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Printable shooting targets and gun targets. All targets are available as PDF documents and print on standard x 11 paper. Do you like to print out your own targets? Feel free to download and print any of the targets below in PDF format. Happy shooting!. Target handgun Shooting Range, Shooting Sports, Pistol Targets, Bow . Printable Archery Games, Archery Tips, Shooting Range, Shooting Sports.

Shooting Target Pdf

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SHOOTER'S LOG. Good recordkeeping is critical to load development and improving the accuracy of any gun. An individual gun will produce its greatest. Make Printable PDF Shooting Targets. Make, print PDF and download your own shooting targets. DIY using the Form below. Make Shooting Targets online for. SIGHT-IN SHOOTING TARGETS. C. Sight-In Target - 2cm (20mm) Grid. 1L. 2L. 3L. 4L. 3D. 4D. 2D. 1D. C. 1U. 2U. 3U. 4U. The grid lines are 2cm (or 20mm).

I can do 6 volleys or so on this one piece of paper which is really nice.

Make Printable PDF Shooting Targets

I do that test to familiarize myself better with new pistols. Both work different skills.

This one is to work balance of speed and accuracy. On the smaller circles, my cadence is slower. I want my splits to be something like…. I use a shot timer to record my splits.

I typically hit the timer and then wait a second or two and begin the string of fire. Shooting from yards, fire one round per black circle. No make ups.

With this target it will become very evident how you press the trigger. My focus wanders, and my accuracy suffers. So… to combat this, I developed this drill to work on.

Video tutorial here. The goal is to put 4 rounds in the center circle, 2 rounds in the medium circles, and a single round in the small ones. This is my first Rino but not my first Garmin. I am moving from the Garmin 60cs and have used it many years for hunting and wilderness hikes.

I also have experience using a friends Garmin HCx so I will make some comparisons along the way. Many of my hunts or hikes are in roadless areas with no trails and in the tall timber where landmarks cannot be seen. These conditions can really put a GPS and Radio unit to a test of practical functionality.

It did take about three hours to load all of Washington and about a third of Oregon. The manual does not state the maximum card size but the FAQ section on the Garmin website states 4 Gigs.


I installed a 4 Gig card and the Rino recognized the whole 4 gigs. I also loaded some Birdseye satellite imagery from the Garmin Birdseye website.

I loaded regular resolution for most of Washington State, and high resolution for my favorite places. The 4 Gig card holds my mapping and this Birdseye Satellite imagery with a half a gig to spare so far.

There is also about a half a Gig of extra space on the Rino that I can use if needed. The Birdseye imagery was a real asset while hunting for locating clearings, clearcuts, and estimating the age of the trees when going through timber.

Targets for Download and Printing

Older timber is a lot easier to hike through than young reprod.Courtesy of the Redwood Bowmen. PDF and Word format targets for accurate printing.

In lieu of supporting themselves with an arm on the pool bottom when shooting, competitors may provide or use a ballast device provided by the competition organisation. Other browsers will print your targets but the procedures may be different. All these targets are in Adobe.

You can also use the top circles as a yard zero when aiming at the red squares at yards. Calculate this before each shot in a field setting, so a smart. These conditions can really put a GPS and Radio unit to a test of practical functionality. Very simple four, five, or six round volleys.

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