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Last year I tried to download the ' The Great Indian Novel' by Shashi Tharoor. It was (is) not available online for Free download and i searched. Tharoor masterfully recasts the two-thousand-year-old epic, The Mahabharata, in twentieth-century India. In this award-winning novel, Tharoor has masterfully. The Great Indian Novel is a satirical novel by Shashi Tharoor. It is a fictional work that takes the story of the Mahabharata, the epic of Hindu mythology, and.

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The Great Indian Novel by ShashiTharoor PDF, The Great Indian Novel by ShashiTharoor Read Online, ePub The Great Indian Novel by. Free download ebook The great Indian novel for smartphone - FB Reader. Read "The Great Indian Novel" by Shashi Tharoor available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get RS. off your first purchase. The Mahabharata meets.

Karna, who has not been well, dies when he tries to pull a car out of the mud with his bare hands. Kunti, hearing the news, repeats her firstborn son's final gesture—by shaking her fist at the sun. Purochan Lal, the owner of the hotel where Kunti is staying, is an agent of Priya Duryodhani. Vidur intercepts the cables and sends a coded message explaining that the house is coated with lac and will be set fire.

The building is burnt, but Vidur arranges their escape while letting the world believe they have perished in the fire. The Pandavas wander India sticking up for the rights of the downtrodden. The refuse to take sides between two corrupt landlords, Pinaka and Saranga whose men attacked a man named Hangari Das. Dhritarashtra and Kanika start the "non-aligned" movement.

They decide to annexe the Portuguese colony of Comea. Bhim saves a beautiful girl from her abusive brother, Hidimba "a large man with a small goatee" , and weds. To enter Tibia from the province of Drowniang, however, Chakar troops must cross into territory claimed by India.

Bhim has a baby son, Ghatotkach, who is born in the town of Ekachakra. Sahadev challenges the champion wrestler Bakasura and is trounced. Kunti is annoyed with her other sons for allowing Sahadev to go through with it. The Chakars annexe a piece of Indian territory and the humiliation breaks Dhritarashtra's heart and he dies.

Ved Vyas convenes a training camp where the Pandavas are captivated by Draupadi. Priya Duryodhani is annoyed that Draupadi is drawing the attention away from her lectures and orders Ved Vyas to get Draupadi married. In Ved Vyas's mind, only Arjun is good enough for Draupadi, but he realises that Arjun will not be faithful to her.

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Priya Duryodhani decides to match her up with Ekalavya, of whom Drona had demanded his right thumb, and, apparently with whom Priya Duryodhani had had a youthful fling. Draupadi chooses Arjun, but through a misunderstanding, Kunti instructs the Pandavas to share equally the "surprise" they have brought home.

All five Pandavas marry Draupadi, Ved Vyas using his father's magic to ensure that she is a virgin for each of the five successive wedding nights.

Bhim's wife leaves him. Perceiving India as weak following its defeat at the hands of the Chakars, Karnistan invades Manimir again. Shishu Pal directs a successful counterattack. Shishu Pal dies of a heart attack after signing a cease fire.

Unable to find a successor that is universally unobjectionable, the Working Committee is persuaded by Ved Vyas to appoint Priya Duryodhani. The Pandavas work out a strict schedule to share Draupadi's bed.

Arjun violates the rule when he goes to retrieve the manuscript of a speech while Yudhishtir and Draupadi are together. Under the rules, Arjun is banned from his conjugal rights for a year. Arjun decides to spend the year as a "roving correspondent" for a newspaper and, in addition to witnesses the condition of the people, he finds a new sexual companion in every locale he visits. Arjun ends up in Gokarnam where he meets Dwarakaveetile Krishnankutty Parthasarathi Menon known as "Krishna" , the local Kaurava Party secretary who has recently unseated the local political machine boss, Kamsa.

When Arjun first sees Krishna, he is using a traditional dance form, Ottamthullal, as a medium for social satire. Arjun and Krishna become close friends and Arjun falls for Krishna's sister, Subhadra.

Krishna advises Arjun to woo her through abduction. In the dark, a confused Arjun mistakenly abducts Kameswari. A second attempt is more successful and the two are married. Arjun cables Draupadi, telling her that he is bringing home a new maid, making their eventual meeting rather uncomfortable. However, by the time Draupadi and Subhadra give birth to their sons, Prativindhya and Abhimanyu, they are as close as sisters.

The Kaurava Party is dealt a blow in state and local elections, although still holding a majority in the national Parliament.

Yudhishtir suggests that new leadership is needed. Priya Duryodhani agrees to a national election. Yudhishtir is named deputy prime minister, but is shut out of the Cabinet by Priya Duryodhani and Yudhishtir resigns. Ashwathaman, Drona' son and the leader of a socialist splinter party, is invited by Priya Duryodhani to join the Kaurava Party Working Committee. Priya Duryodhani takes Ashwathaman's side in advocating the elimination of the privy purses of India's former princes.

Yudhishtir resigns from the Working Committee. Priya Duroydhani and Ashwathaman then champion a bill to nationalise the banks. Mehrban Imandar, the president of India, dies. Priya Duryodhani backs Ekalavya as an independent candidate. The Working Committee expels Ekalavya from the Kaurava Party for opposing the party's official candidate. Priya Duryodhani wins with the support of the Left. Jarasandha Khan, the military dictator ruling Karnistan, decides to call elections.

Zaleel Shah Jhoota persuades Jarashanda Khan to declare the election results null and void and declare martial law in East Karnistan. Priya Duryodhani enters the conflict on the side of the Gelabins and the Gelabi Desh War results in the creation of a new nation-state. The success against Karnistan boosts Priya Duryodhani's popularity, but her rule grows increasingly oppressive. Priya Duryodhani is convicted of electoral misconduct. Shakuni Shankar Dey, a Bengali lawyer and president of the Kaurava R Party, counsels her to declare a Siege and seize dictatorial powers.

President Ekalavya concedes to the seizure of emergency powers. Priya Duryodhani orders the arrest of her political opponents. Ved Vyas chooses Krishna to lead the opposition campaign. Priya Duryodhani thus gets Krishna's experienced Kaurava Party grassroots electoral machine. Sunil Gangopadhyay. Praveen Bhalla.

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The Great Indian Novel

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Priya Duryodhani orders the arrest of her political opponents. Vidur goes to Devpur to get Vyabhichar Singh to sign the instrument of accession, and persuades Colonel Bewakuf Jan to disturb the maharaja from his sporting with a Frenchwoman.

Vidur urges Dhritarashtra to accept Karna's proposal, even though the Kaurava Party controls enough seats in the Northern Province to rule without a coalition. The government falls and Priya Duryodhani is victorious in the next election. Draupadi chooses Arjun, but through a misunderstanding, Kunti instructs the Pandavas to share equally the "surprise" they have brought home. Register now to get free access to our books, which are available in both EPUB and Kindle ebook format.

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