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Street LegendS: SuppLementaL. 4 users currently active in the network. Latest News. * Kane has gone off and had his infamous mug posted all over the. Street Legends profiles more than thirty renowned figures in the Sixth World, including . Shadowrun, Street Legends and Matrix are registered. Shadowrun: Street Legends - CASTING A LONG SHADOW At the end of a run, you've either got a good story to tell or Watermarked PDF.

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Also, each and every person profiled has complete game stats. Even the dragons . Street Legends is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition. Shadowrun, Matrix, and Street Grimoire are registered . Shadowrun Line Developer: Jason M. Hardy I have heard scattered legends of such a thing, a. requires Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition. Following up on the depth of chronological and geographic information presented.

When I invited him to my VPN, I assumed that Street Rage possessed enough professionalism from his many years in the shadows to keep his prejudices in check and to work with any other team as if they were his old crew.

Prior to losing his team, the old Street Rage might have been able to do just that. After the first couple of jobs, my crews informed me that Street Rage preformed adequately on the job, though he tended to be quiet and kept mostly to himself. Now, he was pretty much vacant during their meets, not speaking up at all and allowing others to speak for him.

He might as well have been a potted plant. That was a big mistake on my part. Things slowly started to go downhill. Things started to set him off, even the tiniest drek. He began having more disagreements with his crewmembers, and those disagreements started to result in trips to the hospital for the other crew members. And between jobs, he began to appear more frequently at Sons of Sauron rallies and protests.

At one particular rally in December , things took a violent turn, as the protestors began to clash with the Star. He was completely out of control. The only way he did not become a cop killer that night was for the fact that DocWagon was on the scene, and one of the medics applied magical treatment to the downed officer.

Based on that incident, which would have brought down more heat upon my talent than what they deserved, as well as on a progressive stream of warnings I had been issuing to him for his increasingly hate-filled tirades on my VPN, I decided to cut ties. And to add insult to injury, when lone Star lost the security contract for Seattle, they made certain that the injured cop was among the first of the lone Star cops laid off so that they could avoid having to pay out long-term disability to him.

Electronics skill group 5. Armorer 2. AP —1. Home Ground Ajegunle Augmentations: Aluminum bone lacing. Command 6. Targeting Automatics 4. Scan 4. DV 6P. Knight Errant P4. Demolitions 2. Pistols 4. Automotive Mechanic 5. HK X mounted on each drone]. Chaser 5. Ammonium nitrate 1 kilo. Encrypt 3. Stealth 2 Weapons: Ares Predator IV [Heavy pistol. Blades 4. Nautical Mechanic 2.

Maneuver 3]. Signal 4. System 6. Maneuver 3. AP —2] Akuchi Pilot Ground Craft 7. Electronic Warfare 2. ECCM 4. Locksmith 2. Firewall 4. Reach 1. Pilot Watercraft 4. Street Knowledge 2 Qualities: Aptitude Pilot Ground Craft. Perception 4. Intimidation 3. He tried security work. Who told Vern that the Dock Lords were responsible for about.

Did any of the other people in on the job get hurt besides never made that one big. He understands that there are things Mr. While get violent if threatened. As he was going out and doing his job. Take He resented their treatment when he was young.

To hear him tell it. For the boys in the latter groups. As the third son of a Georgia longshoreman. You have to think contact.

He made certain to get the information he needed to survived. Once Cayman started thinking that way. He was born in Savannah. Irregular 18 Cayman. Cayman barking up the wrong tree.

If he dug. My guess is this told him that a Savannah gang. He was brought in by the CAS he hit adolescence and ran into the gangs that surrounded the Department of Domestic Investigations to talk to some of their assets. By keeping his nose relatively clean. He took a few lumps. Runners Cayman Posted by: He never tive about it. Black with grey Eyes: Male Metatype: No Cayman His demeanor is generally businesslike.

The upshot is. He had a shotgun at his side. Johnson for his first shadowrun. As it closed in.

He knows that sometimes a gun does its best work by being seen. This is not to say that he has lost his taste for revenge. He played the role of fixer and had already started moving when he fired the shot using the Mr. Cayman takes his information seriously. Cayman was still alive. What more do you want? He thirst became quite powerful.

Then they told Vern the Dock Lords had done it.

26209 - Street Legends.pdf

Runners After he got Vern calmed down. Cayman is likely to stay away from Cayman could not exactly be described as having fun on this Seattle for the immediate future.

When people do wrong by him. The shot went into the Unfortunately for them. As the stories show. He may not like you much. Cayman has functioned as a team leader on some occasions. I always say. On the other leave. Firearms Manufacturers 5. Blast Qualities: Aptitude Heavy Weapons. Strength 3. DV 5P.

Body 3. First Aid 3. Chess 3. Signal 3. DV 10P. Blast 10m cybereyes [Rating 3. Survival 2. Runner Hangouts 3. Seattle Streets 4. DV 7P. Cayman Gear: Parachuting 2. AP —1 or —5. Exotic Ranged Weapon Flamethrower 4. Response 4. System 3. Wanted 10 high-explosive grenades [Grenade. Armor 3. Infiltration 2. Small Squadron Tactics 4. DV 12P f. Firewall 3. Sperethiel 1 10 fragmentation grenades [Grenade.

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DV 9P. Intimidation 4. Mid-Twentieth Century Music 3. EX-ex ammo. Firearms —. Remington [Shotgun. Heavy smartlink. Blast Augmentations: CAS Gangs 2. AP —2. Clubs 4. He was has a powerful gift for infecting people with his own insanity.

What can he know about the way raised by a couple of corp drones.

He was threatening to get paunchy. Underestimate him. He has contacts in all of the big magic-oriented organizations—Draco. As often as he could. Runners Elijah Posted by: Winterhawk on mescaline.

Shadowrun: Street Legends Supplemental - Title

He trusts Aztechnology even logical in what he does. Elijah was not perfectly attuned to the task he chooses for them.

Apep—though his relationship with Aztechnology seems to Elijah is a problem. Just like the man himself. Instead of getting into peaceful and calm research. A mage he worked with a couple actual world really looks like.

So you ask yourself. Green Gender: Often this means a heat of reality. According to the information he was gathering from spirits. The question I have yet to answer is the same one that always seems to bedevil this type of research—I may have some idea who is doing what. I love it every time it pops up. Hertz was greatly assisted in his research by the layout of the city. That started me on a long quest to see how human- ity has been pushed and prodded in certain directions. I did. He and saw Elijah himself covered in rubble.

Once that job was done. He was able to keep them from communicating with each other. What they saw was that all of the spirits because the spirit firmly believes that it is telling you the truth.

Question two: His passion for knowledge mage who can sustain the spell. He was grateful for me freeing him. When it finally came. What did it tell him? Elijah had to become skilled at more than After a crazed battle that left most of the lost mine collapsed just summoning spirits and getting them to carry out a task.

For good security. These powers are quite good at sequestering spirits. Once he knows. It is quite last service of the bound spirit. Elijah has learned that spirit research must be an wanted to get to Elijah in the middle of his fortress of rubble.

Runners In this work. If I wanted to manipulate Elijah had one notable exploit in this area of work while Elijah. This is an physical barrier spell that prevented the rocks from crushing incredibly tricky task.

French 3. Mandarin 2. Navigation 2. Survival 3 Hammerli s [Light pistol. Spanish 4. Dodge 2. Instruction 3. Focused Concentration. Folk Music Mentor Spirit: Mortimer of London suit jacket. Medicine 2. System 3]. Mentor Spirit Spirit of air Force 5. Leadership 3.

Sorcery skill group 5. Archeology 3. Metaphysics 3. Magic Groups 4. Pistols 2. Philosophy 3. Architecture 2. Portuguese 3. Rating 5. Combat spells] Russian 2 Bound Spirits: Exceptional Attribute Logic. Magic Artifacts 5. Conjuring skill group 6. Magic History 5. Blue Gender: Elf Awakened: You may like Haze or hate him.

Most of us—those who have a soul. On a good day. Haze is an accomplished magician—a curious. Whatever mind control. This has kept him from paying for choice to air his dirty laundry for all to see may not be a the consequences of his actions all these years. I doubt this was the first time that Haze has played fast and right now. Knight Errant. Like about half information from here.

Two years ago. If Haze would restrict himself in that way. And the same is true of lots of and whatever the consequences of me sharing it might be. This is for your eyes only. Well color me a sociopath I guess.

While she was at the height of her anger. I just did a quick browse on this too. HAZE Like lack of realistic life plans. Any crimes I commit target organizations—largely face- be a lot of things. His dad. His saintly ma also spent a lot of her time on her back getting plowed by the local Chulos for the 26 Haze. But while some of you may argue that Haze has a right to his privacy.

Haze Haze has been a JackPoint user for a long time. For instance. The more trustworthy you sound. If this story sounds familiar to you. In spite of this setback. Haze had an unsuccessful stint as a wagemage in training. Now add magic and the support of a good hacker. He uses research and pretexting to establish legitimacy in the minds of his targets. Even as a pre-teen. As he exploits the cognitive bias this creates. You say that you work for their bank. Haze is a master of social engineering and soft infiltration.

Haze got caught selling company secrets before he was even out of training and got the boot. Haze had a gift for making friends. Folks around the neighborhood remember Haze and his ma with a certain degree of envy. Using that. You give them the information you already have. My paranoid side wonders if he made sure of that himself.

None of them. The human element is the most vulnerable aspect of most security systems. Let me give you an old-fashioned example. He made a good mule because he was too young to be tried as an adult.

A social chameleon accomplished at concealing his Awakened abilities. He was able to find more work through his local fixers.

Street Legends (Shadowrun (Catalyst Hardcover))

From that. But this was different. Haze did was have part of his team make sure that the armored She wound up taking her own life. Haze made the biggest was head over heels in love. Pistons must have gone to the trouble of the big corporation wants.

It was under the influence of excellent blackmail fodder. So what vague. He branched out thing. Johnsons and making contacts.

All of them. So he went back and erased all of her been hired by a mid-ranking Yakuza to recover a load of BTLs memories of what had happened. How could you possibly know all of this? A big corporation—maybe an AAA.

So Haze went for the next best up-and-coming runners formed around him. His natural good looks and his magical also was working as a small-time fixer in Seattle before he was abilities made it easy for him to seduce her. What Giselle could remember. He rationalized that the drug gave him an edge to small company was having an affair with a male troll—a piece make him a more efficient runner. So for that. In this particular instance. The chips were remember how she had lost her job. He had to be sure he and his who was unwisely bragging.

Speed was important—the Yak wanted the subconsciously. And it was to convince the president to sell out his company. And she had no forced to leave. Haze had team were protected. Haze and his team got to been kinder. Then he and monorail platform directly in front of a speeding train. I know his crew showed up at the precinct office.

Harris scraped together what little they maybe A-rated. It would have once the RFID tags were all burned. I need to trot out the sad. I know I have. Even if she had known and around the Puyallup barrens.

I hope. In reality. A crew of other work. Armed with such crutch. Haze arranged for Giselle to mistake of his life and began using tempo. Magic and bald-faced lies took care in your line of work.

The Star loaded the BTLs into the van for them. Seattle Sprawl 3. Tailored Pheromones Rating 1. Stealth skill group 3 sor tags Rating 1 Microphone. Counterspelling 4. Kong at first. Low Pain Tolerance. Security Design 3. City Speak 3. Gang Identification 3. I will never. This kind of telling tales out of school can really hurt your rep. Your crusade is misguided and pointless.

Spanish 3. Haze Increase Reflexes. Influence passkey Rating 3. Perception 3 6. Since then. Physical Mask. Haze Augmentations: Muscle Replacement Rating 1. Addiction is like the Mafia. Hot Potato. Police [Leg and Arm Casings. Control Thoughts. He has been for some time. Sleep Regulator. First Cavalier Deputy [Heavy Pistol. What you will never. Alter Memory. Autopicker Rating 6. Street Drugs 3. Reach 0. Indian Pathfinder Skills: As for the addiction you keep going on should be killed or imprisoned.

Firewall 2. But Haze is off of the flipside and back to his old self again. Club Music 3. Chaotic World. Bad Rep. I know that Fatima was important to you. Pilot Ground Craft 2. Geas Ritual. Haze was never a great guy. Conjuring skill racing bike. Pistols 3. Blades 2. But do you ever stop to think if sideline as a bounty hunter or skiptracer. Novatech Airware commlink [Response skill group 5 7.

Vitals Protector]. I a pretty large price on his head. Improved Invisibility. Sperethiel 3 Weapons: We should not do this job. Herrera and the church opened to a narrow hallway holding three offices and a stair- coming together could be good for my people. We cant fuck well going up. At least something from the Johnsons intel was this up by taking her out.

Marcos turned his cyberears to maximum sensitivity. Marcos was afraid this might happen. Were committed, He motioned for the men behind him to stand statue still. Javy, he said. Its time to soldier up. Any nearby sound would hit his ears like a jackhammer. At Javy said, Thats bullshit. There were three distinct sets of Finally, he and Saren agreed on something. He adjusted his hearing I think we have the primary incoming Picador said.

I can make out two Fitz to cover the doors leading to the shop floor. High-ex is perfect for bring- proper ID. More hand signals told Fitz to stop in front of the entrance. The driver kept the engine going ready a pair of thermal smoke grenades. Theyd have 8 sec- as two people stepped out of the vehicle. Marcos focused on onds, then things would move quickly.

If Marcos could get the Asian man. He was carrying a small red suitcase. Then he to the high ground, he could spot the package and finish this looked at the other passenger.

Pic, are you seeing this? It was Black Mamba for sure. He started the count by pushing through the door ahead She was dressed in leathers and had her hair pulled back into a of him into the narrow office corridor. The count was half ponytail. He recognized the mole beneath his friends left ear. He paused for another second Marcos tensed angrily.

You need to contact Black Mamba and then ran up the stairs two at a time. From above him he and let her know whats coming. Shes covering the target. She pulls out and and fizz of thermal smoke. He hit the top of the stairs just as a we lose our payday. He shot the man before he He couldnt argue with Picador. Not in front of the men could get his weapon up, the suppressor making a distinctive and not after hed explained to Javy that this was business.

The second man was lean- Even if his friend was caught in the crosshairs, he had to finish ing over the railing looking over the shop floor, trying to get a the job.

But that meant changing the plan. Marcos shot him and scanned for the third man. He didnt see him right as soon as he stepped through the doorway, and he tumbled away, so he pulled two of the yellow grenades off his bandolier back into the building as if yanked by a cord.

The MET and tossed them over the edge. Flash bang. Marcos ducked back into the stairwell as the There was hole the size of a trolls fist in the center of the mans grenades went off. Shouts of confusion turned into anger and chest. Marcos popped up out of the stairwell, swinging Pic, was that your shot? He knew there was a No. There wasnt Landeros is down.

I think a sniper took him out. He had to take Picador cut in over the commlink channel, Christ, a risk. Youve got bigger problems than that. Heavies are Fitz screamed, Contact! More gunfire erupted from moving on the location. South road, yards out. Contact in under two minutes. Marcos hustled to the lip of the catwalk and stared down Are you sure theyre zeroing on this building? The space below Aztech decals, Marcos. I cant be sure theyre headed for looked more like a club in full thrall than the shop it was you, but my gut says yes.

Wherever theyre headed, they mean intended to be. He switched to ultrasound, and the room business. Get clear. His gut told him he was missing something. He could make out four distinct groups moving erratically Below him, the MET troops were redeploying, half cover- through the room. The MET soldiers were easiest to spot.

Marcos spotted the that had seen combat before. The team split. Half moved suitcase out in the open, near a rusting block of machinery, towards the front entrance and the remaining three shooters forgotten by everyone involved. He jumped of men firing blindly into the break room. That had to be the down into the smoke, ceramic bone lacing absorbing the cartel men. He made a beeline for the package and dove to the Marcos said, Fitz, Javy, fall back.

You cant hold that ground beside it. Gunshots chewed through the air above room. He grabbed the package and backed toward the row of What about you?

Fitzs voice was strained. He unzipped the suitcase Go, Ill find another exit.The Star loaded the BTLs into the van for them. It certainly appears to be shaping up for that. This makes it a good read, if a bit nostalgic. Hardcover Language: She was young and too easily lured by the promise of the ever-elusive Weight: Here is a sample of a page from a watermarked book: I can't even imagine the territorial disputes made by now-conquered minorities in, say, Subsaharan Africa.

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