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Bain - Chess Tactics for Winning Chess Strategies (2nd Edition) [ Vasser Seirawan with Jeremy Silman].pdf. Laszlo Polgar - Chess Problems Combinations & Games. Chess Tactics for - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Download Chess Tactics for Description. Download Chess Tactics for Free in pdf format.

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Chess Tactics for Champions: A step-by-step guide to using tactics and combinations the Polgar DOWNLOAD PDF Winning Chess Tactics (Winning Chess). Chess Tactics for Champions book. Read 11 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Susan Polgar became the first female Grandmaster at age. Susan Polgar became the first female Grandmaster at age 15—and it wasn't luck that got her there. Her use of tactics, combinations, and strategy during her.

This book was tough. Very challenging.

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I will probably go through this book a few times. I believe this book would help out a weaker player tremendously.

I have heard stronger players think this a pretty good chess tactics book. Feb 27, Costin Manda rated it really liked it Shelves: I've had some changes in my life lately and more are coming so I took a break from chess, but I found a bit of time to finish this chess puzzle book that I started reading a few months ago, but never quite got around to complete. Chess Tactics for Champions is not really for champions, but for beginner to intermediate level, or at least this is what it felt like to me.

Susan Polgar chose to structure the book into chapters of about 25 puzzles or examples, each covering some important aspect of c I've had some changes in my life lately and more are coming so I took a break from chess, but I found a bit of time to finish this chess puzzle book that I started reading a few months ago, but never quite got around to complete.

Susan Polgar chose to structure the book into chapters of about 25 puzzles or examples, each covering some important aspect of chess tactics.

Here is a list of those chapters: The authors tried to order the chapters by complexity, so that beginners could understand and solve the first chapters and then move over to the more advanced positions, but it is not always so. It seemed to me that, for most of the chapters, the last two puzzles are especially chosen for the "wow! The bottom line is that the book is not just something you read. You solve the puzzles, some are frustrating, some are beautiful, most can be "seen" without a board in front of you - for the last chapter I would advise a board, though - but one can return to this book again and again.

For example myself, once I get around to chess again, I might go through the book, just to get into the solving mindset that is essential to beautiful play. Now, I don't know how other chess puzzle books are, this being my second chess book I have read, but I imagine some could be a lot better. However, the structure of Chess Tactics for Champions makes it very easy to use as a reference book.

One thing I felt was missing was pawn play. Of course, that often enters the category of strategic play, rather than tactical, but still.

Chess Tactics Books

More about the authors at Wikipedia: Susan Polgar and Paul Truong. They have been married since Feb 07, Steve Kohn rated it it was amazing. For intermediate players, not beginners or masters. The approach is different from every other book on chess I've seen. We're introduced to a topic - forks, for example, or "the back-rank problem" - and then given from 25 to 50 challenges - pieces set up in the middle of a game - and tasked to come up with the right next move.

These little mental challenges which, so depressing, I too often fail make my brain feel like it's just spent a few minutes on the mat with an Olympic wrestler. I LOVE this book. Sometime have me tell you what happened when I played, in , the All Services chess champion. One thing I clearly see now is that I used to play a foolish game of trapping pieces, of defense, instead of aggressively looking for checkmates through skewers, pins, etc.

This book opened my eyes to how chess can be played at a higher level. It breaks the game down so that strategies can be studied and practiced. Not mastered; very few of us will ever be able to say that. But, without a doubt, improved.

Edit, 8 October Not to compare the books, but one I'm reading now is also excellent for beginner-to-intermediate level players: Believe it's the one to start with, then to go to Susan Polgar's book.

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View all 3 comments. Sep 03, Hotrats rated it it was amazing. Excellent explanations. Very good puzzles. Jan 30, Dave rated it it was amazing Shelves: By far the most useful chess book I have ever read. Tactics, Tactics, Tactics! Jun 09, Amazing Titicaca rated it really liked it.

To talk about Susan Polgar is to talking about a genius, is to talk about the impossible made possible. Very few people went to beyond the limits, when there were myths and misconceptions about girls IQ and chess. And most relevant in her life- I think — is her father a real educator who trained restless to his two daughters in the art of chess.

How to become simple teenagers in genius. Susan became very successful and famous winning several championships in the universe of chess. Her life i Amazing! Her life is an real inspiration for every person, a life of hard working and perseverance. Jan 15, Andrew rated it it was amazing Shelves: My rating is around I've studied the endgame a bit. This book by Susan Polgar has helped me to see attacks that otherwise I wouldn't have seen. I like that this helps me to anticipate attacks as well.

I've suggested my local public library buy a copy of this book. Apr 19, Dan Warren rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fantastic stuff for intermediate-level chess players!!

I'd say my chess strength is around and I found this book to be a good mix of tactical exercises that I found easy, and ones that really stretched my abilities. Kudos to Susan Polgar for this excellent and entertaining! May 23, Mark Dunn rated it it was amazing Shelves: I thought this was a great book.

I wonder if mid level books ,like this one, are hard to find? Most chess books seem to me to be for beginners or advanced? View 1 comment. Charlie Compton rated it really liked it Dec 10, Matt Fullerty rated it it was amazing Aug 18, Tt rated it liked it Aug 22, Matthew Velguth rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Fairly obviously, for the tactical motifs with which I had trouble, this book will be useful while I internalize those ideas.

After that however, I'm not sure it will be much use. This will make a bit more sense if I describe what some other tactics texts contain and what Polgar's book does not. This is a good thing, because when I know what type of tactic is to be used to solve a problem, finding the solution is much easier than seeing a solution to a position in a real game.

So now, whenever I return to either of these books, I have sets of problems to solve where I don't have prior knowledge of the necessary tactic. Polgar's book has no such section of mixed problems, so it's always painfully obvious which tactic needs to be played. This is great for learning a tactic, but not so good for future practice. If I find myself with enough time and energy I may scan all these problems into my computer and make flash cards out of them.

A rather monumental task, but probably well worth the effort.

Killer Chess Tactics: World Champion Tactics and Combinations

Inertia is a serious hurdle, however! I have a bit of a problem determining the audience for which this text is best suited. As I said earlier, some sections gave me trouble while other were a breeze. The back cover of this book says that the book is for "intermediate to advanced" players, and while there is a very short description of what "intermediate" and "advanced" mean in this setting, it is rather ambiguous.

Given all of that and the fact that I would consider other tactics books have better descriptions of most of these tactics, Chess Tactics For Champions probably shouldn't be your first book about tactics, but with it's copious number of problems to solve and it's relatively well documented solutions this should be an excellent second tactics book.No trivia or quizzes yet.

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Polgar's puzzles are a great way to lay the foundation for a winning player. I might as well take White! There doesn't really seem to be anything of the sort going on in Polgar's book. Premium members only.

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