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Sep 2, usage data that implies that voice exceeds data. phone); the cell phone; the Internet; television; radio; music; and newspaper, magazines. around 1, WAV files and a PDF cataloging unsorted transcripts of Alexa's interpretations of his voice commands. Schneider was extremely surprised to find . This paper assesses the impact of integrating voice and data over circuit switched networks. Journals & Magazines > IEEE Transactions on Communic.

ML is, in effect, a continuation of the concepts of predictive analytics, where assumptions are made about behavior based on historic patterns. Previously though, data analysis was limited by the high volumes of data available plus the time and cost constraints of human analysts. In contrast, AI-enabled systems are able to assess and reassess data analysis models, make assumptions, test and learn autonomously without human intervention.

As a result, cognitive systems are able to increase the frequency, flexibility and immediacy of data analysis. Done right, data analysis can bring huge value to a company in terms of efficiency, productivity, competitive advantage and cost savings — but you must have a plan in place to coordinate and exploit the data correctly to create insights.

How can you derive value from data? To get the most out of your data, you need to approach it strategically. Consider these four approaches: 1. Doing this work manually is time-consuming and costly.

AI quickly learns the patterns to enable high throughput screening and increase the accuracy of detection. Data is gathered from ships heading to port to predict their arrival times.

Advanced analytics are then employed to create congestion heatmaps and collision prevention plans and recognize the loading and unloading of shipping containers, enabling the port to monitor and act on congestion hotspots, better manage dock occupancy and pre-emptively avoid future traffic problems. It can also enable road transport companies in the logistics ecosystem to better plan their arrival times, saving them time and money.

Carousel fraud is a complex crime in which a party in one country sells goods to a second party in a tax-free country, who in turn sells the goods to a new buyer and collects the VAT, but does not declare it and give it to the government. It is a high-return and hard-to-prove crime that exploits weaknesses in the VAT system. Risk analysis is conducted using the advanced analytics to quickly identify suspect companies, and the Special Tax Inspectorate intervenes before major damage can be done.

The financials make sense. But, this means you have to build a chatbot capable of answering all customer queries in a way that satisfies the customer. Doing this in an Innovation Lab and hoping the digital team will get it production ready is wishful thinking. There are simply too many possibilities to capture using traditional decision tree coding techniques, and the amount of rich unstructured data is seldom enough to achieve acceptable predictable outcomes via machine learning.

These projects struggle to get out of pilot phase simply because the risk of a poor customer experience is too high. A more pragmatic approach is to stick with your existing human interfaces and augment them with digital intelligence. This gives you room to learn and make mistakes, because your staff can step in when your digital logic is found wanting.

In other words, including, not excluding staff in your digital mix. Only once you have perfected your digital logic do you then look to adopt purer forms of digital autonomy. This approach can help realise that mythical call centre creature - the super agent, capable of handling any and every query, changing from business unit to business unit or product to product without missing a step.

Voice & Data

In addition, this expert logic can also feed self-service bot interfaces, guiding a digital conversation in line with structured, consistent and compliant advisory logic.

Navigators remove the need for people to learn decision-making formula, guiding them through any required decision and action in real time. These are likely some of the reasons behind Google chosing Ghana to establish their first African AI center. However, local proactivity is required.

The home of jollof rice, West Africa, has a lot of potentials in growing as an AI ecosystem, which they can leverage to improve the quality of life in the region. Current efforts are quite scattered. To harness its full potentials, proactive and strategic efforts are required from Governments, Private Sectors and Academia. And a lot of collaborations across current key players is also necessary in developing a strong West African AI ecosystem.

By initially building digital experts that augment, not replace staff, it allows you to realise significant business benefits without being forced to transform the business model to make it work.

And not only will it enable staff to do more with less training, but you start building critical data that helps you shape and optimise your digital logic.

As the logic gets more robust and accurate, you can look to adopt more digital interfaces where relevant. By that time, you will have empowered your staff to think and operate within a digital world; one where prescribed decision logic will increasingly be tackled by technology and where the human role shifts to perfecting the behaviours that help differentiate the customer experience.

Intelligence augmentation IA offers existing businesses a very pragmatic first step into the digital era. It focuses on getting the back-end logic or intelligence perfected before you try perfect the front end experience. It also allows staff to increasingly develop their EQ given that their IQ can increasingly be supplemented digitally.

And intelligence augmentation solutions are one of the key ways existing businesses achieve this outcome. And a workshop on AI was held in Benin recently.

Routing of voice and data in burst-switched networks

Ivory Coast launched a project to use drones and AI the monitoring of their power grids. The Minister of Communications in Nigeria, Mr Adebayo Shittu, has promised government support for the creation and growth of an Artificial Intelligence ecosystem in Nigeria.

We will also examine challenges and prospects of AI to foster greater interoperability and security. There are currently few Artificial Intelligence startups and initiatives to grow the community of practitioners. Most of these efforts are driven by civil entities, with little current government support and appropriate academic presence. And the main leaders currently are Ghana and Nigeria. And in Nigeria, Ubenwa uses Artificial Intelligence to detect birth asphyxia from infant cry.

But for one South African firm deeply rooted in applying data science and machine learning to develop bespoke industrial solutions, the key to success lies in a deep understanding of key industry verticals. According to Stone Three CEO Derick Moolman, the company distinguishes itself through a combination of signal processing experience, enterprise-level software engineering, and deep domain expertise built up over the past two decades.

We have always sought to go beyond the hype of new technologies and uncover real-world applications that solve specific problems in the industrial value chain.

Moolman says the company fosters a strong entrepreneurial spirit among all team members. By empowering our strong team, we create an environment that nurtures and enables a culture of innovation and invention and unlocks growth opportunities across the company. For more information, please visit www.

Zindi is the first platform of its kind in the African market. Data scientists download the datasets to build machine learning and artificial intelligence models. Competitions are open for two to four months.

Fastest Mobile Networks 2019

Upon submission, solutions are automatically evaluated by the platform based on accuracy and data scientists can see their ranking on a live public leaderboard.

By hosting a competition on Zindi, organizations- corporates, startups, non-profits, and governments- can get their problems solved by a growing community of Zindi data scientists. Zindi works with the organization to define its business problems, prepare and source the datasets, and post the competition for the Zindi community to solve.

How to get involved Zindi will have a start-up booth in the Innovation Cafe No. Organizations that are interested in hosting a competition can contact Zindi for a free consultation.

Data scientists can enter competitions on Zindi starting 9 September by registering at www. For more information, contact zindi zindi. Ixio Analytics Ixio Analytics is a data-led modelling and analytics company that serves clients across the African region, with offices in South Africa and Ghana.

Ixio takes a business-led and science-driven approach to data. Problems are solved using the full weight of advanced statistical programming ecosystems, like R and python.

Ixio specializes in statistics, machine learning, unstructured and NoSQL data mining, pattern recognition, iterative solution engines, and heuristic techniques.

For more information, visit www. They are a provider of accelerated computing systems and offer systems integration consultancy on a range of projects.

Their AI research scientists work to help African businesses leverage new hardware and software tools to harness the full power of computational innovations. HoloXR is an Augmented Reality head-mounted device that uses deep learning to help mining and Geo-technical engineers in Africa. HoloXR will analyse and predict future seismic events using seismic data in real-time, helping improve the productivity and efficiency of mining workers and operations across Africa.

Access to these resources has helped Africa Business Integration rapidly prototype the HoloXR device and accelerate seismic data analysis while predicting future events. NVIDIA Inception program is a virtual accelerator program that helps start-ups during critical stages of product development, prototyping and deployment.

Every Inception member gets a custom set of ongoing benefits, from hardware grants and marketing support to training with deep learning experts.

Each of the company types has its challenges. Type A, the acqui-hire potential, needs to move from consulting job to consulting job, hoping that at the end one of the clients or a big consulting house wants to have these skills for themselves and is prepared to pay for it. Type B, the potential unicorn, needs to develop this unique IP and validate that it works.

The Data-Driven Life

This will most likely require significant funding at a very high risk, while waiting for the validation to materialize. Hoping that nobody solves the problem before you. Type C has to crack the challenge of matching the AI expertise with industry knowledge and finding a sufficient amount of early adopters to make the business model work. So over and above working with cutting edge technology these entrepreneurs also have to build a real business.

Analysing the publicly available portfolio of the South African VC community limited to those that are registered on the SAVCA database , only a very few have done investment in companies that mention AI on their website.

So why is that? Are there not enough investment ready AI companies in South Africa? Are the majority of investors not ready for it? Or is it just too difficult to generate significant returns from such an investment if you are based in South Africa? And assess which one it is — substance or hype.

About Knife Capital Knife Capital is an independent growth equity investment firm focusing on innovation-driven ventures with proven traction. Knife Capital has invested in DataProphet, a Machine Learning company that focuses on providing its AI enabled process control solutions to the global Manufacturing industry.

Can you rightfully call yourself a VC if you have not invested in at least one AI company? And some of the funding rounds and exits are staggering.

But what defines an AI company?Numbering things allows tests, comparisons, experiments. At random times, the phone rang and quizzed its owner about his or her mood.

Having a record of every drink he took sharpened his awareness and increased his feeling of self-mastery — and reduced his drinking. But for one South African firm deeply rooted in applying data science and machine learning to develop bespoke industrial solutions, the key to success lies in a deep understanding of key industry verticals.

App Ecosystem Microsite Author: Every switch is a test of her original theory. I know what this is like.

Moodscope is a blended system in which measurement is supplemented by human sympathy. Our actions do, too.

Find the best Ubuntu re-spin, build a Raspberry Pi-powered Mars rover, and harden your servers.

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