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Discover the best Kindle eBooks in Best Sellers. Find the top most popular items in Amazon Kindle Store Best Sellers. View the Top best sellers for each year, in Amazon Books, Kindle eBooks, Music, MP3 Songs and Video Games. Browse Amazon's “Best Sellers of Find the top most popular items in Amazon Kindle Store Best Sellers. Best Sellers in Kindle Store .. Incredibles, The (Disney Storybook (eBook)).

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The #1 New York Times bestseller—a thrilling new romance from E L James, author of the phenomenal bestselling Fifty Shades Trilogy. London, Life has. Kindle Insights: Learn My Proven Kindle System to Write and Market a Kindle BestSeller, and earn $+ in Royalties!. Instant access to thousands of the most popular free and best-selling apps and including epub and pdf, here you will find the Library's Overdrive ebook collection . . We started out with 32 blockbuster best-selling books from a variety of.

This is for indie authors that don't want to go through a traditional publishing company. Read on if you are more interested in selling your book online as opposed to seeing a printed book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble from day one. Before I jump into the detailed steps below, I want to share some results with you that display the success the book is having.

Also, please note that I will NOT be revealing the actual book on Amazon in order to prevent copy cats or other negative consequences I've seen from previous projects I've shared publicly. I would make more sales if I shared the book publicly on my blog here, but I think that this case study is more valuable if kept a secret for now.

Not too bad at all. And here's the official screenshot showing the books Amazon rank and Best seller status in 3 different categories: Yes, I blocked out the categories the book is in…I'm just being extra cautious against copy cats. Thanks to These People… Before I go into the step by step process below, I have to share that I didn't figure out this process on my own!


I've interviewed both 2 different self-published authors on my podcast that are kindle publishing experts: Jonny Andrews and Steve Scott. I was able to ask both Jonny and Steve direct questions about how to build successful self publishing business on Amazon before I even considered writing my first book.

Perrin and I followed the steps of Nick Loper's launch process from that guest post pretty closely. In addition, Nick also created a more in-depth Kindle Launch Course on Udemy that we purchased as well and followed.

So, while many of the steps below do have our own unique twist, I would be remiss to say that Jonny, Steve, and Nick have not provided valuable wisdom in shaping our launch process. Okay, let's jump into actually how to make all of this happen!

Pick a Broad Niche In order to pick a niche , I have just a couple of simple rules. First you want to make sure that people are actually buying books in this niche.

In other words, try not to pick a niche that is so obscure that there isn't already books on the subject. You can see some of the best selling books by browsing all the categories of Amazon. Second you want to pick a broad enough market that at least a few titles could be written in the niche.

Finally, I would pick a niche that you actually have some interest in. Whether that's parenting, camping, or business management; pick a niche that appeals to you and has a fairly large established audience. Update: Since writing this post, I found a great software tool that can help you cherry pick the best niches for Kindle books.

That software tool is Publisher Rocket. I highly recommend that you go and check out the demo video here , it's very powerful. Plan for Future Success If you are looking to build a long term self publishing success, you don't want to be a one hit wonder.

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According to successful self-published authors like Steve Scott and Jonny Andrews, you want to eventually build up your library of book titles. Once you have a few titles all in the same niche, buyers of one book will browse other titles that you have and will many times buy if they liked your first book. This is really just a classic example of finding your target market and selling additional stuff to them.

If all your books are on fishing for example, a person interested in catching Bass might also be interested in catching Rainbow Trout; so if you've written both these books you can get 2 sales instead of just one. However, if you've written one book on Bass Fishing and another book on Sewing, the chances that the bass fisherman is interested in a book on sewing is very very slim.

You could use the same general strategy with a children's book or fiction books as well. So, you must absolutely plan for your future success by sticking in your niche!

So, before you settle on a niche think about whether or not you can see lots of additional book titles in the same market that will appeal to a similar audience.

Determine If Books Are Selling Well in Your Niche If you want to make more than a couple of dollars a month by self-publishing a book, you need to make sure that the category you are targeting has enough buyers. This step is so important. It will either solidify your decisions made in steps 1 and 2, or may tell you to completely scrap the niche you've picked and try something else.

In a nutshell, I want to see the best sellers in my chosen category with an amazon best seller rank of at least 10,; and finding titles under 5, is much better.

A lower rank means that the book is selling more copies. If a book is ranked 5, on the Kindle store, that means it's probably selling anywhere from 20 to 40 copies a day this is not an exact science but just a best guess based on my own book. A book with an Amazon best seller rank of 10, or higher is most likely selling less than 10 copies a day and perhaps much less just depending on where it ranks. I don't know about you, but I don't want to write a book that only sells 1 copy a day.

I want something that can potentially make 4 figures a month! By going to the Kindle Short Reads you will only see the books selling well that are under a certain length. This can be an interesting category to compare what other short kindle books are doing on Amazon; however, for research purposes, looking at the overall eBooks section is sufficient. I want to find the subcategory that most closely matches the book that I plan to write.

So, let's dig a bit deeper: If you wanted to write a book about Rivers…this is the category you would want to check out. This is way above the 10, threshold that I mentioned earlier.

I also checked several other titles in this category and all of them are well above 10, There just isn't enough interest from buyers on this subject. A Better Example Now let's find a category that would be worth pursuing.

How is it's Amazon best seller rank? This book is ranked overall! This category would give you lots of potential to sell a lot of books in.

By using this research method, you will know if a category is a good market to go into or not. Brainstorm Book Topics For Kindle Publishing Now that you have chosen a niche that has a lot of potential for future success and found a category that sells well, it's time to start brainstorming for the topic of your first book! My process for brainstorming book topics is to write down about 10 different potential topics in my niche from previous steps.

So, if I were to going into the Dogs category, I could see that any book related to how Dogs and humans think and communicate is something that people buy. I'm sure I could come up with a few random titles for this category… How to communicate with your dog How to Organize Your House with a dog at home Children and Dog relationships etc.

A reader visits your site, they order, and they get a download link and get your book. The benefit of this is you control the entire process, get all of the customer information so you can promote additional products, services, or books , and you can charge higher prices.

One of the easiest ways to sell ebooks is to work through a third-party site like Amazon. You may have ordered products, even books, from Amazon in the past. But this is a whole different side to this massive e-commerce site. The big benefit to working through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing , even though they charge you a commission on your sales, is their reach. Around 89 million Americans are said to be active ebook readers.

It could be your book they find when doing a search on a related keyword. While you may not make as much money as you would selling directly on your own site, you'll have the opportunity to reach an audience who you wouldn't otherwise have access to.

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The process of selling your ebook on Kindle is straightforward. You sign up, then upload your ebook. They take care of converting it to their proprietary format.

Which of these options should you go with? I recommend doing both. Put one or two of your books on Amazon and think of that as a traffic source Use your Amazon ebooks to drive people back to your website and get them onto your email list.

The best way to do this is to include a free bonus offer inside your book and have them go back to your website to claim their bonus.

In order to get access to the bonus, they have to opt-in and give you their email address. Once you have them on your email list you can follow up with them and sell them additional ebooks from your own site, at a higher price point. Use the best of both worlds! If you are already making money with a blog , those blog posts could be turned into an ebook with some editing.

Any blog posts you use should cover the same or related topics and work well together. Although the information can be found for free throughout your site many people are willing to pay money to have it formally organized into something easier to consume, like an ebook.

If you want to publish an original work of fiction or nonfiction — something you write yourself fresh — that is also a good option. Write something every day! Start with an outline and then fill it in. You can also repurpose a book that is in the public domain. This means the copyright has expired and anybody can take the content of those books, and publish them, either updated or reworked in some way or as is. Did you see that book, Pride and Prejudice, and Zombies that came out a few years ago?

You can find public domain works, which include classics like Call of the Wild by Jack London and Shakespeare and books on just about every subject you can think of a quick search yielded dog training guides, a how-to guide for amateur singers, and much more , in places like Project Gutenberg.

The key here is to not just republish the public domain works but to modify them and put your unique twist on them. An example would be the book The Art of War. Another option is you can hire someone else to write your book for you. This is actually a very common practice in the book publishing industry; these writers are referred to as "ghost writers".

A final thought to keep in mind is that you don't have to write something like War and Peace. Keep in mind that while you won't make a huge profit per book on these you can sell a larger volume of books and use these as a way of attracting people into the other things you do. Only those from established best-selling authors get this attention. With all the options available, you should have no problem finding a way to get your book title s out into the world and grab the attention of potential readers.

I recommend a multichannel approach — approach the marketing from several different angles. One definite channel is social media. Leverage your Facebook page , Twitter, LinkedIn contacts, and more to get the word out. When the book is published, post it on Facebook with a link back to your website with more information and a way to order, for example. You have to build buzz around your ebook.

Encourage people to tell friends about your ebook and spread the word. Post content related to your book.How do the publishers earn their money? We Skype instead of draining our wallets with long-distance phone calls. Lets say after 2 years of a lot of hard work, you have a blog that attracts a solid 25, visitors a month in whatever niche you are in. Continue Reading. Although the information can be found for free throughout your site many people are willing to pay money to have it formally organized into something easier to consume, like an ebook.

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This online bracket-style tournament matches blockbuster, best-selling books from a variety of genres in… recommendations fiction online games. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Share this: Map everything out, from the introduction to the concluding paragraph. My troubles start with marketing.

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