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Monday, May 6, 2019

The Hindu, India's national newspaper since , is published by THG Whole pages, articles, photographs and other images can be viewed Experience every page of The Hindu anytime, anywhere. The Hindu, India's national newspaper since , is published by THG Publishing Private Limited, . One of India's most respected newspapers, The Hindu is known for its authentic and credible journalism. The Hindu Tamil Android App is very simple to use.

The Hindu Tamil News Paper Pdf Today

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The Hindu in Tamil Akhbar Newspaper ePaper Today Edition Read Online Free Publishing in Tamil (தமிழ்) From India. Recommended website Download The Hindu PDF Epaper Daily by ShashiDThakur The Hindu Tamil hindi newspaper, The Hindu Tamil epaper. Hindu Tamil Daily, yhs-per_,tamil the hindu,The Hindu Tamil News Paper Today,www the.

Subramania Iyer M. Veeraraghavachariar C. Karunakara Menon S.

Kasturi Ranga Iyengar S. Rangaswami Iyengar A.

The Hindu Tamil

Rangaswami Iyengar K. Srinivasan S. Parthasarathy G.

Narasimhan G. Kasturi S. Rangarajan N. Murali N.

Ravi N. Ram Siddharth Varadarajan Malini Parthasarathy.

The Hindu Customer Care

Muthiah Randor Guy V. Sriram Sudhish Kamath S.

Theodore Baskaran Dilip Vengsarkar A. Retrieved from " https: As these are not so important from UPSC exam point of view, you can skip these.

This usually would be an excellent analysis of a current issue.

Publisher Description

Note: Try to finish everything up to this page within minutes. Perspective Page Usually Page 9 : This is where you see the op-ed.

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Read this to get a different perspective on current issues. Page These pages deals with news in general.

There is no need to go deep into political news or issues, just have a superficial knowledge of what is happening around. Spend some time here, if you find any major happenings.

Business Pages : Focus on trends, growth parameters and issues here.

Read issues connected with Fiscal and Monetary Policy. If you find socio-economic issues related to women, education or health, read in-depth.

Tamil Nadu

Sports Page and Life Page: Ignore. It covers many questions both in prelims and in mains exam as well.

What should be focused? Good analysis of current issues Editorial page or Op-Ed page. Supreme Court and High Court verdicts.Jump to.

Online edition of Tamil newspapers and Tamil news websites are also very popular among Tamil immigrants who primarily emigrated from their native lands to Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Mauritius, Europe, North America, and the Caribbean.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The English language daily is best described as classic yet contemporary.

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