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Necessity Of Gear Box In An Automobile In this type of gearbox, all the gears of the main shaft This type of gearbox is similar to the constant mesh type in. Here are the types of gearbox & their application in automobiles and industries with animation - myavr.infog mesh gearbox myavr.infolic gearbox myavr.infoom. Today we will discuss about types of gearbox used to power transmission in automobile industries. An automobile requires high torque when.

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PDF | In this project the Gearbox cover of a 3-wheeler commercial auto is and t orque, whereas a transmission is a type of gearbox that can be. GEARBOXES IN AUTOMOBILES. Types of Gearboxes • Sliding Mesh Gear box • Constant Mesh Gear Box • Synchromesh Gear Box. Simple in construction, Simplest type of gearbox. consequent damage, a synchromesh gearbox is used in different type of motor vehicles.

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1. Sliding mesh gearbox

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They have the option to select one of several different gear ratios. These are called helical gears.

Double Helical gears are called Herringbone gears. Synchromesh gearbox The synchromesh gearbox eliminated the the daunting task of double-declutching or say synchronising.

All the parts and arrangement are similar to those of sliding and constant mesh gearbox except the synchronizers. You can imagine the working of synchronizers similar to that of working of a friction clutch.

What is a gearbox ?

When the gear selector fork slides the synchroniser, a small high friction disc gets pressed against the gear. The disc gradually attains the speed of output shaft in a matter of milliseconds. As soon as the speed of both is synced, the cover locked the position of both the parts.

This whole scenario happens when you press the clutch pedal and shift the gear up or down. Working of a synchromesh gearbox Now you could shift gears while declutching disengaging; pressing clutch pedal it once unlike the earlier ones.

Almost all the cars you drive today with manual transmission like Toyota Corolla or Skoda Superb have synchromesh gearboxes.

Sliding Mesh Gearbox – Main Parts, Working and Application

Also called as planetary gearboxes, they are completely different than the ones above. They are so called planetary because of the arrangement of the gears.

Parts in a single stage epicyclic gearbox Epicyclic geartrains are getting immensely popular these days since they are being used in almost every new car having automatic transmissions.

Continuous Variable Transmission If you have read my About Us page, you already know that this is one of my favorite machine.

This type of industrial gearbox uses a worm wheel that has a large diameter. The worm, or screw, meshes with the teeth on the peripheral area of the gearbox.

Types of Gearbox

The rotating motion of the worm causes the wheel to move similarly due to the screw-like movement. Most of these industrial gearboxes are used in heavy industries such as fertilizers, chemicals, and minerals. The planetary gearbox is ideal for its endurance, accuracy, and distinct functionality and is notable for its precision applications. This type of gearbox increase the lifespan of your equipment and optimizes performance.

Planetary gearboxes come in either a solid type of hollow format or with a variety of mounting options including a flange, shaft, or foot. At Amarillo Gear Service, we work with our clients to ensure their industrial gearboxes remain operational for the duration of their intended lifespan.

We ensure that every unit we refurbish and repair leaves our facilities in near-new condition.


If we notice potential causes of failure during the repair stage, we notify clients immediately. The result is that many of our industrial gearboxes perform better once they are returned and are less prone to damage or further problems. Amarillo Gear Service is a division of Amarillo Gear Company, which has been in continuous operation since When you need affordable and high-quality gearbox repair or renewal, contact the experts at Amarillo Gear Service in Amarillo, Texas.

We will be glad to tell you more about the Regions We Service and the quality workmanship we can bring to the repair or Renewal of your drive. October 30, An industrial gearbox is an enclosed system that transmits mechanical energy to an output device. Helical gearbox The helical gearbox is a low-power consumer and is compact in size.These industrial gearboxes offer mechanical advantages once they are mounted on the correct motor shaft output.

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Quick change of gears occurs due to noise of crashing. Counter shaft. Less wear in gears. What is a gearbox? This liquid flowing from the impeller to turbine runner exerts a torque on the stationary guide vanes which change the direction of liquid, thereby making possible the transformation of torque and speed.

Also three gears are rigidly fixed on counter shaft which is first speed gear, second speed gear and reverse speed gear.

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