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and the side red and blue center pieces. This is how we know the edge pieces are in the correct positions. • Keeping the white center piece on top, move the. Home; Rubik's 3x3 Solution Guide A basic understanding of the Rubik's cube that will set you up nicely for the rest of .. Rubik's Cube Solution PDF Download. STAGE 1: GET TO KNOW YOUR. RUBIK'S CUBE. DEFINITIONS OF RUBIK'S CUBE PIECES. THE PARTS. EDGE PIECES. PIECES WITH TWO (2) COLORS.

Rubiks Cube Solution 3x3 Formula Pdf

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Rubik's Cube Tutorial. Place white corner This is a layer-by-layer method that aims to solve the cube solve any cube no matter the scramble. Daisy. First. There are different approaches for solving the Rubik's Cube (layer by layer, solving the corners first, start with 2x2x2 block and expand). Each of these methods. This is a tutorial for my method of solving Rubik's Cube. It is intended both for Most people solve the cube layer by layer. This is a simple way.

When the notation has an apostrophe e. See the full list of movement notations below.

Rubik's Cube Algorithms

Rubik's cube algorithms 3x3 This article does not teach you how to solve a Rubik's cube from start to finish. This is a list of very specific algorithms for specific situations where people commonly get stuck when trying to solve the Rubik's cube. You should already know the basics, and only use these algorithms when you find yourself in the situations presented below.

List of Rubik's Cube Algorithms 3x3 Step 1. Create a vertical line by rotating the top U face until the front color of the edge piece on the top U face without yellow on it matches a side center piece.

Step 1: The Cross

The color on the edge piece's top U face will determine the direction the edge piece should move. If you're moving the edge piece in the same direction as indicated here NOTE: If one of the edge pieces is already in the middle row, but in the wrong position, then do either one of the sequential moves, and it will move to the top layer. If your bottom two layers look like this picture, you can move to Stage 5.

You are two thirds of the way done!

Video Solve the Middle Layer Well done! The next stage of the solution is solving the middle layer.

Then follow the correct sequence. Proceed to the 2nd Step, below.

State 2. Then match the result to State 3 or 4, hold the cube to match that State and do that sequence. Then follow the two adjacent corners instructions above. Step 6: Orienting the last layer corners In this step our goal is to orient the four corner pieces of the last layer, the ones we have just permuted.

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The first algorithm orients three corners clockwise, while the second orients three corners counter-clockwise. For that reason you can learn only one of them if you prefer executing one alg twice equals to executing the second once. If you have only one well oriented corner like in the alg images , then you are lucky - just execute the suitable alg once and finish this step.

If you have two well oriented corners or no well oriented corners, execute one of these algs randomly from different angles until you'll get only one oriented corner, then just execute the suitable alg one more time to complete this step. Step 7 and last!

The first algorithm rotates three edges counter-clockwise, while the second rotates three edges clockwise. For that reason you'll have to learn only one of them if you prefer. In this step there are only two possible states: 1 correct edge piece, or no correct edge pieces.

Of-course also- all edge pieces correctly positioned can occur- and that means the cube is already fully solved..

If you have one solved edge piece, then execute the suitable algorithm above and by that actually complete the whole Rubik's Cube!Repeat this step only twice more with other pieces. When the cross is done we solve the first two layers F2L in one step using a technique to pair the white corner and second layer edge pieces. The color on the edge piece's top U face will determine the direction the edge piece should move.

Memorizing them will save you time. According to me, it is much more interesting to find all the cases by yourself.

Solve a Rubik's Cube! (Improved!)

More precisely, every time you solve a corner, just associate the corresponding edge and solve both at the same time. State 1. View Guide Our written solution guides provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to solve to Rubik's cube.

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