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Horrid Henry loved money. Chapter 1 There was only one problem. Horrid Henry never had any money. Comic books. Whopper chocolate bars. written over 45 books and won the Children's. Book of the Year in at the Galaxy British Book. Awards for Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman. Horrid Henry and the TV Remote 2. Horrid Henry's Scool Election 3. Horrid Henry's Bad Present 4. Horrid Henry Wakes the Dead More Horrid Henry Books!.

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Horrid Henry has 27 entries in the series. (). cover image of Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman cover image of Horrid Henry's Joke Book. This section lists all of the Horrid Henry Books by Francesca Simon, children's picture books and children literature books. Horrid Henry Secret Club (book 2) · Horrid Henry Tricking the Tooth Fairy (book 3 ) · Horrid Henry Horrid Henry The Haunted House (book 6) · Horrid Henry.

Tee-hee, thought Horrid Henry. Why should he have to get up to grab the comfy black chair hours before his shows started when he could sleep in, saunter downstairs whenever he felt like it, and be master of the TV? Whoever was sitting in the chair could be in charge of the TV all they wanted.

But without the TV remote, no one would be watching anything. Perfect Peter stretched out on the comfy black chair. Served Henry right for being so mean to him. Peter had gotten downstairs first. Now he could watch what he wanted all morning.

Peter reached for the remote control. Had it slipped between the armrest and the cushion? He felt around the back. He looked under the chair. He looked behind the chair.

Where was it? Horrid Henry strolled into the sitting room. Peter clutched tightly onto the armrests in case Henry tried to push him off. Perfect Peter sat on the comfy black chair. Horrid Henry sat on the sofa. If he got up from the chair to look for the remote, Henry would jump into it and there was no way Henry would decide to watch Cooking Cuties, even though today they were showing how to make your own granola.

Henry sat. Peter sat. Peter brightened. Henry must think he was an idiot. The moment Peter left the comfy black chair Henry would jump on it. Perfect Peter sat frozen in the chair. What a fantastic day, sighed Horrid Henry happily. And now Hog House was on. Could life get any better? Dad staggered into the living room. I want to watch the news. How dare Dad interrupt him? Maybe it was time for the TV remote to make a miraculous return… Sneak.

Mom and Dad were in the kitchen. Perfect Peter was practicing his cello. Horrid Henry crept to the toy cupboard and opened it. The bucket of blocks was gone. Henry searched frantically in the cupboard, hurling out jigsaw puzzles, board 12 games, and half-empty paint bottles. The blocks were definitely gone. Horrid Henry felt a chill down his spine.

He was dead. He was doomed. Unless Mom had moved the blocks somewhere. Of course. Mom walked into the living room. I cleaned out of all the baby toys today and gave them to charity. That meant the remote was gone for good. He would be in trouble. Big, big trouble. He was doomed…NOT!

Without the clicker, the TV would be useless. Mom and Dad would have to buy a new one. A bigger, better, fantastic one with twenty-five surround-sound speakers and a mega-whopper foot super-sized screen!

Mom sat down on the sofa and opened her book. Dad sat down on the sofa and opened his book. Peter sat down on the sofa and opened his book.

They smiled at each other. He thought his heart would stop. No TV? Mom and Dad had resisted buying a new TV for two long, hard, horrible weeks. It was a bit bigger than the old one. And the remote could always go missing again… 15 Yack yack yack yack yack. His head ached. His bottom really ached. How much longer would he have to sit on this hard wooden floor and listen to Mrs. Oddbod twitter on about hanging up coats and no running in the corridors and walking down staircases on the right-hand side?

Why were school assemblies so boring? If he were principal, assemblies would be about the best TV shows, competitions for gruesome grub recipes, and speed-eating contests. Oddbod in his fearsome beak.

Ch—Wait a minute.

What was she saying? Now I want everyone to think of someone they believe would make an outstanding president. School elections? All that responsibility…all that power…all that glory…Wait. What was he thinking? Imagine, being president! Oddbod walk the plank. And Fizzywizz drinks! And everyone would have to bow down to him as they entered the school!

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And give him chocolate every day. His Honor, President Henry. It had a nice ring. So did King Henry. Emperor Henry would be even better though. And all he had to do was win the election.

Horrid Henry choked. Bossyboots Margaret, president? Henry would never hear the end of it. Her head would swell so much it would burst. Oddbod coldly. Or maybe Lord High Executioner. She looked unhappy. Oddbod desperately. Posters can be displayed beginning tomorrow. Speeches the day after tomorrow.

Good luck to both candidates. Moody Margaret glared at Horrid Henry.

Margaret for president! Wait till she saw his fantastic campaign posters with the big picture of King Henry the Horrible. Now, whose votes could he count on?

And, uh…um…uhmmmm…Ralph. Two votes were not enough to win. Well, no time like the present to remind everyone what a great guy he was. Zippy Zoe zipped past. Horrid Henry smiled at her. Zoe stopped dead. What will you give me? Horrid Henry liked getting. He did not like giving.

So Margaret was bribing people, was she?

Well, two could play at that game. That would guarantee victory! Andrew gasped. You know what an old bossyboots Margaret is. He promised Needy Neil his mom could sit with him in class. He promised Singing Soraya she could sing every day in assembly. The election is in the bag, thought Horrid Henry gleefully.

He fingered the magic marker in his pocket. Just wait till Margaret saw how he was planning to graffiti her poster! A terrible sight met his eyes. And the ry of his name had been crossed out.

Vote for a Hen? No way! How dare Margaret deface his posters! Margaret was a frog-face.

Horrid Henry

The school needed to know the truth about her. Well, no more Mr. Nice Guy. This was war. Moody Margaret entered the playground. A terrible sight met her eyes. Huge beards and mustaches had been drawn on every one. Vote Margaret! Just wait until tomorrow. The next day was campaign speech day. Horrid Henry sat on the stage with Moody Margaret in front of the entire school.

He was armed and ready. Margaret would be blasted from the race.

As Margaret rose to speak, Henry made a horrible, gagging face. Or a loser like Henry? Do you want someone who will make you proud of this school? Or someone like Henry who will make you ashamed?

I will be the best president ever. I know how to tell people what to do. Horrid Henry 20th Anniversary Edition. Horrid Henry's Cannibal Curse. Horrid Henry Ghosts and Ghouls. Horrid Henry School's Out. Horrid Henry. Horrid Henry and the Secret Club. Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy. Horrid Henry's Nits. Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick. Horrid Henry's Haunted House. Horrid Henry and the Mummy's Curse. Horrid Henry's Revenge.

Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter. Did you know Horrid Henry has a website all of his own?


Then they pounced. He clutched the Tyrannosaurus tightly. How could he have hesitated for a moment? The purple one was best. The green one was horrible. Who ever heard of a green T-Rex anyway? Henry had said it first. But the purple Tyrannosaurus was so obviously better than the green. Its teeth were pointier. Its scales 30 were scalier. Its big clumpy feet were so much clumpier. Henry snorted. Just wait until he showed it to the Purple Hand Gang. What a guard it would make. He started to cry.

I want the purple one! Then he hurled the purple dinosaur at Peter. Henry could hardly believe what had just happened. Just because he was the oldest, he had to take the bad present?

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It was totally and utterly and completely unfair. Horrid Henry pounced. He was a ginormous crocodile chomping on a very chewy child. Horrid Henry sat in his bedroom. He hated the color green. He loved the color purple. Henry would…Henry could… And then suddenly Horrid Henry had a wonderful, wicked idea.

Why had he never thought of this before? Perfect Peter sat in his bedroom. He smiled at the purple dinosaur as it lurched, roaring around the room. How lucky he was to have the purple dinosaur. Purple was much better than green.

It was only fair that Peter got the purple dinosaur, and Henry got the yucky green one. After all, Peter was perfect and Henry was horrid. Peter deserved the purple one. Suddenly Horrid Henry burst into his bedroom.

Tell what? But was he being selfish keeping the purple dinosaur, when Henry wanted it so badly? I heard them. Mom and Dad…disappointed in him…thinking he was a baby? A selfish baby?

A horrid, selfish baby? Oh no, thought Peter. Could Henry be right? Was he being horrid? Be horrid for once. Peter did want to do the right thing. Slowly Perfect Peter crawled under his desk and picked up the purple dinosaur. Slowly Peter held out the dinosaur to Henry. Henry grabbed it… Wait. Was he crazy? Why should he swap with Henry? Horrid Henry looked at the twisted purple dinosaur head in his hands. Perfect Peter looked at the broken purple dinosaur claw in his hands.

Ralph, burping to the beat is not a talent. Me next! This year was different. This year, the famous TV presenter Sneering Simone was choosing the winner. And from there…well, there was no end to the fame and fortune that awaited the winner. Horrid Henry had to win. A chance to be on TV! A chance for his genius to be recognized, at last. The only problem was, he had so many talents it was impossible to pick just one. He could eat chips faster than Greedy Graham. He could burp to the theme tune of Marvin the Maniac.

He could stick out his tongue almost as far as Moody Margaret. Hmmmm… Wait, he had it. How dare Margaret steal his idea! Moody Margaret stuck out her tongue at Horrid Henry. Not take part? Was Miss Battle-Axe out of her mind? Had all those years working on a chain gang done her in? Her pen tapped impatiently on her notebook. How hard could it be to do some magic? In fact, not only would he do magic, he would do the greatest magic trick the world had ever seen.

No rabbits out of a hat.

No flowers out of a cane. No sawing a girl in half—though if Margaret volunteered Henry would be very happy to oblige. He, Henry, Il Stupendioso, the greatest magician ever, would…would…he would wake the dead. That was much cooler than a rap. He could see it now. He would chant his magic spells and wave his magic wand, until slowly, slowly, slowly, out of the coffin the bony body would rise, sending the audience screaming out of the hall!

All he needed was an assistant. Unfortunately, no one in his class wanted to assist him. For his spectacular trick to work, an assistant was essential.

Was there anyone he knew who would do exactly as they were told? Someone who would obey his every order? Perhaps there was a certain someone who would even pay for the privilege of being in his show. Perfect Peter was busy emptying the dishwasher without being asked.

Henry was asking him to be in his show. Peter had always wanted to be in a show. It was a dream come true. Horrid Henry pretended to think. Tee-hee, thought Horrid Henry, pocketing the loot. Henry told Peter what he had to do.

Henry had practiced and practiced and practiced. His magic robes were ready. His magic spells were ready. His coffin was ready. His props were ready. Even his dead body was as ready as it would ever be. Victory was his! Henry and Peter stood backstage and peeked through the curtain as the audience charged into the hall.

The school was buzzing. Parents pushed and shoved to get the best seats. There was a stir as Sneering Simone swept in, taking her seat in the front row. You will be amazed at all the talents in this school. First Clare will recite Pi, which as you all know is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter, to 31 significant figures!

Then they skipped to each pillow, pretended to sew it, then hopped around with a pillow each, singing: Tee-hee, thought Horrid Henry gleefully.

And now we have William, who will play the flute. There was no sound. William stopped and stared at his flute. The mouth hole appeared to have vanished.

Everyone was looking at him. What could he do? Me caveman! What are you doing on stage? Then Moody Margaret and Sour Susan performed their rap: My rap was so much better. What a waste. And why was the audience applauding? Oddbod hastily. Sneering Simone held her ears. Perfect Peter stared at the billboard. It read: On the back, in tiny letters, was written: Honestly, thought Horrid Henry, did any magician ever have such a dreadful helper? Now shut up and get in the coffin.

That was just like Henry, to be so mean. Peter put on his skeleton mask and climbed into the coffin. He was fuming. No one would know he was the assistant.

No one. The lights dimmed. Spooky music began to play. Be prepared to marvel. Be prepared to be amazed. Be prepared not to believe your eyes. I, Il Stupendioso, will wake the dead!! Horrid Henry swept back and forth across the stage, waving his wand and mumbling.

Do not try this at home. Do not try this in a graveyard. The audience gasped. Horrid Henry stood above the coffin and chanted: Rise and shine, corpse of mine! Slowly, Perfect Peter poked a skeleton hand out of the coffin, then withdrew it.

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Toddler Tom began to wail. Horrid Henry repeated the spell. Rise and shine, bony swine! This time Perfect Peter slowly raised the plastic skull with a few tufts of blond 48 hair glued to it, then lowered it back down. Toddler Tom began to howl. Rise and shine, here is the sign!This school will be heaven with me in charge. His title? Henry Superstar was born! Maybe it was time for the TV remote to make a miraculous return… Sneak.

Without the clicker, the TV would be useless.

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