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"Semester lalu sangat berat?" Dad menirukan, sambil mengambil berkasku. " Sebentar. Pada hari pertamamu di Hecate, kau diserang werewolf. Demonglass. Hex Hall (Series). Book 2. Rachel Hawkins Author Cris Dukehart Narrator (). cover image of Spellbound. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. An Alabama native, Rachel Hawkins is the author of the Hex Hall series.

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Read "Demonglass: A Hex Hall Novel" by Rachel Hawkins available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Sophie Mercer. March Acemi Cadı – Rachel Hawkins PDF e-kitap indir . Demonglass ( Hex Hall Series #2) Submit a review and become a Faerytale Magic. Barnes &. Buy Demon Glass by Rachel Hawkins in Manila,Philippines. Personal Growth, Reference, Self-Help Formats: EPUB, PDF The greatest creators in human history--from SingaporeMalaysiaPhilippinesIndonesiaTaiwanAustraliaHong Kong.

That had been the last time Mom had said Finleys name. Now Mom sat across the table from me, and her coffee mug turned, turned, turned. Maybe we should take it easy for a while, she said at last. Let you go on a few more missions with me, get your legs back under you. Finley had been doing solo missions since she was fourteen. I was almost sixteen now, and this had been the first time Mom had let me out in the field by myself.

I really didnt want it to be the last time, too. I shoved my own mug. Mom, I can do this.

I just Look, the vamp, he could read my mind, and I wasnt ready for that. But now I know!

And I can be better on my guard next time. Mom lifted her gaze from the table. What did he see?

I knew what she meant. Picking at the Formica tabletop, I shrugged. I thought about Finn for a sec. Hesaw that, I guess. It just distracted me. I didnt add the bit about how Pascal had mentioned the boy in the mirror. Bringing up Finn was going to bother Mom enough. Just like Id thought, her eyes suddenly seemed a million miles away.

Okay, she said gruffly, her chair shrieking on the linoleum as she shoved it back and stood. Well, justjust go to bed. Well think about our next move tomorrow. As she passed my chair, for just a moment, Mom laid a hand on my head. Im glad youre okay, she murmured. And then, with a ruffle of my hair, she was gone. Sighing, I picked up my cup and swirled the dregs of tea still left in it. Every bone in my body ached to go upstairs, take a shower, and crawl into my bunk.

But there was something I had to do first. Our house wasnt much. A few bedrooms, a tiny kitchen, and a bathroom that hadnt been updated since the s.

Novel demonglass pdf indonesia

Once upon a time, it had been the Brannick family compound. Back when there had been more Brannicks. Now it was just a house surrounded by thick woods. But there was one room that really set it apart from your normal home. We had a War Room. It sounded cooler than it actually was.

It was really just an extra bedroom stuffed with a bunch of boxes, a large round table, and a mirror. It was the mirror I walked to now, yanking off the heavy canvas cover. Inside the glass, a warlock stared back at me. His name was Torin, and he looked a couple years older than me, maybe eighteen or so. But since hed gotten trapped in the mirror back in , he was technically over four hundred years old.

To what do I owe this lovely visit? It was always bizarre watching Torin. Trapped in the mirror, he appeared to be sitting at the table in the middle of the War Room. But the actual table was empty. Even though Id seen the phenomenon my whole life, I still caught myself glancing back and forth, as though Torin would magically appear on our side of the glass. The thought made my head hurt all over again. In his own time, Torin had been an extremely powerful dark warlock.

No one knew what spell he was attempting when hed trapped himself inside the mirror, but one of my ancestors, Avis Brannick, had found him and taken responsibility for him.

The fact that Torin made the occasional prophecy had probably had something to do with that. His ability to see the future had come in handy for a few Brannicks over the years; easier to fight a witch or a faerie when you know what its going to do. But I hadnt come to have my fortune told. Climbing up onto the table, I crossed my legs and propped my chin in my hand.

I got bitten by a vampire tonight. Oh, he said, once his eyes settled on the bite mark.

So you did. That What is the word you use? I couldnt help but smile a little as I rolled my eyes. Torin nodded. Even so. He mimicked my pose, ruby pinkie ring flashing in the dim light. Shaggy blond hair fell over his forehead, and when he smiled at me, his teeth were just the slightest bit crooked.

Tell me the whole story. There was somethingI dont know, relaxing about telling the story to Torin. I knew he wasnt looking for all the flaws in my mission, all the places where I had zigged when I should have zagged. Unlike Mom, Torin didnt frown through the entire thing. Instead, he chuckled when I described Pascals lair, grimaced when I mentioned the body glitter, and raised his eyebrows when I talked about chasing the vamp up the stairs.

But youre all right. And you lived to fight another day. Sighing, I pulled my braid over my shoulder, fiddling with the ends of my hair. Yeah, but if Mom hadnt come in She thinks I shouldnt be doing jobs on my own. Which, I mean, I should. This one got a little out of hand, but if shed just trust me a little more If she had trusted you completely, she wouldnt have followed you, which means she wouldnt have burst in when she did, Torin said, lifting his shoulders.

And you, my lovely Isolde, would either be exsanguinated on what I can only guess was truly dreadful carpet, or the bride of the undead. He narrowed his eyes. Neither fate suits you. Or me, for that matter. His words seemed to lodge somewhere in my chest, but I shook them off. Torin had been a part of my life for, well, all of my life. When Mom and Finley had gone out on missions, he had kept me company. And after Finley disappeared, he was the only one I could talk to about my sister.

Which is why that niggling suspicion, the one Pascal had picked up on, bothered me so much. Your mum is simply worried about you, Torin said, pulling me out of my thoughts. Shes lost one daughter. Im sure the idea of losing another is particularly hellish for her. I know, I said, the guilt returning with a vengeance.

What if Id gotten myself killed tonight, all because I let one stupid vamp mess with my mind? Where would Mom have been then? I tugged the rubber band off the end of my braid and started unraveling the strands. A thin layer of vampire ash rose from them. Apparently Id been closer to Pascal than Id thought. Wrinkling my nose with disgust, I hopped off the table. Shower, bed. Thanks for the debriefing. Torin made a little flourish with his hand, lace cuff falling back from his wrist.

Any time, Isolde. I was nearly to the door before I turned back. Torin, you I trailed off, not sure how to finish.

Finally I took a deep breath and said, a little too fast, You swear you dont know anything about Finn, right? Id asked it before, the night Finley disappeared. Other than her belt, thered been no sign of my sister in that rickety house. But there had been a mirror. A big one with a thick wooden frame, carved cherubs grinning at me.

And while it couldve been a trick of the light, I couldve sworn that the glass had glowed slightly. But Id been beyond freaked out that night, confused, upset. I couldnt be sure what Id seen, really. In his mirror, Torin came up close to the glass. No, Isolde, he said, his voice surprisingly gentle.

I do not know where your sister is. I ran a hand through my hair, blowing out a long breath. Reaching out, I flicked off the switch.

From out of the darkness, Torin added, Besides, Finley was never of much interest to me. She isnt the Brannick who will set me free, after all, is she? It was a wonder I could speak given how tight my throat had gone. Thats never going to happen, Torin. I may be nicer to you than my mom or Finn, but youll be chatting with my grandkids from that mirror. Torin only laughed. Ive seen what Ive seen.

The time will come when you will finally let me out of this cursed glass prison. But until then, go wash that vampire out of your hair and get a good rest. You and Aislinn will be taking quite the journey tomorrow. Where are we going? I demanded. What did you see? But there was no answer. She frowned at my tank top and pajama pants and pointed back up the stairs. Get dressed. Were leaving in five minutes.

The clock said it was just a little past six. Apparently Torin had been right. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. But Mom just said, And now its four minutes. There wasnt much to the bedroom Finley and I had shared. A bunk bed Finn had claimed the topa dresser, a battered desk, and a mirror. Finleys clothes were still folded in the drawers, and almost without thinking, I grabbed one of her black sweatshirts, tugging it over my tank top. I traded my flannel pants for jeans my own, since Finn had been taller than me , and added a scuffed pair of black boots.

Jogging back downstairs, I twisted my hair into a sloppy braid over one shoulder.

Telugu Novel - Mahanandi by Vakkantam Suryanarayana Rao

Hopefully, wherever we were going didnt have a dress code. Mom was just outside the front door, and when I appeared at her side, she didnt say anything, merely jerked her head toward the woods surrounding the compound.

Years ago, all the Brannicks had lived in this secluded spot deep in the woods of northern Tennessee. There were still outbuildings and training yards to accommodate at least a hundred people, but Id never seen the place that full.

By the time I was old enough to remember, the only Brannicks left were me, Mom, and Finn. The woods were full of noise that morning, from the cracking of branches under our feet to the birds singing, but Mom didnt say anything and I didnt ask any questions.

Nearly a mile into the trees, we came to the Itineris. To anyone walking bynot that many people ever just walked by in these woodsthe portal wouldnt have looked like anything but a small opening in a bunch of branches.

They wouldnt even know it was there unless they accidentally stepped into it. Which would probably be fatal since the Itineris was too intense for humans. We could only use it because we had some residual magic in our blood. Mom held out her hand to me, and I took it, ducking under the branches and stepping into the Itineris. One of the weirdest things about using the Itineris is how it feels.

Theres no rushing wind or sense of motion, but a crippling, sickening pressure, as though the weight of the whole universe is pressing down on you. Suddenly, we were standing on a paved road. Well, Mom was standing. I was on my knees, gasping. The portal was always rough on me.

Mom helped me to my feet, but that was clearly all the TLC I was going to get. As soon as I was steady, she started walking down the road.

Where are we? I asked, following. I didnt ask what part of Alabama, but between the sand and the slight tang of salt on the wind, I guessed we were somewhere near the beach. We hadnt been walking long when we came across a path of crushed shells. Mom turned onto it, her boots crunching and sounding too loud in the quiet. At the end of the driveway was a small, one-story house that actually looked a little bit like our place. An ancient Jeep was parked just by the front porch, and several sets of wind chimes twisted in the breeze.

The screen door creaked open, and a woman stepped out, squinting down the drive at us. She seemed to be about ten years or so older than my mom, and her dark blond hair, shot through with gray, was piled on top of her head in a messy knot.

Her arms, bare in a black tank top, were pale and flabby. Roughly a dozen necklaces and pendants hung around her neck, and she held a coffee cup in her right hand. Mind if me and Izzy come in for a bit? Maya glanced over, seeming to notice me for the first time. I raised my hand in a tiny wave. Maya didnt wave back, but sighed and said, Too early in the morning for Brannicks. Then she turned and walked back into the house.

I dug a little hole in the shells with the tip of my boot. Does that mean we should go? To my surprise, Mom just chuckled. If Maya hadnt wanted us here, trust me, she would have let us know. Who is she? I asked, but Mom didnt answer; just trudged up the steps and into the house.

And after a long moment, I followed. The house wasnt quite as spartan as our place, but it still wasnt what anyone would call homey. No pictures lined the walls, although Maya did have one of those crazy cat clocks, the swinging tail marking off seconds, its eyes darting back and forth like it was watching for something.

The only other things of note were a sagging couch covered in an ugly orange-and-brown plaid and a crooked coffee table. But that wasnt what had me freezing in the doorway. Instead of magazines or heavy books, the coffee table was covered infeet.

Not human feetat least I didnt see anybut half a dozen chickens feet, several of those rabbits foot key chains, and a brown, furry paw.

Char marks dotted the tables scarred surface, and there was a cracked leather book lying open facedown, its pages wrinkled. Everything about it screamed magic, but I hadnt sensed anything when we came in, so I didnt think Maya could be Prodigium. Maybe she was just a taxidermist or something. Mom had made some weird friends over the years. And she mustve been here before, because she didnt even blink at the bizarre collection. But she did lean in and whisper, Dont say anything until I tell you to, okay?

And dont take anything Maya gives you to drink. I tried very hard not to gulp. Got it. Sure enough, Maya came out of the kitchen holding three mugs, steam rising off of them. Even across the room, the smell turned my stomach. Still, Mom accepted two cups before sitting on the couch.

I sat next to her as Maya took a seat on the floor in front of the coffee table. She was wearing a long skirt, and it jangled softly when she moved, as though there were bells hidden in its folds.

So youre Izzy, she said, blowing the top of her drink. Your mama brought Finley here plenty of times, but she always said you were too young to go out on jobs. How old are you now, thirteen? I had always looked younger than I was.

Ill be sixteen next month, I told her, and she gave a low whistle. My, my, time is flying. When I first met you, Ash, Izzy was what? Maybe six? It was right after her daddy died, and We didnt come here to chat, Maya, Mom broke in.

I wanted to go through the file. Maya rolled her big blue eyes. Thats it? Anna Banks. Kiersten White. The Eternity Cure. The Elite. A Beautiful Dark. Jocelyn Davies. The Forever Song. The Immortal Rules. Jus Accardo. A Fractured Light. The Goddess Inheritance. Iron's Prophecy. The Iron Daughter. Hunting Kat.

The Academy - Black and Green. Spartan Frost.

[PDF Download] Demonglass (Hex Hall) [PDF] Full Ebook

Jennifer Estep. Silver Frost. Frost Kisses. The Academy - Love's Cruel Redemption. Reign or Shine. Prince Charming. Rachel Hawkins. Rebel Belle. Miss Mayhem. Lady Renegades. Defy the Dark. Saundra Mitchell. Her Royal Highness. May Journey's End. Ruby and Olivia. How to write a great review.

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In this series. Skip this list. Ratings and Book Reviews 7 73 star ratings 7 reviews. Overall rating 4. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Report as inappropriate. This book is amazing! Rachel Hawkins is one of my favourite authors!

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I hope she continues this trilogy with more spin-off books like School Spirits! I thought the book was very interesting. I really liked the characters. It had a lot of both teen drama and fantasy elements. Very good book … Show more Show less. A book full of attention catching events and suspense! All three in the series r great!

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I cant think of anything more pathetic than crying in front of a vampire. But at the end of the day, we all go out and have more lunches and dinners together. If he got out of the house My fingernails dug into the stake. He's good, acts good and has a good heart of course, the cliffhanger might change that. Dia tidak menyukai Pekanbaru dan Pian. Refresh and try again.

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