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Interface Zero is a cyberpunk game with adult themes. Interface Zero is created by Peter J. Wacks, David Jarvis, Hal Maclean, Matt Conklin jr., and. Savage Worlds - Interface Zero - - Adv - Drip By Bloody, , KB. file, Savage Worlds - Interface Zero - - Adv - Extraction With. FROM GAZA WITH LOVE. Interface Zero is created by Peter J. Wacks, David Jarvis, Hal Maclean, Matt Conklin Jr., and Patrick Smith. Development: David.

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Interface Zero - Core Rulebook - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Core Rule book for Interface Zero , a Scifi Setting. FULL METAL CYBERPUNK!In a not-so-distant future, the world has been ravaged by global warming, subjected to the horrors of nuclear war and natural. Get Instant Access to Savage Worlds: Rpg: Interface Zero By Anonymous # bb EBOOK. EPUB KINDLE PDF. Read Download Online.

So, head on over to Kickstarter , check out everything Gun Metal Games has to offer, and pledge your support for… the future! Welcome to the Japan of , nakama. Join us in Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun. Master stealth technology to join the shinobi or defend innocents from the ravages of the Setting Sun cult. The gates are open.

The temple bells toll a new era. Do you have the wits, will, strength, and skill to survive and take control of your own legacy? Explore whole new cityscapes of cyberpunk adventure where honor is everything—come to Japan: Gun Metal Games is having a half-off sale until the end of November!

You may be most familiar with their cyberpunk setting, Interface Zero 2. At prices this low, you can have a very happy Thanksgiving or get some of that Christmas shopping out of your hair really early.

Gun Metal Games has released two new adventures for Interface Zero 2. Drip by Bloody Drip and The Delivery. In Drip by Bloody Drip , the group is hired to grab some medical research files from an abandoned naval base on the Puget Sound. The question is, will you work towards change, or will you stand idly by and watch the world burn?

Interface Zero 2.0 - Core Rulebook

In Interface Zero 3. You'll be able to embrace a variety of concepts firmly rooted in the cyberpunk genre, but geared towards the setting.

You'll be able to play razor boys and razor girls, gearheads who use their drones for tactical dominance of the battlefield, hyper reality hackers and network crackers, combat medics, lone wolf assassins, cybermonks, and many more concepts common to our setting! In the five years since Interface Zero 2. That's partially true, and it's only natural for you to wonder if the new edition is going to make your old sourcebooks obsolete. We are taking Interface Zero in a new direction, definitely.

In the third edition, you'll see changes, some of them really big, but none of these changes will make any of your sourcebooks or the lore in the Interface Zero 2. In fact all of that lore is essential to better understand why many of the changes coming to the world are being made. I've been wanting to get back to a setting that feels more hard-core cyberpunk and less science-fantasy. One of those ways is to get the world primarily the United States moving in a certain direction The reunification of the United States begins in late with what is known as the reunification war.

To make a long story short; The North American Coalition wins the war, successfully reuniting the lower 48 states under a new banner: The Reformed United States. I won't go into all the specifics here, but the ramifications of the Reclamation War are vast, and much of the new setting addresses these issues.

It's going to be a fun ride, though, and I hope you come along with me! To give you an idea of the deals we have planned for backers of this kickstarter, I'm listing the retail costs for the three core products.

As you can see, your total costs get much cheaper for you the higher you pledge. If you want to grab all of the bells and whistles without worrying about how much each individual add-on is going to cost you after the campaign, going with the Southland Ganger pledge gets you everything and ends up being the best value for your money. If you just want the books in print, stick with the Gearhead pledge, and wait until after the kickstarter ends to grab extras like bennies, the gm screen, action deck and the way of the gun deck as add-ons.

This will be handled through Backerkit at the end of the campaign. The GM's Guide to will be a full color, soft cover graphic novel-sized book approximately pages in length.

Interface Zero 2.0 Now Available!

The Introductory Adventure will be a full color, soft cover graphic novel-sized book approximately 48 pages in length.

I've found that it's much easier to do add-ons at the end of the kickstarter rather than have a ton of pledges that slowly build on the content until you eventually get everything. As mentioned above, if you do want everything, and don't wish to mess with all the extra financial calculations, you should select the Southland Ganger pledge.

If you'd rather just pick and choose which add-ons to get, here is a list and their costs. You can either add the dollar amount to your pledge upfront, or you can simply wait until after the kickstarter and purchase them via pledge manager. I recommend waiting.

The Independents: Interface Zero 2.0

Some people have gone all in-and later decided that they didn't want certain things, and that can cause complications, as the credit cards have already been charged. In any case, here is what we are offering! Additional physical copy of Interface Zero 3. Some, like maps and tokens are designed for VTT Virtual Table Top platforms, but can also be printed out for use at your game table.

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My advice? As you can see, your total costs get much cheaper for you the higher you pledge.

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