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this book. Not for him, but for you! AngularJS is quickly becoming one of the front- end what controllers, templates, directives, services, factories, and providers are. To download their free eBook in PDF, ePub, and Kindle formats, owners. Getting started with AngularJS, Controllers, Built-in directives, Modules, Components, Custom Directives, Filters, Services, Dependency Injection, Events, Sharing Data, Constants, How data binding works, Form Download PDF Book . If you're looking to learn more about data binding, how “live” templates work, the process for testing AngularJS applications, the role of services and factories.

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This book provides you with the skills and best practices needed to create AngularJS services. It starts with the fundamentals of what services. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. Sams Teach Yourself AngularJS , JavaScript, and jQuery All AngularJS Services, Factories, and Providers. Mon, 18 Mar GMT AngularJS Services | PACKT. Books Download AngularJS Services by Jim Lavin PDF Sencha Charts Essentials. Create.

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AngularJS Services. Design, build, and test services to create a foundation for your AngularJS applications.

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Paperback pages. Book Description This book provides you with the skills and best practices needed to create AngularJS services. Table of Contents Chapter 1: The Need for Services.

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Chapter 2: Designing Services. Chapter 3: Testing Services.

Chapter 4: Handling Cross-cutting Concerns. Communicating with your service's consumers using patterns.

Chapter 5: Data Management. Chapter 6: Mashing in External Services. Chapter 7: Implementing the Business Logic. Chapter 8: Putting It All Together. What You Will Learn Write Jasmine scenarios to test your AngularJS services Implement common functionality that can be leveraged by the controllers, directives, and other services in your application Build services that create, retrieve, update, and delete your application's data on external servers Incorporate third-party JavaScript libraries into your AngularJS application Move business logic to the client side to build a new class of serverless applications Optimize your AngularJS application for maximum performance.

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Explain what is key difference between angular expressions and JavaScript expressions? Mention some of the most commonly used directives in AngularJS application? A directive is something that introduces new syntax, they are like markers on DOM element which attaches a special behavior to it. In any AngularJS application, directives are the most important components. AngularJS has several advantages in web development.

Angular js routes enable you to create different URLs for different content in your application. It can be a number, string or JavaScript object. Values are typically used as configuration injected into factories, services or controllers.

A value should be belong to an AngularJS module. Automatic synchronization of data between the model and view components is referred as data binding in AngularJS. This makes your code simple and easy to debug.If the user is logged in, our app makes a request using the unique user token for the session.

This directive exists for the purpose of creating a new child scope in the DOM: Note that we have the ability to use the then method or the success and error methods on the HttpPromise. If we do not explicitly describe the arguments, Angular will not be able to infer the arguments and thus the required injectable. The second parameter is the configuration object, which determines exactly what to do if the route in the first parameter is matched.

Other built-in directives are clearly visible via their ng- namespace prefix.

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