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Tuesday, July 2, 2019 The Star Wars Party Book: Recipes and Ideas for Galactic Occasions (): Mikyla Bruder, Frankie Frankeny: Books. The Star Wars Party Book—From the creators of the Star Wars Cookbooks comes an extragalactic party book chock-full of ideas for games, food, crafts. No Star Wars party is complete without themed decorations to set the stage. . Coloring book lightsaber: For the kids at the party, a coloring book lightsaber is a .

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See more ideas about Star wars birthday, Star wars party and Birthday ideas. Homemade Star Wars Lightsaber Coloring Book Party Favors - Mad in Crafts. This list of Star Wars chapter and picture books is perfect for them! Star Wars Party, Star Wars Birthday Party, Star Wars, Star Wars games. If you're throwing a Star Wars birthday party, we've got you covered with Want to turn a basic Star Wars coloring book into a favor they can't.

The longer you hold the cooling light sabers, the nicer they will look when finished putting them down on the parchment paper while still damp will smoosh the chocolate a little. This really comes down to how many willing hands you have to hold the cooling light sabers vs. Our Star Wars Birthday Party was for a four-year-old, so I held mine just long enough and then set them down.

A little smooshing goes unnoticed by preschoolers. Edible Ewoks This one is even easier than the Yoda Soda. Buy a box of Teddy Grahams. Open box. Dump into serving bowl.

Pizza the Hutt We also served pizza. We got a few Star Wars plates, napkins, and a tablecloth from Target. We also ordered a few simple hanging decorations from Amazon our Target was a bit picked over at the time.

These two four-feet-tall figures provided endless entertainment, in addition to contributing to the festive atmosphere. Yes, the Stormtrooper is wearing a Home Depot apron in this photo. For the month prior to the party, I popped by the Dollar Tree every time I passed and bought the four or five Star Wars coloring books they had on hand.

30 books for a Star Wars fanatic

After three trips, I had enough for each kid. A kid can always use a coloring book! On party day, set up a runway where guests take turns showing off their costumes. Award prizes for the best costumes. Jedi training: This is another activity that works for both kids and adults who are die-hard fans of the franchise.

Set up various training activities for the future Jedis to practice their skills. Use pool noodles to make lightsabers for mock lightsaber battles and set up an obstacle course. Photo booth: Another way to get mileage out of the Star Wars costumes your guests wear is by setting up a photo booth. Create a space-like background with Star Wars written at the top.

Gather in the living room or set up an outdoor projector for a drive-in feel. Use large cardboard boxes decorated like landspeeders as a fun place for the kids to sit and watch the movie.

Death Star toss: Paint an image of the Death Star on a large cardboard box. Cut out the smaller circle on the Death Star. Players toss beanbags toward the hole to score points. Freeze a Han Solo action figure in water. The players have to melt the ice to free him. To add a competitive element, freeze multiple Han figures, and divide the party guests into groups.

The first group to free Han wins. Star Wars trivia: Guests at a Star Wars party likely know a thing or two about the movies. Create a trivia game to see just how much they know. Choose questions of varying difficulty levels. Assign points based on difficulty.

Build a droid: Gather lots of Legos for this activity. Each participant builds a droid using the pieces. Show off the creations at the end of the building time.

Star Wars Party Favors Send your guests off with fun party favors to remember the party. You can find all sorts of Star Wars-themed books, toys and other items that work, or you can get creative with party favors. Check out these ideas for Star Wars party favors to get you started: Bubble wand lightsabers: If your guest list includes kids, bubble wand lightsabers are perfect as party favors.

Head to the outdoor toy area of your favorite store to find the long, transparent, colored tubes of bubbles. Back at home, spray paint the handles silver, and add your own detailing to make them look like lightsaber handles.

Glow stick lightsabers: For a smaller version, make lightsaber party favors from glow sticks. Wrap duct tape around the bottom portion to create a handle. Jedi certificate: Create a Jedi Knight training certificate for each party guest. Pez dispensers: Young and old alike enjoy popping candies out of Pez dispensers, and Star Wars characters are popular options in the candy dispensers. Pop a character with some extra packages of candies in a cellophane bag to hand out as guests leave. Print a copy on your home printer.

Send each guest home with a fun photo.

23 Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas You Will Love

Add in a photo frame, or slip the photo inside a Star Wars-themed thank you card to round out the photo gift. Coloring book lightsaber: For the kids at the party, a coloring book lightsaber is a fun party favor idea. The tape comes off cleanly without tearing the book. Wrap the coloring book with construction paper. Add a strip of gray construction paper at the bottom edge to create a handle. Have you planned your party yet? Ceramcor has you covered for all of your party cookware and bakeware needs, so grab your Han Solo or Princess Leia costume, and start celebrating.

Hang the Tie Fighters from the ceiling. Plan for cleanup with a decorative touch using a small white trash can with a rounded lid.

The shape is the perfect base for an R2D2 replica. Cut the details from vinyl, paper or colored tape, and stick them to the trash can.

With all of the excitement of the day and the fun activities on the agenda, your guests need plenty of Star Wars snacks and desserts to refuel. Many party foods get a Star Wars makeover with simple changes to the presentation. Another way to incorporate the theme is by using a little word play in the name. Create labels with black starry backgrounds and yellow font like the iconic Star Wars lettering to display those creative names.

Finger foods always go over well, whether you serve them before or during the main course. If you plan an afternoon party, you can get away with just serving snacks and a dessert. Grape lightsabers: Slide grapes onto a skewer to create healthy lightsabers. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries also work. A large marshmallow at one end works as a sweet handle. Pretzel lightsabers: Another edible lightsaber idea starts with long, thick pretzel rods. Dip them in colored melted chocolate, leaving about an inch at the end as the handle.

Whip up a batch of 7 layer dip, and call it 7 Leia Dip to bring in the Star Wars theme. Vader veggies: The traditional veggie tray gets a Star Wars makeover simply by calling it a Vader veggie tray. Add some droid dip to round out the tray. Tie Fighters: Make edible Tie Fighters with cheese crackers and cheese cubes.

If you prefer a sweet version, use a marshmallow between two graham crackers with cream cheese or Nutella to hold it together. The green color of guacamole is the perfect shade to represent Yoda. Add sour cream eyes with black olives in the center. Serve a side of scoop-shaped tortilla chips, and call them Trooper Scoopers. It just takes a little creativity.

One option is Bow-ba Fett pasta. Cook up a large pot full of bow tie pasta to create the dish. Add your favorite sauce and other recipe add-ins to create the dish.

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A similar option is Boba Fettuccine Alfredo. A sign with a Star Wars font to display the play on words adds the perfect finishing touch to the dish. Another option is Death Star pizza. The pizza is already the perfect shape — we even have the perfect pizza pan to match. Add toppings to make the pizza look like the Death Star, bake and serve.

Another easy option is to create BB-8 pizzas. For a simple dish, serve ham sandwiches. Add a Ham Solo sandwiches label to create the tie-in to the party theme.

A similar idea is to serve Han Burgers and Hoth Dogs. Just add the sign with the Star Wars name to make the connection. Lucky for your party guests, there are plenty of easy Star Wars cake ideas and other desserts perfect for the occasion.

Star Wars Party Supplies

One simple option is to make a lightsaber out of cupcakes. Decorate three cupcakes with gray frosting and the rest with frosting in blue, green or another lightsaber color. Line them up in a long row, with the gray cupcakes at one end. Candy-coated chocolates work well for making the buttons and details on the handles. You can also create the same idea with a sheet cake. Cut the cake into long strips all the same width. Place them end-to-end, and cover them with frosting.

If the idea of decorating an actual cake scares you, a snowy Hoth cake or a sandy Tatooine cake is the way to go:.

Start with a basic round cake. For a Hoth design, cover the cake with white frosting. Think of the ridges as snow drifts. If you prefer a Tatooine design, frost the cake and cover it in crushed graham crackers to look like sand.

Pop a few Star Wars Lego figures on top to finish off the cake.The longer you hold the cooling light sabers, the nicer they will look when finished putting them down on the parchment paper while still damp will smoosh the chocolate a little.

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Choose questions of varying difficulty levels. The traditional veggie tray gets a Star Wars makeover simply by calling it a Vader veggie tray. Even a few decorations create the feeling of the movie. Make your way across the Galaxy Set up an obstacle course in your garden or venue, akin to the Star Wars obstacle course of the Coruscant Jedi Temple for the Jedi Knights.

Line them up in a long row, with the gray cupcakes at one end. For a simple dish, serve ham sandwiches. Show off the creations at the end of the building time. Star Wars Decorative Letters

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