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Monday, July 1, 2019

eBay is designed to work with most browsers, but if you're using an older version of a browser, or an unsupported browser, your web pages might not display as. OS: iOS Brave Version: Steps: Went to Tapped on Help & Contact in footer Message displayed on page: Oh. Instead of clicking the link, you should copy the address and paste it into the address bar area of your Web browser. While eBay may send email that contains .

Ebay Web Browser

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If you have a different phone, you can still access eBay using the web browser on your phone. To see the mobile version of our website, just enter in. Make sure your browser is up to date. eBay uses Extended Try deleting ( clearing) your cookies and your browser's cache (also called temporary Internet files). Looking to up your eBay game? These eBay browser plugins will take your buying and selling to a whole new level.

EBay bets on Google’s AMP for faster mobile Web browsing

From price comparison to sniping assistants, these are the best browser plugins to up your eBay game. It also lets you save searches and keep up with your saved sellers.

Fast Search for eBay Chrome, Firefox. This extension does exactly what it promises: Its features include: Fast Search for eBay is very customizable and is a great tool for the eBay power user. Snipe It a.

Just tell it which products to snipe, then sit back and let it do the rest for you. Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS. This super-helpful browser plugin gives you an idea of how much your stuff will sell for on eBay.

It uses the average eBay value of similar items successfully sold on eBay in the previous few weeks. Just search for your item and the extension shows you both marketplaces at the same time.

Shop by category

Not only does it return different results constantly, and different results for different browsers, it returns screwy results, some of which have nothing to do with what you are looking for, it changes your search parameters, and it takes absolutely forever to load in the initial page and any time you change the page or view.

Sellers have been complaining about this for a VERY long time. I just don't understand why eBay has not fixed it, since it hurts their bottom line also. I know they really don't care how it affects the sellers, but how about worrying about their own bottom line. Search used to be so straight forward and simple and fast. It was fun to surf around eBay. Not anymore. They used to recommend Firefox, now they recommend Internet Explorer.

I recommend John Donahoe looking for a new career. I have found that it is not only between browsers but I get different results between computers. I've noticed on many occasions that when I am out researching an item on my laptop and find very few results I have often come home, logged into my desktop, run the same search and then found multiple results for the same items that were not visible before.

A lot of times this has prevented me from purchasing an item to sell on eBay thus hurting eBay's bottom line. When contacting eBay about this they are ignorant beyond belief and give the impression they do not care.

Big surprise. I've heard of rolling blackouts but of course eBay has vehemently denied these exist. Whatever it is the search system is a dismal failure along with almost every other change eBay has made since the new CEO took over. The bottom line seems to be that eBay simply does not care to hear from the paying customer. They will stubbornly and arrogantly plunge forward with each and every change they think they want regardless of how bad an idea it is.

I think Donahoe is trying to protect his job for as long as possible by moving revenue around and sweeping the glitches and poor moves under a rug. Only a fool would really believe he is still on the right path for the good of the company. The problem is These people are complete and utter fools! They must have an inkling of how poorly things are going and how much revenue is falling thru the cracks One wonders just how much longer its going to take.

FYI We have noticed the same thing hapens when browsing listings.

Here's how to determine eBay status when it appears to be down

On IE they are nowhere to be seen. We have called ebay tech support and they are very well aware of the problems they have with different browsers. The real problem is that ebay has not spent the money to upgrade their platform. Indeed, they are basing their entire best match algorythm on a platform that has a history of serious problems.

Why cant they should bench a platform from google and try to duplicate it.

Officially eBay supports Firefox. But I know from experience that there always have been issues with eBay supporting alternative browsers. Especially using the new sell your item form has been a total nightmare in the past combined with Firefox. So this news does not surprise me at all.

Although very good that someone mentiones it. What's ebays official response on why this is happening?


Would my results be different if I was searching via my cellphone? Patricia True they did freeze executive compensation at levels.

Problems Signing In?

Even frozen at those levels, it is hard to fathom why the eBay board has been so patient with Donahoe and his team as they continue to tear down the eBay marketplace and bring it closer to a point of no return. Sorry folks but I hate to tell ya but I've never used anything else but firefox.

I have never had a problem loading, searching or posting to ebay. I even use turbo lister without a problem.

Skip to main content. Home Help Technical issues. From time to time, you may experience some technical issues with our site. If that happens, there are some things you can check. Select the link for your browser from the list below to find instructions: Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari Google Chrome Recommended browsers eBay is designed to work with most browsers, but if you're using an older version of a browser, or an unsupported browser, your web pages might not display as quickly and some functions and features might not work well.Run an anti-virus program.

I can't wait for the day Donohoe gets let go.

These Browser Plugins Will Take Your eBay Game to the Next Level

It appears that sellers who are trying to optimize their listings for eBay's Best Match not only have to contend with a dearth of information about how to do so, they must also face the challenge of optimizing for different web browsers. You will not be required to submit sensitive information if a direct link is provided to an eBay page. About cookies and cache Cookies are small files placed on the hard drive of your computer, which eBay uses to provide you with services.

Since people are trying different computers and finding different results has anyone tried different ISP address's with those same computers? Make sure that your Caps Lock key is off, then try signing in again.

Visit the Answer Centre to post a question. It's not going to get better. The eBay discussion boards are sources of user-generated information regarding eBay and its operation.

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