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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Get here and download Infosys Placement Papers for on campus and off campus drives year wise in pdf and Infosys solved placement 1 Infosys Placement Papers with Solution PDF Download , Medium. Infosys Placement Papers - With Solutions. Infosys Latest Placement Papers , Infosys Latest Placement Papers Pattern Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Placement Papers Group Disucssion HR Interview Technical Interview Body Language . Jan 22 Bosch Infosys Interview Experience December 13 Samsung Infosys Interview.

Infosys Placement Papers 2015 Pdf

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The list of Infosys placement papers and interview questions with answers for freshers can download Infosys Placement Papers with answers as PDF files and . Infosys Interview Experience - THAPAR UNIVERSITY, PATIALA Freshers who had applied for Infosys Jobs can download Infosys Placement Papers PDF. Check Infosys Placement Solved Question/Answer of. sir, i have infosys placement interview next month (july)in my I have attached the Question Paper of Infosys Technology So INFOSYS PAPER ON 20th JANUARY pdf( KB, . I have infosys placement drive after a month, can u please send me to aptitude question with answer.

There is no two consecutive true statements. There are twelve consecutive flags at an equal interval of distance. A man passes the 8th flag in 8 seconds. How many more seconds will he take to pass the remaining 4 flags?

A person has to cover the fixed distance through his horses.

There are five horses in the cart. They ran at the full potential for the 24 hours continuously at constant speed and then two of the horses ran away to some other direction. So he reached the destination 48 hours behind the schedule.

If the five horses would have run 50 miles more, then the person would have been only 24 hours late. Find the distance of the destination. A boat M leaves shore A and at the same time boat B leaves shore B.

They move across the river.

Infosys Placement Papers - Infosys Test Paper Pattern (Aptitude questions) (ID-3778).pdf

They met at yards away from A and after that they met yards away from shore B without halting at shores. A person was going through train from Bombay to Pune. After every five minutes he finds a train coming from opposite direction. Velocity of trains are equal of either direction.

If the person reached Pune in one hour then how many trains he saw in the journey? Food grains are to be sent to city from godown. Owner wants to reach the food grains at 11 O' Clock in the city. Find the distance between the godown to city.

Also with which speed the truck should travel in order to reach at exactly 11 'O clock. D is two days older than E.

If birth day of C is on Wednesday then find out the birthdays of other. Persons say these statements. A says either Democratic or liberal wins the elections. B says Democratic wins. C says neither democratic nor liberal wins the election.

Of these only one is wrong. Who wins the election?

Infosys last 10 years placement aptitude questions with answers?

Attached Files Infosys. Attached Files www.

Sir Please send me previous 5years placement papers of Infosys. Do you have any question? Related Articles: Tricks to crack Infosys Paper? Question paper pattern of Infosys?

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Previous year question paper of Infosys exam? Please also check: User Name. Remember Me? Question Papers. Government Jobs.

Preethi palanisamy. Join Date: Aug Posts: May Location: Originally Posted by Preethi palanisamy sir, I am going to attend infosys placement in my college..

Infosys Question Paper 1.

Infosys Question Paper 2. Infosys Question Paper 3. Infosys Question Paper 4.

Infosys Question Paper 5. Sneha Pardeshi Rating: Souparno Dey Rating: Abhishek Rating: Shubhangi Rating: Subhajit Rating: Kumar Rating: Abhay Rating: Ravi Rating: Akhil Battula Rating: Aman Khan Rating: Anandh Rating: Deepak Rating: Shubham Dixit Rating: Nihir Shah Rating: Harshitha Arun Naik Rating: Tirth Joshi Rating: Pramodh Rating: Avi Srivastava Rating: Diksha Rating: Ankur Sinha Rating: Amit Kumar Rating: Akanksha Baghel Rating: Atul Rating:Keys to Infosys: - Be Honest, if you do not know answer to any question then simply say sorry sir I don't know.

Infosys Placement Papers - Infosys Interview Questions and Answers updated on Jun 2019

Thank You. September 10, at Candidates have to answers 40 questions in 35 minutes. Infosys Question Paper 7.

The carpenter in charge of decoration uses nails all along the edges of the square such that there are 42 nails on each side of the square.

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