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Lana Cantrell - Greatest Story Never Told [OCR].pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Dr Lana Cantrell - The Greatest Story Never Told Download The Greatest Story Never Told: A Scientific Inquiry into the Evidence of the Fall of Man from. story. Preview Download Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told By David Icke Dr Lana Cantrell - The Greatest Story Never Told.

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Dr. Lana Cantrell was born in Salzburg, Austria, and now lives in a suburb of the Twin Cities I have a copy of her renown book, The Greatest Story Never Told. THE DISC OF LIFE – Part One. Lana Corrine Cantrell: The Greatest Story Never Told. In a brilliant mysterious, somewhat eccentric woman wrote a large. Author: Cantrell Lana Corrine Title: The Greatest Story Never Told A Title: Voices of the Waffen SS Volume 1 Year: Link download.

At first glance, taken literally, it appears as though beings of greater power than ourselves "gods" interfered frequently with the development of the key cultures that ultimately fostered our "human" race.

Many references to what now looks like genetic alteration in the distant past do little to reinforce our own flagging self-images. Ditto for the equally vast number of references to " weapons of mass destruction" in ancient dates - which make the modern Star Wars program seem tame by comparison. Note: There are so many hundreds of references to flying machines , missiles, and other 'weapons' in the ancient Indian texts that the original British translators of the nineteenth century REFUSED to make the translations, saying it was all 'religious gibberish'.

Only when Indians took control of their own culture in the twentieth century, were accurate translations available to the rest of the world for the first time in centuries, possibly millennia!

So, into this den of Paradox bravely walks author Cantrell and - as promised - her work is breath-taking in its scope. Her particular ability to see the "eugenics" beneath the surface in many ancient tales is both startling and disturbing. Also disturbing is the author's excellent instincts.

Even though written a decade ago, the author included in her substantial tome many warnings about the current Western diet and its negative implications on testosterone proven correct the immune system also correct and the possible damage to psychological development of young children "children killing children" - she predicted, also astoundingly correct.

It must have been a sorrowful sight to see the only people capable of helping, fly off. It seems though that they left with the Anunnaki fast on their heels. Either that, or everyone was trying to escape the blast.

Ra attempted to gather his family together and, according to a very early Egyptian legend. Osiris was the last to arrive. They took off from a mountain, taking advantage of course of the magnetic flow to ascend into space. Osiris had trouble getting onto the "iron plates," as the story goes, and Ra had to drop the famous 'ladder' with which he barely escaped, with the help of the Twin Gods which correspond to the Pandava twin brothers in the Veda.

Lana Cantrell

A collaborating story in the Veda tells us 'why' he was late. It seems the entire family had barely made it to the mountain top - with Draupadi fainting. She flew round and round over the earth uttering wailing cries of grief and she did not alight on the ground until she had found him.

She made light to a appear from her feathers, she made air to come into being by means of her two wings, and she cried out the death cries for her brother. The Veda further states she went over many mountains and "she came to a sea many leagues wide and went to a large island wooded with various trees and creepers.

Dr Lana Cantrell - The Greatest Story Never Told

There she saw a divine pond that wos covered with all kinds of birds, lovely, a hundred leagues wide and as many long. Five-colored celestial lotuses, about which bees were buzzing, were blowing there by the thousands, Bharato.

She broke the stolk of a lotus and entered it with the Whisper; and there she saiv the God of the Hundred Sacrifices, who had entered into a fiber. She procured a papyrus plant boat and sailed to the marsh where it was and there upon opening the box discovered the horror. She then in her wisdom of medicine and herbals did her best to preserve the body.

Then, she waited in the swamps for her family to arrive. Here, according to the Egyptian sources, she lived and gave birth in the swamp to a son, Horus Some Egyptian accounts say she aborted when Set had seized her. The Metternick Stele states she gave birth in the swamps of the Delta. In a brilliant mysterious, somewhat eccentric woman wrote a large book that combined multiple ancient culture histories turned-into-myth as one story — the story of our ancient off-world ancestors.

Nevertheless I had studied Z. One wonders how she managed to put both honey and monkey wrenches in her soup! You can say what you like about this book, but whatever is said, whatever criticisms are thrown at her dazzling, ingenious, maverick assumptions, Lana Corrine Cantrell cannot be dismissed or forgotten. Somehow in spite of all her strange, oblique, ' What…?

Obviously many felt that the lady Cantrell was truly on to something. This is an article I have thought of writing many times, and many times have neglected.

Greatest Story Never Told - Lana Cantrell

My own visions of the colonization of planet Earth continue to influence my reading of the Sanskrit texts. Now that I am beginning to get a feel of the complex reasons behind the confused translations of the Rig Veda, I again think of this lady. So I will share my reflections with you in honour of her and because we do want the truth, and perhaps this will inspire some of you. Interesting that Space Weather has become so important in our own time as we are warned by NASA and the media how a solar storm could devastate our electronic digital civilization.

Lana Corrine Cantrell [L. She says that initially the Disc was life, but eventually would be perverted into an instrument of death.

Dutt translation. I have used both translations because the M. Dutt gives the Devanagari, the Sanskrit script, so that I can delve into the multiple meanings.

Each Sanskrit word often has many meanings, which have evolved and changed over the centuries.

The translation by M. Dutt is: The J.

It is not possible to describe it as it really is, king of people, for from instant to instant it has another indescribable appearance. Does the sun help Narada teleport himself in some kind of siddhic consciousness, Surya 'beam me up' - or does Narada require a vehicle to carry him?

Location is a metaphysical consequence of consciousness. The appearance of solidity is always relative to consciousness, and the 'apparent' solidity of matter is said to increase in density as we descend through the cycles of time. It is eternal and knows of no decay.

It is self-luminous beyond the moon and the sun and the flame-crested fire; the roof beam of heaven it blazes as though to light up the sun. Narada uses the solar Sun as a description of the hall, the Sabha, but the sun has just delivered him to the place.

The actual Devanagari Sanskrit according to M. Dutt is devamaya , thus combining the word for god, deva, with maya. Maya is often misunderstood in the west. Maya is not mere illusion.

To illustrate the difficulties encountered when translating Sanskrit words into English and how the meanings have changed over time, I will use this word SABHA as an example. The date of the Rig Veda is unknown and unknowable. Thus J. However it appears that in the earlier era of the Rig Veda this word did not imply a physical structure, but was perhaps describing aggregates of beings who are magnetically aligned by states of consciousness — and the reason for 'the constant shifting into another indescribable appearance, from instant to instant' is because there is no solidity, at least not as we experience it in our limited five-sense perception.And what a book it was - almost a million words, in total, representing the 8-year PHD research project of its author, Ms.

To illustrate the difficulties encountered when translating Sanskrit words into English and how the meanings have changed over time, I will use this word SABHA as an example. Like writers before her, Cantrell asks why areas known in pre-history to have been the lushest and greenest on earth - such the US southwest and the Middle East - are now barren.

Here is a book that carefully tells the story of how the human race got here in the first place. The Book of the Assembly 3. Edited by Dr. Gold sarcophagi would have provided dielectric constants at low frequency. The Disc of Life was a necessity to the successful colonization of new planets.

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