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Double Indemnity is a crime novel, written by American journalist-turned- novelist James M. Cain. It was first published in serial form in Liberty magazine in . Start by marking “Double Indemnity” as Want to Read: First published in , this novel reaffirmed James M. Cain as a virtuoso of the roman noir. I think that the look of the actress Barbara Stanwyck is the very definition of a femme fatale. Double Indemnity (): James M. Cain: Books. The Big Sleep (A Philip Marlowe Novel) by Raymond Chandler Paperback $

Double Indemnity Book

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The Double Indemnity (Novel) Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context. gives us a tautly narrated and excruciatingly suspenseful story in Double Indemnity, earn your way to a free book! Double Indemnity by James M. Cain . Double Indemnity, published in , is Cain's second novel and is set in the young, booming city of Hollywood. In a city where insurance salesmen are close to.

For a long time, Walter has been pondering how he could beat the system and defraud the insurance company, so he agrees to be her partner in this crime.

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He insists that her husband has to die from an accident on a train. Over a period of several months, they hatch their plan, which involves staging Phyllis's husband's death by first killing him and then dumping him near the railroad tracks.

Walter will then impersonate the husband, get on the train, make himself noticed, and then get off near the spot where the husband's body has been stashed.

Walter plants a careful alibi for himself, and with the help of Phyllis, does away with the husband, boards the train, and successfully impersonates Mr. Nirdlinger, making sure there are witnesses to his presence on the train.

Book vs Movie: Double Indemnity

During the weeks after the crime, several people, like Phyllis's stepdaughter, and Keyes, the investigator at Walter's firm, raise suspicions about the "accident," but the most disturbing revelation to Walter is that some information he learns from her stepdaughter seems to suggest that Phyllis may have murdered her husband's former wife to acquire Nirdlinger and his money for herself.

He kisses her, and the two begin building a flirtatious relationship, and at the same time plotting the death of her husband for a fifty thousand dollar insurance pay out.

Walter uses all of his tried and tested selling tactics on Mr Nirdlinger, convincing him to purchase the life insurance policy and suggesting that he keeps it a secret from his family. Nirdlinger is open to purchasing the policy but does not want to keep it a secret from his wife and step-daughter, Lola.

Mr Nirdlinger prevails, and in the end Phyllis and Lola act as witnesses when the insurance contract is signed. This makes Walter very uncomfortable, knowing that Nirdlinger signing the policy is the first step in a dastardly murder plot, and does not like the fact that they have involved Lola in her step father's murder.

Walter and Phyllis decide that they should make it appear that Nirdlinger has died by falling out of a moving train. They plan the crime itself, and Walter plans a meticulous alibi for himself so that there is no way he can be connected to the actual murder that Phyllis is going to commit.

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Phyllis kills her husband and then puts his body in the family car, driving to the train station and meeting Walter, who is by now disguised as her husband; they have decided that the death will seem more feasible if Walter is seen alive and well on the train beforehand.

Walter allows himself to be noticed briefly by a couple of employees, and by some fellow passengers.

As the train begins to move, he jumps from the back of it when it reaches a pre-determined meeting spot, where Phyllis is waiting for him. He is uniquely qualified to formulate the perfect scam. I don't like insurance. Life insurance they are betting I live. I'm betting I die. It is kind of crazy if you give it much thought. Car insurance they are betting I don't get in an accident.

Double Indemnity Summary & Study Guide

I'm betting that I do. The industry has convinced us to bet against ourselves and pay for the privilege.

And yet, even though I'm aware of the situation, I pay thousands of dollars of insurance premiums every year to insure one disaster doesn't sink the ship. Walter Huff would love stopping by to see me. Huff is so intent on the details of this insurance rip-off that he never learns much about Phyllis.

He doesn't even really seem to care about why she would be interested in killing her husband.

She is the bunny and he is the greyhound running around the track. There is no hesitation about Huff. He leaps at the chance to help Phyllis get the insurance money.Finally, they also develop plans to kill each other: "Du matin au soir, ils s'espionnaient' [ This is why I show Double Indemnity to my USC class, to encourage them to wrestle with a pair of larger contexts, having to do with genre and with place.

A married woman, a woman Huff would be willing to turn himself inside out if that would insure her love. Walter Huff met a woman. If the train got wrecked it might be, but even then it would be a mighty suspicious coincidence.

However, there is a spanner in the works when he runs into Phyllis on the boat that is supposed to be taking him to safety and anonymity in Mexico. It's a good plan, and Cain nicely describes how it's done, from getting the insurance policy very nicely handled to the alibis to the act itself.

She believes that Phyllis killed her mother in order to start a relationship with her father, and now she has the same concerns about Phyllis's role in her father's death. Update this section!

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