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The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar or online at Title: The Importance of Being Earnest A Trivial. The Importance of. Being Earnest. By Oscar Wilde. SAMUEL FRENCH, INC. 45 WEST 25m STREET. NEW YORK SUNSET BOULEVARD. MACMILLAN READERS. UPPER LEVEL. OSCAR WILDE. The Importance of Being Earnest. Retold by FH Cornish. LAM MACMILLAN.

The Importance Of Being Earnest Pdf

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Abstract: In this essay I explore the dualism in Oscar Wilde's most famous society comedy The Importance of Being Earnest. My thesis is that Wilde employed the. The Importance of Being Earnest. Resource Guide. Welcome to Prime Stage Theatre: Bringing Literature to Life! If you have any questions. The importance of being Earnest: strategies for translating irony from English into Macedonian. Article (PDF Available) · December with 2, Reads.

After Algernon finds out the truth about Jack and his double identity, he tells Jack about his imaginary invalid, his friend Bunbury who always gets sick and lives in the country. To get out of boring social obligations, he pretends that Bunbury is sick and he must go to visit him and administer to the poor man's health.

Lady Bracknell and Gwendolen arrive, and Algernon escorts Lady Bracknell away to go over some music for a coming party that will be hosted by Lady Bracknell.

Jack takes the opportunity to propose to Gwendolen who accepts him. Lady Bracknell comes in and sends Gwendolen away so that she can take the opportunity of judging Jack's character. When she finds out that Jack was found as a baby in a hand bag at one of London's larger railway stations, she does not approve of his lineage, and forbids the marriage.

She leaves poor Jack despondent. Gwendolen sneaks back in and they make plans to meet at Jack's place in the country. Algernon overhears Jack telling Gwendolen where he lives, and he makes plans to adopt Jack's alias.

The Importance of Being Earnest

After Jack leaves; Algernon tells his butler to get his travelling clothes together. He is off to see his imaginary invalid.

Miss Prism is mean-spirited and semi-religious. When the local minister arrives who Miss Prism has a secret crush on, Cecily manages to get the celibate couple to go on a walk together so she can avoid her horrid lessons.

At that moment, Algernon shows up with a week's worth of luggage pretending to be Jack's wicked brother Ernest. Cecily has loved Ernest ever since she heard stories of his wicked ways, so they quickly fall in love. Cecily tells Algernon, she could only love someone with the name of Ernest.

He is astounded by this and asks her what she thinks of the name; Algernon. She says she could not love him if that was his name, so he makes plans to get christened immediately as Ernest. Jack shows up after Ernest and Cecily have left the stage. He is dressed in black to mourn the death of his imaginary brother Ernest.

They console him when Cecily comes out to tell Jack, that Ernest is not dead. He is alive and is in fact visiting.

The Importance of Being Earnest

When Jack sees Algernon, he orders him to leave. Certainly, it is also not by judging a human through his social status what more of his name.

Hence, a question to be pondered about; what happens if human beings only recognize others as also being human beings through judging the latter? It also includes severity and conformity to social standards that principally distinguish the high and middle from the lower classes Gilliand, Ironically, such respectability defined by them is not at all logically respectable, since adhering to the life principle somehow allows them to do anything beyond the true concept of humanity as defined earlier.

Such concept of humanity is, unfortunately, exactly what overseen by almost all the main characters in the play itself. The Victorians, in other words, violated the concept of humanity generally accepted by everyone by contradicting themselves with others using what they aspire and believe to be morally right that is their strong faith on their respectability concept.

The importance of being Earnest

It is generally accepted to those especially the middle and the high classes that one must not necessarily have only one sort of personality, whereby for many Victorians, public self and private self were separate Vincent, n. On the other hand, public self is something that can be worn publicly in front of everyone, all the time used to carry out normal daily routines.

This happens for Jack under the excuse of having to adopt a very high responsibility of taking care of a ward named Cecily, who lives in the country, hence it is presumably fine for him to require the presence of another identity for his own ease of travelling back and forth between London and the country on both work and personal matters Act I, Scene 1, 7.

As for Algernon, the fact that he is part of the upper class simply becomes a license for him to do whatever he wishes to do even when it means to live life as a lackadaisical rich brat who does nothing but wasting the wealth given down to him by enjoying his life to the fullest.

However, such excessive maintaining of propriety and dignity and uses of euphemisms as well as hints in conversing can be very sarcastic and hypocrite at times, for it can sometimes be just for the purpose of being polite but not revealing exactly what is hidden inside their thoughts.

As seen in the excerpts below, Gwendolen certainly practises such value: Cecily Cardew? What a very sweet name! Something tells me that we are going to be great friends.

I like you already more than I can say. My first impressions of people are never wrong.

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From the moment I saw you I distrusted you. I felt that you were false and deceitful.

I am never deceived in such matters. My first impressions of people are invariably right. The last sentences of both dialogues illustrate the ugly truth of how contradicting Gwendolen can be or in other words, how bogus of thought and action Gwendolen can have.

One of them must definitely be a lie, and if it does this reflects how she actually only utilises euphemisms and flowery language just for the sake of being polite on the face, but not honestly and wilfully respecting an owner of a house she visits. I believe it is a very pleasant state, sir.

I have had very little experience of it myself up to the present. I have only been married once. That was in consequence of misunderstanding between myself and a young person.

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However, as the issue of social status comes into the picture, such words uttered by Algernon can be interpreted as simply being insensitive and degrading: They seem, as a class, to have absolutely no sense of moral responsibility. Wilde too, depicts some characters as upper class Victorians who indeed value history, heritage, lineage, and continuity of their family line particularly in the very same social status.

Here is where one of the themes of the play comes in; marriage, to them, does not have to be based on love but rather on wealth and properties possessed.It's more like interviewing someone for the job of being Gwendolen's husband rather than getting to know the man her daughter is interested in. If uncle is indeed, as Bartlett has argued, a metonym for an elder man in this case Jack-the-Guardian who might form a liaison with a younger man in this case with Cecily who is never for a moment persuasively female , the nature of their relationship seems to replicate Wilde's idea of Love that dare not speak its name.

They claimed to be speakers of truth and they used assertive language to conceal their lies.

Oscar Wilde's wit and way with words shines brilliantly in this comedy of manners. Sign In Sign Up. They console him when Cecily comes out to tell Jack, that Ernest is not dead. He was evidently a man of some wealth.

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