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Wednesday, August 14, 2019 The Ages of Lulu (): Almudena Grandes: Books. The Ages of Lulu: A Novel (): Almudena Grandes, Sonia Soto: Books. The story follows the sexual awakening of narrator Lulu, seduced at age 15 by an old family friend, Pablo, who poses as her guardian and then as her father.

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The Ages of Lulu by Almudena Grandes - book cover, description, publication history. What's striking about the erotic novel The Ages of Lulu by Spanish writer Almudena Grandes is how old-fashioned it is. Yes, yes, there are all those sex. At just fifteen years old, Lulu, a "round, hungry little girl," finds that her erotic The Ages of Lulu by Almudena Grandes See all books by Almudena Grandes.

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New York: Grove Press Translated by Sonia Soto. A clean, nearly Fine copy. First American Edition.

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Just to establish a parallel, think of early 20th century Ireland, and you will get a glimpse of what it was to live in Spain during the dictatorship. This very brief historical context is important for the analysis of The Ages of Lulu due to the imposition of Catholic imaginary upon women during the dictatorship. Due to the importance of Catholicism, the most influential image for women during the dictatorship was Virgin Mary, embodying the contradictions of being a virgin and a mother at the same time.

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For Spanish women born in the 20th century this meant a total lack of sexual education — except for a few who came from left-wing, powerful families and managed to buy the pill and condoms under the counter, risking imprisonment — and the imposition of virginal and supposedly pure values. There was a high rate of teenage pregnancy, single motherhood was forbidden and despised and the image of the Angel in the House was expected of married women and mothers.

It was also a celebration of fluid sexualities and homosexuality — punished by the regime with the death penalty — and it aimed to break away with traditional gender stereotypes and role models with the celebration of travestism. The Ages of Lulu : When Grandes wrote and published The Ages of Lulu in Spain had been enjoying a democracy for 14 years, but moral values and certain codes of behaviour inherited from the regime were still very much present in everyday life.

Sadly, they still are in So, the publishing of an erotic novel, narrated on the first person by a sexually active and desiring teenage girl became a national sensation and success. The novel is a bildungsroman told from a sexual perspective and follows Lulu from her first sexual encounter to a final one.

In between you can find stories about being a daughter, a mother and a friend. It is now time to come clear about the novel: it is very dated and dependant on the context it was written on.

I found it provocative just for the sake of being so, and some scenes surprised me in a bad way. That is, Lulu is aware of her sexual desire and she satisfies it with men and women alike, but the novel portrays this sexual desire as a rebellion against her Catholic and conservative education.

As Foucault would say a rebellion does not make you free since it compels you to do the exact opposite of what you have been told to do. It just a masquerade, a reversal of the dominant discourse. But, at the time the novel was published this rebellion was the only way in which women could openly explore their sexuality and feel free.

And I still liked it, especially the first half. Grandes makes a huge effort to inscribe sex and sexuality into everyday life, something is still absent from contemporary fiction, and produces a counter-discourse that assures the female reader it is OK to have sexual needs in whatever form they present themselves.The Ages of Lulu is an erotic novel and its importance for Spanish literature comes directly from the time of its publication.

First American Edition. Read it Forward Read it first.

But it's not: It's a deadpan-dumb flesh book with Spanish characters who sound like Londoners. So, the publishing of an erotic novel, narrated on the first person by a sexually active and desiring teenage girl became a national sensation and success.

Opposing the dictatorship meant risking your life, and as a consequence many people just tried to survive as they could. Her books have been translated into over twenty languages.

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