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Penile penetration of the vagina causes virginity loss.

But, if the penis only partially penetrates the vagina then there is some individual discretion regarding whether one continues to identify as a virgin. In the pages of Seventeen, neither oral sex nor anal sex are causes of virginity loss; if they were, this would allow for same-sex virginity loss. Seventeen, however, is vague as to whether oral sex causes virginity loss.

Furthermore, being fingered, using tampons, having a gynecological exam, or masturbating do not cause virginity loss. Discussion and Conclusion The purpose of this project was to determine how Seventeen constructed the virginity script for their adolescent readers by analyzing its sex advice column.

Analyzing teen magazines is an unobtrusive way to discover how adolescents might construct the virginity script. Determining how magazines designed for adolescents and young adults are defining what counts as sex is a way to gauge what readers are being taught counts as sex and what causes virginity loss.

Heteronormativity Like previous research using teen magazines see Carpenter ; Durham ; Jackson a, b , this research found that heterosexuality, including heteronor- mative definitions of sex and virginity loss dominated the columns.

Heteronormativity normalizes heterosexuality and constructs virginity as a hetero- sexual experience Ingraham Seventeen discussed oral sex only in a heterosexual context as the closest sexual act to intercourse in level of importance, but does not say oral sex causes virginity loss.

Additionally, a heteronormative definition of virginity loss challenges the definition of sexual experience for bisexual and transgendered individuals. Can virginity only be lost through heterosexual, sexual experiences? This would mean gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people could only lose their virginity through a heterosexual sexual experience and heterosexuals could not lose their virginity through same-sex sexual experiences.

This research shows how virginity loss is constructed so that it can only be experienced through heterosexual sex. Furthermore, this research shows virginity can only be lost in one way i.

If virginity can be lost in multiple ways and can be individually defined, then this means virginity can be lost through same-sex sex. Not only does this make virginity loss an experience something that can only be experienced through heterosexual sex but it also reinforces inequality among men and women and the traditional sexual double standard i.

The virginity script for women is that virginity is lost when she has intercourse. For men there is some flexibility. For example, Seventeen tells its readers penetration equals sex, but boys might only consider it sex if he orgasms December Here, Seventeen gave boys a different standard of virginity loss than girls.

The boy could decide his virginity status based on his achievement of orgasm: he gets to decide. She becomes a nonvirgin when she is penetrated.

This is a slightly more conservative standard than Seventeen proposed in an earlier issue September In this issue the reader could decide for herself is she was still a virgin even though his penis had partially entered her vagina, but then sex was stopped. She can only determine her virginity status if her and her boyfriend start to have sex and stop September , p. Yet, as Seventeen stated, most people would consider her a nonvirgin. Men and women are given different standards for when virginity is lost, reinforcing gender inequality.

Implications Most often, Seventeen does not question the traditional virginity script i.

Seventeen does, however, suggest there are other sexual activities e. How does acknowledging alternative virginity scripts challenge the virgin identity and gender dynamics? Ambiguity could be advantageous for girls because it gives them permission to participate in sexual acts and find sexual pleasure, yet maintain their technical virginity Berger and Wenger Nevertheless, boys most often wield the power in sexual relationships.

For example, there were questions from readers suggesting pressure 36 Sex Cult —38 from boyfriends to participate in virginity-preserving sexual activities e. If the construction of virginity remains unclear, girls may perceive boys as an authority figure on what causes virginity loss. Even girls who are waiting until marriage to lose their technical virginity might still be looking for sexual pleasure and may want to please their boyfriends.

This points to a sexual double standard that acknowledges male sexual desire while ignoring female sexual desire. This research challenges the relevance of the traditional virginity script by providing evidence that what is counted as sex is not constant.

Annual Reports

Seventeen does occasionally include more criteria than a penis inserted into a vagina for sex to occur e. Moreover, my research findings illustrate how Seventeen maintains heteronormative, sexist virginity scripts for its readers.

Future Research Future research should analyze comparable columns from a variety of current teen magazines e.

Many new teen magazines have been introduced in recent years and little to no published research has been conducted using them as a source of analysis.

Moving away from using magazines and toward other media or away from media altogether are other possibilities. For example, interviewing adolescents could provide valuable information on virginity scripts. Additionally, interviews could explore what adolescents think of the sex advice columns in teen magazines and how they use those columns.

This study shows that virginity is vaguely constructed. Like sex, virginity means different things to different people and its definition may reinforce the sexual double standard. For example, Seventeen suggests an orgasm may be necessary for a boy to count sexual behavior as sex.

These multiple meanings point to the further need of consistently defining sex-related terms in research and in the public sphere e. As long as intercourse is privileged, other meaningful sexual experi- ences are denigrated as less important. This privilege excludes same-sex sexual experiences of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered individuals, and even heterosexuals from the experience of what is considered an important rite of passage in the transition to adulthood.

Previous research has used a variety of methods to help understand how people define sex. Teen magazines have been analyzed for a variety of virginity-related topics e. Regardless of changes in sexuality norms over the past several decades, virginity remains an important theme for female adolescents within the pages of Seventeen.

Burgess, Denise A.

A is for Abstinence (V is for Virgin #2)

I also thank Laura M. An earlier version of this paper was presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Social Problems. References Bailey, W. American Journal of Health Education, 33, — Baldwin, J. Heterosexual anal intercourse: An understudied, high-risk sexual behavior. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 29, — Baumgardner, J.

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See a Problem?

The body project: An intimate history of American girls. New York: Vintage Books.

Carpenter, L. From girls into women: Scripts for sexuality and romance in Seventeen magazine, — The Journal of Sex Research, 35, — The Journal of Sex Research, 38, — Gender and the meaning and experience of virginity loss in the contemporary United States.

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Gagnon, J. The explicit and implicit use of scripting perspectives in sex research. Bancroft, C.

Weinstein Eds. Garner, A. Narrative analysis of sexual etiquette in teenage magazines. Log In Sign Up. Ronald V Huggins. The Claim that Krishna was a Virgin Born, Crucified Savior is a 19th century Western invention that continues to be circulated by ignorant, intellectually lazy people who've never bothered to read the classic Hindu texts on the subject, most of which are now readily available in English. Common False Claims: The Real Story: The name of their first son was Kirtiman.

That detail is from a late source c. Edwin F. Bryant; London: Penguin Books, An Alternative History New York: Penguin Press, Not everyone will agree with these dates.

An Alternative History New York: Penguin Press, Not everyone will agree with these dates. Colby and Rich, , Twelve, , Hitchens source is an atheist book published in the s, entitled Essays on Freethinking, by Chapman Cohen Hitchens actually reprints the portion he plagiarized in the collection The Portable Atheist Motilal Banarsidass, [orig.

Princeton University Press, ]: He died when the hunter Jara shot him in the sole of his foot. In most stories it was said to be an accident, 9 in one, that Jara was actually a demon getting revenge for being killed by Krishna in a previous life. Motilal Banarsidass, , An Alphabetical Guide New Delhi:Past research on the topic of how people define having sex include using hypothetical situations Bogart et al.

Princeton University Press, , To fill in the blanks left by abstinence-only sex education, adolescents turn to other sources of sexual information, such as teen magazines. She's such a tease with her look-but-don't-touch policy. The name of their first son was Kirtiman.

For example, the hymen has been used as an indicator of female virginity yet there is no such indicator of male virginity.

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