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Corona® SDK is a registered trademark of Corona Labs® Inc. Corona, the Corona Logo,. are trademarks or registered trademarks of Corona. Learn Corona SDK Game Development walks you through the entire Corona DRM-free; Included format: PDF; ebooks can be used on all reading devices. Game Development with Corona SDK and Lua What is Corona SDK. ○, # Simple, easy to learn. ○ Crossplatform and.

Learn Corona Sdk Game Development Pdf

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paperback or PDF copy, please visit Note: This extract engine works properly, and learn a bit about game development along the way . . The Corona SDK is different from other programming environments. Instead. This books is Free to download. "Learn Corona Sdk Game Development book" is available in PDF Formate. Learn from this free book and enhance your skills. The following resources can help you learn Corona, explore a specific topic, or discover convenient and fun ways to accomplish what your game demands. Books. Corona App Development eBooks published by Burtons Media Group.

Make sure that the extension for the new file is.

Copy and paste the following code into build. Configuring Your Config File Create another new file in your text editor and save it in the BalloonPop folder as config. Copy and paste the following code to config. Onto the Main Event Now create another file in your text editor and save it as main.

Browse to the BalloonPop folder, and open the main. For now, use the iPhone simulator.

At this point, you should be seeing a black screen! How exciting! I created three code files for this?! Open main.

Save your changes. The Corona simulator should automatically detect the changes and prompt you to relaunch the simulator. Note: One thing to remember is that semicolons are not necessary at the end of a line in Lua coding.

Care to Comment? To add comments in Lua, use double dashes for single line comments. For block comments, use —[[ Comment here —]]. A multi-line comment can continue over several lines, and the comment will continue until you hit the comment-end marker, which is —]]. Status Bar? The background image shows up nicely. Hide the status bar by adding the following code to the beginning of main. HiddenStatusBar ; When you re-launch the simulator, the status bar is now hidden.

Not too bad at all!

Getting Started

Sound like a scary proposition? Actually, you can do this with one line of code! Add the following to the end of main. Time to kick it up a notch! Enable drawing mode for testing, you can use "normal", "debug" or "hybrid" physics. Enable multitouch so more than 1 balloon can be touched at a time system. How many balloons do we start with? Is there any time left?

Zammetti F. Learn Corona SDK Game Development

Ready to play? This enables the detection of multiple touches at once, letting the user pop more than one balloon at a time in your game. However, the Corona Simulator currently does not support multitouch. As every device will vary in size, it is easier to place objects on screen using relative placement versus absolute.

This keeps track of the current number of balloons. You will start with 0 balloons and generate more balloons as the game loads. When the game is fully loaded, the game will start with balloons that the user has to pop in an allotted amount of time. This is the amount of time that the player will have to pop as many balloons as possible. This will be the countdown time. Since the startTime will be constantly counting down each second, you will keep track of how much total time the player had to begin with.

The player will start with time remaining on the countdown time, so this variable is true when there is time left. If the countdown reaches 0, the variable will be set to false. The game is not ready to play if the balloons are still loading, so this is initially set to false.

When the balloons are finished loading, you set playerReady equal to true. You want the balloons to generate randomly along the x-axis, so you need a way to generate random values. When the app starts you will need to load the music avoid sound lagging.

A game is no fun without sound effects! So you load a sound effect here to play when the balloons are popped.

Learn Corona Sdk Game Development Book

Giving the Player Feedback When you save your changes to main. Time to create some text to give the player feedback! Add the following code below the variable section in main.

Loading Balloons Then you set the text to scale evenly, regardless of the device. The reference point is at the bottom left hand corner of the object in question, relative to the coordinates that are used for that particular object. In this case, when you specify coordinates for the screenText item, the bottom left of the item is placed at the specified coordinate point.

For the x coordinate placement, you take the width of the screen, divide it in half and then move the text over pixels to the left. For the y coordinate, you take the height of the screen and move up 20 pixels up from the bottom. Note: Corona coordinates start with 0,0 being the top left corner of the screen.

The loading text should stay in approximately the same place for every device, and the app should look very similar regardless of the device selected. Change back to the iPhone view and add some code to main. BottomLeftReferencePoint ; timeText. And of course, the text is placed at a different x coordinate, otherwise it would overlap the existing loading text.

Save your main.

Start the physics engine physics. Set gravity to be inverted physics.

Set the reference point to the center of the image myBalloon:setReferencePoint display. CenterReferencePoint ; -- 5. Generate balloons randomly on the X-coordinate myBalloon. Generate balloons 10 pixels off screen on the Y-Coordinate myBalloon. Apply physics engine to the balloons, set density, friction, bounce and radius physics. Corona uses the Lua programming language. Corona is optimized to make use of hardware-accelerated features. Some of these features are: Native Application Development: With Corona.

Device Features: Access device native controls and hardware. You can find out more about Lua on the official website.

Programming Book

Lua is a scriptitng language commonly used to develop games. This is a problem for all cross-platform frameworks. Lua syntax can be compared to languages such as JavaScript or ActionScript 3. Some examples of features not yet supported in Corona include: It has a good amount of market adoption in the development community.

Development with Lua Corona uses the Lua programming language to create applications. Lua Editors http: Available for Mac OS X only.

Terminal If you come from a C like environment you will know that the print method outputs a string to the screen. Open your prefered Lua editor and write the following code: Of course. In your main. Here are some additional links that will help you in the process of learning Corona: Simulator To access the simulator or actual device screen.

Find out more http: Like 11 people like this. Want to add some source code? Be the first of your friends. Easy Cross-Platform Development. Flag for inappropriate content.

Related titles. Game Coder Magazine: Passing Data to: From Functions Corona Labs. Jump to Page.

Introduction to Corona SDK: Easy Cross-Platform Development.pdf

Search inside document. Tristan Vencer.Then you set the text to scale evenly, regardless of the device. Closures Initialization Loop-De-Loop! The experience was more than just a little frustrating and taught me a valuable lesson: If you are developing for a platform, have test devices! How Corona reads your main.

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