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Mr. Stink is a book published in October and written by David Walliams and illustrated by Quentin Blake. The book has been adapted as a stage musical. About the Book. The second original, touching, twisted, and most of all hilarious novel for children from David Walliams, number one bestseller and fastest. Mr Stink is a lonely man who always sits on a bench in town. Nobody ever comes and has a chat with him until one day a young girl called.

Mr Stink Book

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Mr Stink book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The second original, touching, twisted, and most of all hilarious novel f. Mr Stink, the filthy old tramp who is a permanent resident of a particular bench in Gangsta Granny went straight to number 1 in the children's book charts and. Chloe befriends Mr. Stink (a homeless “tramp” named for his powerful smell) and his dog, Duchess, because he appears to be full of stories.

So Chloe stuck up for her friend, and they went back home, where Mr.

Mr Stink by David Walliams - review

Stink had to say goodbye and wander the streets forever. Characters[ edit ] Chloe Crumb—An unhappy year-old girl, who has brown hair.

She loves her father dearly, but does not like her sister and mother. She is very lonely. She has no friends and dislikes Christmas. She doesn't like Mince pies, tinsel and that it never snows.

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The one thing Chloe loves is stories. Her only friend is Mr.

Stink—A stinky gentleman. He is known for being smelly.

The only thing that smells worse is his beard. His only companion is his dog, Duchess—who enjoys sausages—and later Chloe. It is revealed later in the book that he is homeless because his house burnt down and his wife died.

It also revealed he was very rich. Mr Stink Mr Stink stank. Raj Raj ran the local newsagent shop.

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The Duchess The Duchess wasn't any particular breed of dog, she was just a dog. Dad Dad was only forty, but he was already going bald and starting to stoop. Annabelle Crumb Her mother doted on Annabelle - probably because her youngest daughter was like a miniature version of her. Elizabeth Mother had named the white Persian family cat Elizabeth, after the Queen. Rosamund Rosamund was the head girl of the cool gang. Watch a trailer for Mr Stink below!

Sharpen your pencils and sharpen your wits! Celebrating ten wonderful Walliams years! BUY Mr Stink.

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This book was really funny because Mr stink had to hide in zoe's garden shed. Share this page with your friends. More books like this. Gangsta Granny Author: Tony Ross Ben hates visiting his Granny every Friday night while his parents go to ballroom dancing. The Boy in the Dress Author: Quentin Blake Despite its sensitive subject matter, this book is filled with humour Read more about The Boy in the Dress.

Latest articles.His work is highly inspired by Roald Dahl, though this book isn't as cheeky or mischievous, it is backed up very well by Blakes' artwork. Read In Mr Stink we see a girl who cooks sausages, runs a bath, invites a tramp to make a home in the shed and cooks him breakfast.

Book Review 8 - Mr Stink. The albanian editions looks very good, and because I saw on the internet that the author has made quite a fuss I buyed some five or six other volumes by him. He fears his wife and is the only member of the Crumb family who is fond of Chloe at the start of the story The Duchess—Mr. The story starts with a lovely little girl named Chloe. She wears her hair in bunches to bed. My money wasn't wasted and it may well be that the next Walliams book keeps the highest standards throughout, but this wasn't the best or the worst Celyn and I have read this year.

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