher education: everything is here!

The characters might as well be named Troy and Gabriella. And this made me so happy because HSM3 was my favorite movie back then. It will take you to further heights. And it will show you that some risks are worth taking, especially with someone you love. Clare had to go to college. She had to leave their town behind, even if it meant leaving Aidan too.She looks genuinely sorry. Chike Chukudebelu. Perfect for a light read. X We use cookies to enhance your visit to us. Rating details.

Lets run 14 away together instead. Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between is incredibly relatable and Smith nails it with the feels about letting go, reconnecting with old friends, and growing into your own person. I liked the two Dessen books that I've read so that wasn't a big deal to me but if you're not into Sarah Dessen's books, I don't think Hello, Goodbye, and Everything I'd seen so many good things Jennifer E.

I guess that is also why I could not get behind Clare and her neurotic behavior and decision making, especially when it came to their relationship.

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