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The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking is much more than a guide to hacking. For anyone interested in finding out how your fail-safe system was cracked and. An Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking, Ankit Fadia, Macmillan India Hackers and Cyber terrorists. . http:///ls/bills-ls-rs//96_pdf. "Ethical hacking" may seem like an oxymoron, but to year-old Indian high school student Fadia, it's a way of life. This book extends his Hacking Truths site.

Unofficial Guide Ethical Hacking Ankit Fadia Pdf

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The Ethical Hacking Guide to Corporate Security by Ankit Fadia. Published by. Centro Atlântico, Lda. Av. Dr. Carlos Bacelar, – Escr. 1 – A – V. N. . Windows and Web programming has grown into a massive database of tweaks and tips for. Windows XP Hacking Windows. unofficial guide to ethical hacking pdf ankit fadia. Instant Messenger Passwords Windows Login Passwords E-mail Client Passwords myavr.infol hacking by C.

He made his sessions interactive and brought up scenarios and examples that kept the people at the edge of their seats. The question-answer session was quite a hit! Even at the organizational level, sir was a pleasure to deal with. Being the celebrity that he is, his no-fuss and easy going attitude was quite a surprise! His co-operation and evident love for teaching may well be declared the reason for the success of the workshop.

At the end of the day, the attendees went home leased-asking us to conduct many more such workshops. Ankit Fadia to conduct the workshop The crowd immensely appreciated the way the technical details were explained. The flow of the presentation was extremely good,and the humour used by Mr Fadia kept the crowd engaged.

The show stealer was the live hacking of accounts ,that left the students completely amazed Not only the audience but the whole Sakal team was completely spell bound during the talk.

There were so many things in the IT sector which were always there but thanks to you we got to explore them in new ways. The students attending the seminar also learnt new techniques of handling the Internet and staying away from cybercrime and criminals. We look forward to more knowledge on the subject through future associations with you The sheer presence of Mr.

Ankit Fadia as a speaker brought smiles on every bodies face. He redefined the difference between Hackers and Crackers for the audience. The session was made more comprehensive by various demonstrations, which was enjoyed by the students.

The students seemed very enthusiastic throughout the session, they were intrigued to know all about Hacking and their curiosity was flawlessly answered by Mr. Fadia while the session, the students enjoyed every bit of information which was given by him; they excitingly tried these tricks on their own laptops and PCs. His real life examples made the students understand the concept very well.

Students responded positively to his session and were eager to see him in future Ankit Fadia. We feel immense pleasure to start our club activities with a huge feedback of appreciation and acknowledgement - Rtr. The 8-hr workshop on Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security was one of the finest that we have seen!

First of all, the participation was overwhelming! We had people coming in from various parts of India for the workshop. That itself speaks of the magnitude of success it was. The crowd was ecstatic. All the organizers were obliged by Mr. Everyone was just going gaga about how awesome Mr. Fadia is! Be it his knowledge in the subject, or his behavior with participants and organizers alike! Am not mentioning all this just because I have to write something good, but it is all that we have experienced!

We are very eagerly looking forward to Mr. Fadia conducting a bigger workshop this time from our college. We are deeply honored to have organized an event for him! Ankit Fadia training. The training was very insightful, precise, up to date and real-world oriented.

We really enjoyed all the sessions and the way the trainer incorporated case studies, practicals and theory to make the training very interesting and memorable. All the trainer presentation skills, knowledge on the topics, subject matter expertise and ability to respond to queries was excellent. Ankit Fadia conducted the workshop which was obliged by a overwhelming response of participants.

Ankit Fadia took an 8 hour workshop imparting knowledge about Ethical Hacking, amazing the crowd with his demonstrations and calmly solving the queries from the participants. The workshop was very useful and covered all the topics as per the given plan.

The workshop was very beneficial for the participants and the communication skills of Mr.

Fadia were excellent. GNI has gone to a whole new level. Useful for all especially for IT background. Simple language, understandable even to non technical people.

Very interactive. Looking forward for Ethical Hacking 2. We were stunned and absolutely spell bound during the entire workshop having to know the various hacking techniques and also realizing the fact that using internet without any security can be very dangerous too.

It was an eye opener for the ones who thought that just surfing was safe enough. But it no more is a terror to face any criminal online It life time memory for all of the students who attended the amazing workshop on Ethical Hacking by Mr Ankit Fadia. See all free Kindle reading apps.

The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking

Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? Product details Paperback: English ISBN Be the first to review this item Amazon Bestsellers Rank: No customer reviews.

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Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. I was amazed when I finished scanning this book today. Quite frankly, I can't imagine why it was ever published! Any hobbyist with more than one year of experience knows AT LEAST what's covered in this book, and they probably don't even realize it! This book doesn't cover ANY of the new operating systems, doesn't take into account ANY basic security precautions that have been in use for a couple years now, and does the reader a disservice by trying to explain poorly what "hacker" and "cracker" means clearly the author was trying to impress his friends with his knowledge of jargon.

There are MANY more useful tomes on the market; don't waste your money on this book!

The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking

Very informative. I am more than upset with the author of this book. All the material can be found easily by searching the Internet and by doing a search at [ Not only that but when I reported the problem to the author, I got nothing from him -- that was almost a year ago, I am not sure about the files as of Oct 1, I don't recommend this book -- well, I do.

If you have a fireplace and you are out of wood. Other than that, save your money and search for other more serious books online. Lot's of good info, even in the face of the rapidly changing digital landscape. Great info, and generally great reference material. I have a huge problem with a book title claiming that it is about "ethical hacking" when it is anything but ethical.

Of course, unless you are also a sixteen year old, like the author, and you get big kicks out of showing your friends how you can hack into your own computer.

The book has a chapter on altering viruses so that they will not be detected by antivirus programs. Not in my opinion. Most of the book is somewhat trivial, contains nothing new and is even mundane. The book starts out explaining how to hack into a Windows 95 machine that you have physical access to.Defending yourselves from threats in a. People were literally standing on the sides, some sitting on the ground in the path way.

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I have a huge problem with a book title claiming that it is about "ethical hacking" when it is anything but ethical. We received wonderful reviews from the participants and the workshop has greatly enhanced the reputation of IIT Hyderabad. For that you better use scripts available on the internet.

Someone who want to touch the tip of hacking can start with this. Fadia conducting a bigger workshop this time from our college.

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