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Saniha-e-Karbala is a book on Karbala by famous Islamic Scholar Dr. Israr Ahmed. The book include story of Karbala which is narrated by Abu. Mahe Muharram aur Waqia-e-Karbala - Islamic Hindi Book - alhamdulillah-library Imam Hussain Aur Waqia e Karbala Book Pdf Free Download of the best and most authentic book ever written on the tragedy of Karbala in Urdu language.

Waqia E Karbala Book

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This Booklet comprises useful Madani pearls especially for Islamic sisters ۔ ۔ ۔. This Android Application Waqia-E-Karbala is about the Story of the Battle of Karbala took place on Muharram The Biggest Battle of Islam between Truth and. This beautiful app has been designed for every Muslim and Islamic history lover. This app contains a book named "Imam Hussain Aur Waqea e Karbala" that.

Both sons of Hur. Both from Kufa who joined the Holy Imam at Kerbala. Adhan Son of Omayya-al Abdi. Aslam The slave who was purchased and liberated by the Holy Imam- was the scribe engaged to write communications from the Holy Imam.

He was the one who came to the Holy Imam begging most humbly to permit him to get martyred for he wanted to die in the way of the Lord and show his face to the Holy Prophet on the Day of Judgment. Bushr bin Amrual Hazrami From the famous ones among the faithful ones among the faithful devotees of the Holy Prophet.

Since Muslim was arrested, he hid himself until Husayn arrived in Kerbala, and submitted himself until Husayn arrived in Kerbala, and submitted himself to the Holy Imam. Jundab bin Mujee al Khaulani One of the companions of Ameerul-Momineen who came to the Holy Imam, fell down on his feet and prayed to be permitted to be martyred. He was trained under Abi-Zar and was a very pious devotee of the Holy Imam. One who was in Yazid's army. Seeing the Devil's forces decision to attack the Holy Imam, which he never thought would happen, left the ranks of the Devil's forces and joined the Holy Imam.

Habshi bin Qais-e-Nahmi Of a group from the tribe of Hamdan. His grandfather was one of the faithful companions of the Holy Prophet. He went into the armies of the Devil, and found his own uncle there. His uncle asked him "Have you come to kill your uncle? Along with him three others from the enemy's ranks joined the Holy Imam.

Bloodshed in Karbala

All were martyred. Habib left Kufa and joined the Holy Imam on his way to Kerbala. He was one of the faithful companions of the Holy Prophet, who after the Holy Prophet always remained with Ameerul-Momineen Ali and migrated toe Kufa when the Capital was shifted from Madina to Kufa, and accompanied Ali in all battles he fought against the rebels and traitors.

His ideal faithfulness and sincere devotion to he Holy Imam has many glorious details. He was the one who carried the communications of the Holy Imam to the pious ones of the devotees of the House of the Holy Prophet in Kufa. A famous nobleman of Kufa, and experienced warrior specially selected by Ibne Ziad to command a contingent against Husayn.

He was the one who obstructed Husayn's way near Kufa, but he never believed that the venture of Ibne Ziad was to end in the martyrdom of the Holy Imam. When at Kerbala he found that the decision was to martyr the Holy Imam, Hur left the Devil's forces and joined the Holy Imam, seeking pardon for his previous conduct.

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The Holy Imam received him with special grace. Hur was among the foremost martyrs in the way of God. Rafe' -the liberated slave of Muslim Azdi He came from Kufa and volunteered to be martyred in the way of the Lord. He was a noble personality very much revered and respected by the people.

Zohair al Qaine Bijilly He was a noble chieftain of his tribe, a man of great influence in Kufa. In the beginning he was attached to the Third Caliph Othman.

Once returning from Haj he met the Holy Imam and became a staunch devotee of Husayn. He is the one who bade goodbye to his wife Dalham daughter of Amru, liberating her with a divorce to go to her relatives, and he joined the Holy Imam. A very pious and brave noble personality enjoying the trust and the confidence of the people. Later they left the ranks of the Devil's forces and joined the Holy Imam and got martyred.

Sa'd - the liberated slave of Amro bin Khalid He volunteered to be martyred for the Truth. Also Watch These Video: 1. W ne irshad farmaya "Bismillah parho or sedhe hath say khao or bartan ki us taraf se khao jo tumhare kareeb ho" Home Bayyan Aik Faqeer ka Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel.

Allah bless Him Zahid - Karachi 26 Jun, Question: Dajjal aur yajooj majooj ka zikr quaran pak ki kis surah me aaya hai Answer: Yajooj or majooj ka zikr sorah e kahaf ki ayat 94 main hoa hay, or sorah e ambiya ki ayat 96 main hoa hay.

Answer: Yajooj or majooj ka zikr sorah e kahaf ki ayat 94 main hoa hay, or sorah e ambiya ki ayat 96 main hoa hay.

Funny Clip Pakistani! Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams. Ref: Quran. Israr Ahmed.

We are on Social. Aqeedat se parhi gai namaz main Insan or Allah k darmyan tamam parde hata dye jate hain.

Download audio bayan all latest bayan of Saqib Raza Mustafai free mp3. Check all videos related to rasulullah ka waqia. Lectures of Dr. Meraj Un Nabi in Urdu. He is the well-known Sanna Khawan who has always received first position in the Naat Khuwani competitions arranged in Pakistan.

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Namaz Category: Sahaba Karam R. A kay Naatia Kalam say Intekhab Category:Home Who is Hussain? They were thus able to frighten the enemy's horses. Beseeching for Help Istighathah Category: Life is a Clash between Good and Evil Category: When confronted by the faithful and told bluntly that it was big lie and deception employed by him because the rightly-guided Caliphs never nominated their sons or relatives for Caliphate, he stooped so low as to cast aspersion on the character of the such dissenting people.

He was a noble personality very much revered and respected by the people. The end was drawing close.

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