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The first step toward receiving your Alabama learner's permit is studying the Alabama Driver's Handbook, the latest version of which you will find on this page. Need a quick fix for the DMV permit test? STUDY WHAT MATTERS with the help of the official Alabama permit test book & FREE DMV practice tests!. Came for the official Alabama permit book? You are in the right place! Download a PDF or read online and don't forget to check out our free Alabama permit.

Alabama Permit Book

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The Alabama Department of Transportation publishes the Alabama Driver Manual to help drivers learn more about traffic laws and safe driving in the state. Read the Alabama DMV handbook and study for your driver's license, permit or renewal test. View the AL DMV driver's manual PDF and study the handbook. The AL Drivers Handbook is an essential resource to help you begin preparing for the Alabama learners permit test. Get your free copy here!.

Don't tell us you can't read four pages, no matter how busy you may be!

There's one thing missing from the Alabama driver's manual and that is a good permit practice test. Don't worry, thought, as we can certainly help you with that! We have prepared an entire collection of free sample quizzes to help you learn all answers to the knowledge test.

Start with the very first basic Alabama practice permit test and work your way through the entire set of quizzes.

Questions will get harder as you progress through the lineup of exams, so make sure to work on practice tests in the order they were arranged in! And remember - DMV practice tests are not a substitute to reading the drivers manual, you should do both to maximize your chances of passing the exam!


Read the permit book online, work on practice tests and good luck at the DPS! Looking for a different book? Or, download our state-authorized driver education course and fulfill all requirements to get your learners permit right from your phone or computer!

Colorado On the Colorado driver theory exam, there are 20 questions and you must score an 80 percent or higher in order to pass and get your learner permit. In order to pass the test you must get at least 20 out of 25 question right.

You must not miss more than seven questions in order to pass the test.

Florida The learner permit exam in Florida consists of 50 questions. You must answer 40 questions correctly to pass.

When finished, you can take the Drug and Alcohol Test , also called the learner permit exam, right from our app or on our website! You must score 75 percent or higher in order to pass. Hawaii There are 30 questions on the Hawaii learner permit test.

Alabama DMV Handbook (2019)

A passing score is 80 percent, or no more than seven missed questions. Idaho There are 40 multiple-choice questions on the written knowledge exam in Idaho and you cannot miss more than six questions in order to pass.

Illinois A passing score on the Illinois learner permit test is 80 percent.

Applicants must answer at least 28 out of 35 questions correctly to achieve a passing score. You must also get 14 out 16 road sign questions right.

Iowa You must get at least 28 out of 35 multiple-choice questions correct in order to pass the Iowa driver theory exam. Kansas In Kansas, the learner permit test has 25 questions and you need to get 80 percent right to pass. Getting ready to take the Kansas learner license test?

Kentucky On the Kentucky learner permit exam, you must get 24 out of 30 questions right to pass. Additionally, you must miss no more than two questions on the road signs section.

To achieve a passing score, you must answer at least 24 questions correctly. There are a total of 25 questions on the exam. Massachusetts The Massachusetts permit test contains 25 questions and you must answer 18 correctly in order to pass.

Anxious about taking the Massachusetts instruction permit exam? Aceable can help you pass with our free drivers ed test prep course.

FREE Alabama DMV Drivers Permit Manual (AL) 2019

A score of 80 percent or higher is required to pass the exam. Minnesota There are 40 questions on the Minnesota written knowledge test and you need to get 32 questions right to pass. Pass the Minnesota written knowledge exam with flying colors. The state of Alabama gives young drivers the chance to operate a motor vehicle after passing a learner's permit test.

The Alabama Department of Transportation publishes the Alabama Driver Manual to help drivers learn more about traffic laws and safe driving in the state. Studying this manual can help you when it comes time to take the written test. Alabama Written Test The written test that you must take before receiving your driver's license consists of 20 questions.

What’s a Learners Permit?

Each of these multiple choice questions comes with four possible answer choices. A passing score on the test is 70 percent, which is 14 correct answers. This test typically features 10 questions on the general knowledge found in the manual and 10 questions on operating a vehicle.

Though you should look over the entire manual, you can save some time if you focus on the more important pages and chapters in the book.We ensure you ace your driver theory exam!

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. You are in the right place! Alabama Written Test The written test that you must take before receiving your driver's license consists of 20 questions.

Those who want to start studying for the DMV written test right away should skip straight to chapter 3 - "The Driving Task" that's page 21 of the Alabama permit book.

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