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IMPORTANTE TO KAYA PLS BASAHIN NYO NA. SAGOT TO SA MGA KATANUNGAN NYO NA HINDI KO MAREPLYAN ISA ISA. HAHAHA. book. book. [Unedited Version] A love story that started with a kiss, challenged by obstacles and The Gangster's Kiss · Chapter 1 [Mr. Robber] · Chapter 2 [Twin Princes]. The Gangster's Kiss Book 2. A parallel story of The Gangster's Vow. Kyle's Story. The girl who's always been unlucky in love meets the boy who can't get over h.

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The Gangster's Kiss Book 2. A parallel story of Sealed With A Kiss. Kurt and Yumi's story. After all the challenges they faced, here comes another chapter in t.. . it all started with an accidental call. then followed by an accidental kiss.. then suddenly you're now an accidental girlfriend of this hot gangster. woah! A s The Gangster's Kiss Book 2. A parallel story of The Gangster's Vow. Kyle's Story. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Ginger Ring is an award winning author with a weakness The Gangster's Woman (Love is a Dangerous Thing Book 2).

Grace's brother, Daniel, is the County Sheriff, with many secrets.

After their father passes on he takes on the responsibility for keeping Grace safe in a world that is anything but for her family. He hires John away from the Capone organization and makes him Grace's body guard.

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The two are immediately attracted to one another yet they don't trust each other. Grace thinks John is a gangster and John thinks Grace may be involved in some of the shady dealings of her father and brother. Grace does have a few secrets herself, having run away to St. Paul to become a flapper and begin an exciting life of her own. She finds a little more excitement than she'd bargained for and returns, totally dejected and afraid, to Hayward County.

A bit-o-trouble follows her home and, until she can learn to trust John, our hero will have his hands full trying to fulfill his duties as her body guard. This story kept me page turning from the very start.

Ginger's characters are so well-written that you feel like they're right there in front of you, taking you along on their journey. The story has so many twists and turns that you can't put it down.

Lots of surprises, lots of action, and lots of love. His jaw was clean-shaven, but already forming a shadow of whiskers. A straight nose and full lips accented his handsome face.

The man was dressed cleanly and neatly in a blue shirt with white stripes, a navy tie, and reddish brown vest and trousers. A matching suit coat lay carefully folded on the wheel of the car.

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Not one to be lost for words, she struggled to find her next one. Her heart fluttered faster and her palms started to sweat.

I will see you at dinner time. John was the second man to unnerve her in less than twenty-four hours, and she hoped the pattern would not continue. Her stride brought her quickly to the store and she slammed the door.

The bell clanged. Is there something else I can help you with today, yah? Kallstrom always seemed to answer all her own questions with an affirmative.

That will be all, please.

See a Problem?

She unclenched her fists and reached for her coin purse. Payment paid in full, Grace gathered her purchases and placed them in a basket.

Kallstrom, and please give my regards to Mr. Have a nice day.

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Sullivan be driving you home now? Grace risked a look in the direction of her brother. Maybe she should have him drive her home, but he was still engaged in a conversation with the new guy.I Loved it! She had been in school four months.

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Afeni is home too, organizing lawsuits now instead of protests. Love is a Dangerous Thing 2 books. This is a definite 5 STAR read for me! She looks about her house—the first piece of property her family has owned, she says, since Grandma lost her sharecropper shack to the Depression. When her family asked for them to be returned, their request was refused.

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