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The Book of Souls is the sixteenth studio album by English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released on 4 September It is the band's first studio double. The Book of Souls é o décimo sexto álbum de estúdio da banda de heavy metal britânica Iron Maiden, lançado em 4 de setembro de É o primeiro disco. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls at Discogs. Complete your Iron Maiden collection.

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The Book Of Souls is the band's 16th studio album since their eponymous debut in charted at #4 in the UK, in a career achieving sales of over 90 million. All of the information about Iron Maiden's new album 'The Book Of Souls'. View the track listing and get your copy of the Limited Edition Deluxe CD, CD, Triple. As both CDs are long enough to be considered full-length albums, a case could be made that this is actually The Book of Souls parts one and two, which just so.

However, as I gave the album more spins, I began to realize that it was one of those unfair expectations I had. I focused on the music at hand, instead, realizing that I cannot expect that kind of semi-controversial edge from musicians that are rapidly approaching their sixties.

I mistook the generally slow tempo of the songs on The Book of Souls for a band of elderly rock musicians not having the drive to sound explosive, when that's not really what this album is about.

Once I started to think about the songs in this context, I began to appreciate the work for what it is. That being said, I feel that the production of the album would benefit from a heavier, fuzzier guitar tone and a better balance between the various instruments. The guitars are drowned out by the vocals, and the synthesizers are buried pretty deep - this too, however, becomes less important as I listen more, because I get used to the mix as it is, and the details emerge to become clearer.

As an example, I didn't even notice the synthesizers backing up the verses of "The Great Unknown", but once I did, it added to the fullness of the sound and now I can't unhear them. In that sense, the production actually adds longevity to the songs as there's more to discover.

My main complaint in my first attempt at a review was that there was nothing new under the sun. In most songs you can hear echoes of earlier material, sometimes to the point of feeling like they plagiarized themselves the worst offender being the introductory guitar melody of "Shadows of the Valley" - it hews very, very close to the opening of "Wasted Years". -

Listening to "The Red and the Black", the only song penned solely by Steve Harris, I thought the opening riffs sounded like they came straight from Killers, the chugging riff before the verse made me sing the lines of "Quest for Fire", and the vocal lines reminded me of "Rime of the Ancient Mariner". Yet, right now, "The Red and the Black" has sailed up as a favorite! Somewhere along the line, I went from frowning disapprovingly at what I heard, to singing along and feeling a genuine rush of love for the band.

It's a hymn, all right, and I'm pretty sure it will slot in nicely on the band's setlist. It's long, yes; the second longest track on offer, in fact, but even as it is brimming with callbacks to older material, it has grown into a song I really enjoy listening to.

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I've complained loudly about their long songs on the last four or five albums being too stretched out, with too little variation, but on this album I feel the long tracks are sufficiently varied to maintain interest. The last half of "The Red and the Black" has many different parts, often supported by synthesizers, including one especially memory guitar harmony that is as classic Iron Maiden as it gets without being a direct rip-off of earlier material; it's a part that is reminiscent of a part in Opeth's "In Mist she was Standing" Orchid, , a simple but effective melody that gives me the feels all over, in the same way their guitar harmonies did on the first seven albums the part starts at I do wish they had more of these parts spread across the two discs, but I'm pretty happy with this one.

It reminds me of all those guitar harmony parts from their older days that I cherish, like, for example, the part that begins at in "The Duellists". While a song like "The Red and the Black" can be considered a "safe" song in the sense that it is Iron Maiden through and through, the band does actually sound genuinely fresh elsewhere - something I failed to hear because I was so hanged up on the tempo of the songs.

I wanted some kick-ass flurry of galloping Maiden, and a song like "If Eternity Should Fail", which kicks off the album, is building up rather slowly, turning into a great tune with some solid hooks that you may have missed on the first spin. The energy is kicked up a notch in shorter bursts like "When the River Runs Deep" and "Death or Glory", with hard-rocking riffs.

I prefer Maiden when they lean closer to metal which is why "2 Minutes to Midnight" is my least favorite Powerslave track. Fortunately the songs do include more 'metallic' parts to keep me interested. Another thing that I at first complained about was Bruce's vocals which I found too strained and grating. Many spins later, that problem too has disappeared, and at times I think he sounds great.

Many - not all - vocal lines employed on the album sound fresh as well. Estaba ansioso por escuchar lo que supuestamente seria una nueva obra maestra creada por los idolos de todo fan del Metal. Es potente, con ritmo y una letra bastante pegadiza. Hablemos de la portada.

Iron Maiden reveal the stories behind their sixteenth album The Book Of Souls

Abajo de la portada encontramos el titulo "the book of souls", escrito en una caligrafia que intenta simular letras mayas. En la parte superior de la portada, el mitico logo de Iron Maiden, con las letras bordeadas en color blanco y sin relleno, es decir, de color negro. Como ya he puntualizado aneriormente, el album consta de dos CD's. Las vocales arrasan, junto a las tres guitarras, tocando cordinadas a la perfeccion. Si la escuchamos detenidamente, la disfrutaremos el doble y "the red and the black" tiene buenos riffs y bastante variados, y unos solos de lujo.

De todas formas, se hace larga ya que dura mas de diez minutos. Esta es una de las mejores canciones del disco para mi, y opino que podria haver sido la primera.

The Book Of Souls

Tiene unas guitarras digna de uno de los mejores temas de los Iron Maiden actuales, al igual que el bajo de Harris. Se salva algun solo y la bateria por sus canvios de ritmo. Sin duda, la mejor de todo el disco. Como he dicho al empezar, Iron Maiden ha evolucionado y de forma grata. Por eso, mi nota es de 3,5 estrellas sobre 5.

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Title track 'The Book Of Souls', debating the fall of the Mayans, quickly becomes one of my favorites.

Archived from the original on 24 May Somewhere along the line, I went from frowning disapprovingly at what I heard, to singing along and feeling a genuine rush of love for the band. The band weaves a story in their traditional epic style, only done to its fullest extreme, and the whole thing is a spellbinding, extremely memorable experience.

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