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The Witcher Vol. 1 - House of Glass (TPB) () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark. Today I was browsing internet, when I came across one useful site, where I found original Witcher comic books for download in PDF. So I am. Creigiau, in the. DuChy of Malleore, one Month later “wItCher. neeDeD urgently .” i've got a feeLing We'LL get. somethIng out of thIs trIp to the mountAIns.

Wild Hunt unpublished gameplay! Together with Dark Horse Comics, one of the global leaders in comic book publishing, we are thrilled to announce the release of the fourth issue of The Witcher House of Glass.

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The Witcher Comic. The Witcher The Witcher 2: June 30, Read More 6. May 6, Read More 0. April 29, April 3, December 23, Read More 1. October 14, September 24, September 1, As some of you surely remember, today is a very important day for our community.

Read More 4. Relief flooded her tensed body, but so did confusion. There was a wave of dull burgundy as Geralt slipped a tunic over his head and shoulders. A shame, but it wasn't going to deter the sorceress. He did not startle as her arms wrapped around him.

Of course he had sensed her, whether from the pulse of her heart or scent of her perfume. She felt the force again, weaker but still flowing in jagged surges from the man in her embrace. Yennefer's hand skimmed beneath the front of Geralt's shirt and rested low on his firm belly. The faint tingle of magic distinct to his kind hummed beneath her fingertips.

Air sucked deep into his abdomen as his system calmed from training. A soft noise passed his lips.

The Witcher Vol. 1 – House of Glass (TPB) (2014)

Geralt cupped his hands over his lover's, but he was silent for a moment. He wanted to talk. No somersaulting around the subject, no pushing it away, no whining. Geralt turned around in Yennefer's hold and took her fingers in his, a gentle touch despite rough calluses. He led her to the old gnarled tree at the top of the hill, overlooking the sun-basked countryside.

One of Geralt's favorite spots on the estate. They stopped at the base of the tree, its roots and branches reaching out around them and spreading cool shade across the grass. Geralt paused. He moved to head back down the hill, but Yen caught his wrist to stop him.

He looked to her, confused. Yennefer gave him a pointed smirk. I believe I can handle a little dirt. No lie to find. Yennefer didn't find the tough roots rubbing her hip and legs ideal, nor her blouse tugging on the bark, but everyone has to make sacrifices. The festering within Geralt swelled again, intensified.

His features hardened to hide it away, but there was no getting it past Yen. She knew him too well. Yennefer rested a hand on Geralt's forearm. Again, he leaned into the contact.

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Craved it. Yet he didn't look at her. Before I remembered. The words came before she could stop herself. Best leave it that way.

The harsh light faded, as did the bite in his voice. I don't want this to end up like other times, with an explosion.

If this is going to work, we need to talk. He did think about this a great deal, it appeared. Yen herself had to admit that it was difficult not to.

The Witcher Vol. 2 – Fox Children (TPB) (2015)

He was still the same brooding witcher that had both warmed and harmed her heart for years, but he had changed so much since that quarrel with a djinn, even since their deaths on a blood-soaked street.

Yennefer nodded. Geralt relaxed. He looked out to the verdant landscape around them. With Ciri, Nilfgaard, the Hunt, there was too much going on. I need you to know. She gave his arm a light squeeze, a graze with her thumb.

New 'The Witcher' Comic Series Revealed, 'Of Flesh and Flame'

Geralt set his jaw and turned back to the fields of Toussaint. Everything felt so strange and wrong. I hoped I could find some trace of me somewhere. Nothing gave me any recollection of this White Wolf everyone went on about. Those things happened to someone else, not me. A shudder ran through him. It was a shitshow. She had a vague recollection of the short span after her release from the Hunt.

It wasn't something she ruminated on. Geralt, on the other hand, ruminated on everything. His hand moved over his brow and raked through his ivory hair, more locks pulling loose from their tie. His shoulders bowed forward, high and rigid. Yennefer wanted to say anything, but the words refused to form on her tongue, and Geralt resumed soon after.

It must have been terrible. It writhed up her throat, searing from inside. The world hazed, blurred, warped, swaths of green and blue and red. That time, that betrayal, that hurt, she wanted none of it, bottle it away to never see the light again. The onslaught was so strong it delayed the realization that her hand was clamping hard on Geralt's arm, her nails digging into his skin.

She tore it back and held her clenched fist to her sternum in shame.

Eyes stinging, world spinning, she grounded herself on a patch of sod beyond her lap. The dismay in Geralt's aura rushed back with a vengeance. It spiraled through the air like tendrils from a hungry beast as he tensed beside her.

She shook her head, her dark curls tickling at her collarbone as she forced herself to breathe. She intended t follow through. Yennefer of Vengerberg never did anything halfway. A few moments of silence passed, of the breeze caressing the leaves above them, before he resumed.

I had no other anchors. Of me. It all came rushing back. As you and Ciri returned to me, I felt parts of me falling into place, the gaps being filled by memories of you.

Things were already unstable with Triss as my memory started coming back before the Kingslayer nightmare, but once I was myself again I split from her immediately after giving her a piece of my mind. A dry huff left Geralt's nose, something like a sardonic laugh. Others, too. I felt like they had gutted me and left me raw like a carcass for the necrophages. He pressed his back and head to the tree trunk, the bark rasping against his shirt.

A long breath made his torso give. Yennefer did the same. She did her best to ignore the snag of her curls on the tree. His shining eyes, typically alert and sharp, misted over and glistened. An ever-so-slight waver carried in his voice.He blinked down at her, slowly, pupils round and whole, with such a serene grin Yen felt heat wash across her cheeks.

She shook her head, her dark curls tickling at her collarbone as she forced herself to breathe. One of Geralt's favorite spots on the estate. Yen herself had to admit that it was difficult not to.

July 15, Best leave it that way.

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