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The Most Effective Vocabulary. Builder in the English Language! Word Power lade Easy. Nonnan Lewis English Made Easy Volume 2. Pages·· PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . English Made Easy Volume 2 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. English Made Easy Volume 2.

English Made Easy Pdf

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For English Made Simple has been planned for people habitually unsure of their grammar, punctuation, spelling; discontent with the range and. Dear All, One of the best document on Advanced English grammer PFA 16th October From India, New Delhi Attached Files Membership. Free Download Read Online Now 2: English Made Easy, Volume Two: A New ESL Approach: Learning English Through Pictures -».

English Made Easy Volume One

In an increasingly international world, being able to communicate in English is nowadays a necessity in social, professional and business life. Competence in English creates an increasing range of business, travel and leisure opportunities, opening doors to international communication. This book is a breakthrough in English language learning—imaginatively exploiting how pictures and text can work together to create understanding and help learners learn more productively.

Engl ish M ade Easy gives learners easy access to the vocabulary, grammar and functions of English as it is actually used in a comprehensive range of social situations.

Self-guided students and classroom learners alike will be delighted by the way they are helped to progress easily from one unit to the next, using the combinations of pictures and text to discover for themselves how English works. The Engl ish M ade Easy method is based on a thorough understanding of language structure and how language is successfully learned.

English Made Easy Books

The authors are experienced English language teachers with strong backgrounds in language analysis and language learning. The Engl ish M ade Easy team is confident that the books represent a significant development in English language learning. It makes learning English easy. People today learn English for a wide variety of purposes. You may use English in your work, live in an English-speaking country, or be planning to visit one.

Whatever your purpose, Engl ish M ade Easy is a perfect way to learn basic skills in English language communication. Engl ish M ade Easy does not teach grammar. It teaches you how to use English. Grammar informs the way that the book is structured, but the authors believe that, especially at beginner level, new students do not need to clutter their learning with grammatical labels and rules.

Grammar tips: The new structures in this unit are imperatives, prepositions and paired verbs. The Benson Family. The Taylor Family. What did you say? She said she would meet us at eleven. You said you were working late. The bus is late. Shopping is tiring. She is tired. This bus is always on time. There are three birds on the roof. Share the cake with your sister. This is enough money. What are you doing on Sunday?


Have you been to Australia? You were in Alaska while I was in Hawaii. This hotel is good. The new structures in this unit are present continuous tense with future meaning, and present perfect tense.

How was the flight?

It looks great. Good to see you again. Have you been to the art gallery? It was OK. This is my new car. How have you been? Very good. Where did you go last weekend? I stayed at home. Where are they going tomorrow night? Load the dishwasher.

What are you doing tomorrow? How can I help? Yesterday morning. Good idea. When did the fax arrive? Can we go to the movie tonight? So am I. I want to go to a restaurant. This is delicious. The Grand Hotel. Is this restaurant good? Thank you. Unit 5, page 44 1. Unit 5, page 45 Unit 5, page 46 A.

Unit 5, page 47 1. How 6. Unit 5, page 48 1. And 5. What 6. Unit 5, page 49 1.

Unit 5, page 50 1. Unit 5, page 51 1. How was the trip? It was excellent. Have you been to the shops? Unit 5, page 52 1. Could you post this letter? I want to see a movie.

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Where did you go yesterday? We went to a movie. That sounds good. UNIT 6: You always watch movies! Turn it up. Tomorrow will be fine and sunny. Can I help? The new structure in this unit is first conditional.

Which one? Go away! Come back! Pick up Can you remember. Are you ready? You forgot your umbrella. I forget his name. Which one would you like, sir? The new structures in this unit are comparatives and adverbial clauses. Ten dollars extra. The operation took five hours. When will you finish? How is she coming? Where is she coming from? When is she coming? Why is she coming?

What will we eat? The new structures in this unit are open-ended questions and more prepositions. Where is Sue? He might jump over it. Maybe the restaurant is still open. The new structures in this unit are adverbs of probability and more prepositions. Single or return? Can I help with the dishes? Have you got your suitcase? So would I.

Are you ready to go? Yes, I have.

Two to the airport, please. At a quarter past two. I never watch TV.

Why did you buy a new house? Beside the entrance. What time are we leaving? Where are the toilets? Because we needed more bedrooms. Do you watch sport on TV? When does the news start? I forgot them. Can you turn the TV off? Where are the tickets? At one thirty. Can you turn the printer off? This one. When does the tour finish? Channel seven. Which video would you like? Answers to Unit Unit 10, page 86 1. CD player 7. Unit 10, page 87 Unit 10, page 88 A.

Unit 10, page 89 1. Unit 10, page 90 1. Unit 10, page 92 1. Where 2. Why 3. When 5. Unit 10, page 93 1. Do you want to watch TV?

Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis English eBook PDF Download

Maybe you forgot it. Three to the city please. Where is the telephone? Beside reception. I like watching sport. So do I. When does the movie start?

UNIT 1: Here’s a letter for you

After the news. Unit 10, page 94 1. Why are you late? I went to the wrong restaurant. Can we buy a new suitcase? Have we got enough money? Where can I get a taxi? In front of the hotel. Which movie would you like to see? Why do you want that video? It might be interesting. UNIT Did you hurt yourself? That must be Mr Ross. Can you move your arm? A truck is safer than a motorbike.

The new structures in this unit are causatives, comparatives and adjectives with un-. I was having breakfast when the phone rang. You should take off your jacket.

You need more exercise. You should stop smoking. Show him your ticket. I burnt my arm.

Do you have a receipt? Can I borrow your saw, please? Could I have a receipt, please? Can I have a refund, please? You need a ten percent deposit. Eight divided by four equals two. Does that include ten percent discount?

How far is Meltone? Does it hurt? Yes, it does.

In the top drawer. My watch is broken. I hurt myself. You should get a refund. Will the bus come soon? Sign here please. In a few minutes. It might be in the car.

You might need a bandage. Does that include a discount? You need to rest. Can I borrow your pen? Do you need a deposit? You should put on a jumper. Unit 15, page 1.

T-shirt Unit 15, page Why did you bring your laptop? Anca Ank. Bad luck. Anant Bhaskar Pandey. Distributed by: At the end of each unit, an entertaining story which uses the language that has just been learned is presented. In the wardrobe.

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