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Read Sweet Possession read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Sweet Possession is a Romance novel by J. Daniels. Sweet Possession. Home · Sweet Possession Author: Banks Maya. 59 downloads Possession · Read more · Possession. Read more · Possession. Reese Carroll and Dylan Sparks cordially invite you to read Sweet Possession. Excerpt: Once the two wedding-obsessed mothers exit the shop, Juls lets out an.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. To read an excerpt of Sweet Possession, please visit About the Author. J. Daniels is a New York Times . Sweet Possession book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN the. SWEET POSSESSION BY MAYA BANKS This SWEET POSSESSION BY MAYA BANKS PDF start with Intro, Brief Session up until the.

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It just didn't wow me! View all 61 comments. Mar 27, Alba and Her Secrets.. Gaaaaaaah, this book! I am falling in love with J.

If you thought Reese could not get any better, I am happy to announce he definitely is in this one! Still hot and dirty AF, obssessed with his Sweet Dylan and ready to marry her. I loved this even more than Sweet Addiction. Obviously, I loved the chemistry between these two but all the feelings and everything in the mix? Oh yeah! And the ending? Awwwwww I died!

Highly recommend this love story! In this second installment we find Dylan and Reese busy with the preparations of their wedding.

Just when they thought they would finally settle down, last minute trouble, old stalkers and old problems came alive again, unwillingly putting them for an ultimate test: There are two things I love about books. First are epilogues. LOVE them. Especially if they are further in the future and allow us to see how the main characters lives went. The amazing thing? These book had both. It had the drama and since it was a second installment felt like if it was a giant epilogue.

Which simply means I loved it. Writing Style: First person. Female POV. Completely addictive.

Jessica Daniels is for sure an author not to lose sight. Character Development: I loved Reese in the first book, and I loved him even more in this one. Just like in the first one, an amazing group of supportive characters that brings a great deal of humor to the book.

Download Sweet Possession (Sweet Series #5) ebook PDF

View all 10 comments. I know I did! Well that's because there is a lot of sex in this book. That need and craving for that intimacy is what fueled everything else in their relationship.

And there was so much more to Dylan and Reese. They live and breathed each other in a way that at first appears obsessive but I came to realize that all the need, craving, passion stems from the truest form of love.

Let the world spin around them. To me, that kind of love is wonderful. There is a bachelorette party, dress fittings, mothers and mother-in-laws, cake baking and one crazy ass stalker Bryce that Dylan and Reese have to deal with. Oh and there are a couple of other tidbits too that involves Ian and Juls and Joey and Billy.

All this stuff will have you laughing, fanning yourself many, many times and I confess, I did shed a tear or two. Weddings always get me! He has this possessive sexy side that is insanely HOT then he has this sweet and tender side that had me swooning like crazy. He loved Dylan with every fiber of himself…. She too had quite the possessive sexy side to her that would send Reese over the edge. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes not so much.

She loved Reese deeply. My heart would race when just a simple touch or just a few words from her would rendered him helpless. Joey, Juls, Ian and Brooke bring everything full circle. They were that perfect balance to everything Dylan and Reese.

There were crazy moments with Bryce too.

In each book I always look for that little extra something. In Sweet Possession hands down it was Joey. Whenever he step foot on a page, whenever he opened his mouth I was already giggling. He definitely had his own little show going on.

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If I could clone him into a real life friend I would. And what I adored most about him was his love for Dylan. Talk about protective! This was definitely a great read for me. Dylan and Reese were on fire! They were insatiable and intense. They were sweet and tender. Oh…… we get an epilogue too. I love epilogues. And this one has made it to my top 5 favorites! They become an obsession, your reason for living, and all my moments involve Dylan.

The moment I saw her, standing at the end of my row next to Ian. Our wedding day, when she officially became mine. And now this. View all 48 comments. Aug 18, S. View 2 comments. Sweet Possession Series: Sweet Addiction 2 Author: Daniels Release date: September 19, Rating: No HEA: Sometimes it just feels like that couple's story has already been told and now the rest is just filler.

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I was so pleasantly surprised when I discovered that this book had just as much punch as the previous book. In fact, I almost think it might be a little bit better! The crazy drama that was at the end of the first book was absent and we get to just savor more time with this passionate couple.

It didn't take long before I was slipping right back into these characters like a pair of old comfy shoes. I kind of went, "Ah, there you are again, you sexy couple. I missed you. Daniels writing. I can't get over how addictive this series is to me. It kept me totally caught up in it almost immediately despite the fact that it's been some time since I've read the last book.

Her characters are memorable, sexy as hell, and the steam is incredibly well done. I mean, that really must be noted. She never disappoints in that department. It was in full force in Sweet Possession again.

Sweet Possession

We start off with Reese and Dylan happily engaged but unhappily dodging their mother's meddling in all the wedding plans. As Dylan is a wedding cake maker and her best friend is a wedding planner, you'd think that planning this wedding would be a snap.

But she can't escape all the pre-wedding stress that brides are doomed with. On top of that, she has to pack up her apartment above the bakery to prepare to move in with Reese and she's realizing that it may be a little tougher than she thought to say goodbye to her home that she loves. But she's willing to make the sacrifice for the man who's about to become her forever. The love they feel for each other is obsessive, possessive, and tender.

When they're around each other, they're like two magnets that are being pulled together at every moment. Their eyes are always drawn back to each other and their thoughts circle around the other constantly. You can feel their need and passion through the entire book. Reese is demanding, in control, and sexy possessive about his woman. He's hot as hell and not afraid to explore Dylan's boundaries in the bedroom. But trust me, she can hold her own in and out of the bedroom.

She has confidence, she challenges him, she makes him proud. They're matched in intelligence and humor. There couldn't be a better fitted couple in my opinion-I just love them together. Two days and you are mine. I'm his already but God, the way he says mine like I'm not even close to being his yet makes my mouth go dry. There was so much I loved about this book, the steam was written exceptionally well, the humor between the two MCs as well as all the supporting characters was top notch, and there was just the right amount of drama without being overdone.

I swooned over Reese's romantic gestures in this book! He was so incredible and sweet. Even Dylan's friend has to mention his exceptional relationship skills. You kind of make us all look bad. I liked every one of the characters except douchebag Bryce that needs to get a life and take a hike.

There were no moments of boredom or skimming. It was just smooth all the way through. If you haven't read this series, you should really give it a shot!

J. Daniels - Sweet Possession (ang.)

They are sweetly satisfying and very well written. I almost wish I could spend some more time with them in another book, but the ending was perfection-you can't improve on this happily ever after. View all 29 comments.

Reese and Dylan are one happy couple and about to get married in 10 days.

And let me tell you these 10 days were probably the longest 10 days I've ever read about in a book. Overall there was nothing wrong with this book. No OTT drama or misunderstandings.

But was this full length novel about their wedding and the days before necessary? Unlike Brooke, who definitely needs her own book.

She, Joey and their banter were the highlig 3. She, Joey and their banter were the highlights for me. View all 28 comments. Just last month I decided on a whim to read a book I've had on my kindle for awhile I'm not an ebook reader. I needed a good pick me up while I was sick in bed. I decided to go with a wedding hook-up story. And boy am I thankful for that decision! Sweet Addiction had me laughing my ass off from the witty banter between characters and the crude dialogue. The seriously steamy scenes had me blushing behind my hands.

I will never look at an accountant again without thinking of Reese's filthy mouth. Nor will I ever look at a bucket of icing again without thinking of all the yummy, dirty things you can do with it. After I finished, I immediately knew I had to own everything J. Daniels had to offer in print. And in comes Sweet Possession I wasn't sure the story could get any better or dirtier , but boy was I wrong!

This book was even sexier than its predecessor. And that's saying something. This book was so good I could hardly set it down. It was the perfect balance of humor and romance.

I love this entire group of friends. The dynamic is off the hook! Billy really came through for Joey toward the end and it was one of the sweetest moments.

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I'm still holding out hope for a Joey book: Its one of my favorite epilogues I've ever read. Reese and Dylan's story has come to an end and I can honestly say it was a great pleasure to read. I can't wait to read the Alabama Summer series next and then see the worlds collide in Sweet Obsession!

They have made my favorites list for The love that these two share is what romantic books are all about. I will definitely go back to re-read thee books.

Dylan and Reese are now planning their wedding. They have bachelor and bachelorette parties to have, over bearing mothers to deal with, crazy business partners to deal with and wedding cakes to bake.

There are some unexpected surprises that Dylan and Juls ha 5 Possessive Stars!View all 6 comments. I groan and her eyes light up. His lip twitches into a smile.

Daniels grew up in Baltimore and currently lives in Maryland with her husband and two kids. Look at what happened when Nathan stopped pussyfooting around Julie. Inhaling deeply, I wrap my arms around his neck and relish in the glorious sight and smell of him. View all 11 comments. I was never bored with anything nor eager for it too finish.

Besides to bed with Reese, which will definitely be happening very soon.

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