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Sri Lanka Travel Guide. Sri Lanka, formerly known until as Ceylon, is an island .. Buddhist Publication Society guide. Sri Lanka Brochures Travel Guides A-Z click link(s) below to open/download. You need to take a print of your ETA and directly go the immigration counter, where a visit visa would be stamped in you passport which is allows you to stay for.

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But it's wrong to imply travelling in Sri Lanka is challenging or danger- ous. . are detailed on LOCALternative Sri Lanka – a responsible travel map (see p). It is best to choose a tourist guide who had been professionally trained and authorized by Sri Lanka tourism, who are categorized as National Tourist Guides or. Food & Beverages. TRAVEL INFORMATION. 16 - Business Hours. Electricity. Emergencies. Etiquette in Sri Lanka. Medical Services.

Be careful about the digit 1 one vs. The number should exactly match the machine-readable section of your passport, and not anything else for example, Russian passports have a non-alphanumeric number sign that should be completely excluded.

Tourist Places In Sri Lanka

Open to A visa extension gives you a full three months in the country and you can apply for your extension almost as soon as you arrive the day visa given upon entry is included in the three months. A further three-month extension is possible, but you must again pay the extension fee plus another LKR10, Extensions beyond this are at the discretion of the department, and incur a LKR15, fee plus the extension fee.

See above for fees for the first day extension. The fee varies greatly. Rule 1 applies..

Get There Early. Beat the Colombo gridlock which starts around am. For directions just ask for "Passport Office". You can download the visa-extension form from the website you got your ETA or get one on arrival. Go to the 3rd-floor office.

It is open from Show your filled-out form plus photo glued on at the desk closest to the door and you'll be given a number token. Keep this throughout the process. Interviews commence at in the booths marked with numbers and letters. Someone comes out periodically and calls the next token numbers to be processed. The interviewer will take your documents.

Return to your seat if you're lucky and wait for your number to display on the screen above the counter nearby. Show your token and get your documents back. Take these to the payment counter opposite, pay fee hand over documents and get fee receipt.

Once again wait for your number to show on the same screen as before. Then you wait 30 minutes or so while your passport works its way through the system and is returned to you.

Nuwara Eliya

Check the visa is correct. You will need your passport, and maybe onward ticket a credit card or foreign exchange receipts. It takes at least five days to process a tourist visa, but only one day if you are a foreign resident in Sri Lanka.

Lines tend to be very long. The airline operates brand new Dreamliner wide body aircraft on these routes. Ukraine International Airlines now has a flight from Kyiv to Colombo three times per week and provides convenient connection with many European cities.

Emirates Airlines connects to Colombo with several flights daily from Dubai to Colombo. The airline operates ER wide body aircraft on these routes. Etihad Airways connects Abu Dhabi with Colombo. This flight is also codeshared with other airlines from Etihad group eg. Air Serbia. Qatar Airways has three daily non-stop flights from Doha to Colombo.

SpiceJet have one flight a day to Colombo from Madurai and Chennai.

This opens ups cheap flight for visitors from South East Asia as well as those who are visiting South Asia and then heading to South-East Asia or vice-versa. Singapore Airlines flies daily between Colombo and Singapore. Turkish Airlines offers direct flight from Istanbul to Colombo. Oman Air has announced flights to Colombo via Muscat and Male, they seem to have special prices for their new destinations' start Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Male, Colombo.

Sri Lanka Travel Guide

From the American West Coast, the distance is almost half the globe. In many cases, this may be the fastest route, but check if an Indian transit visa is required.

Emirates Airlines offer non-stop service to Colombo two to three times daily from Dubai. By ship[ edit ] The Tuticorin - Colombo passenger ferry service, suspended for years due to the civil war, commenced services in June , but this service is currently suspended. The Scotia Prince ran twice a week until November when the ferry was discontinued indefinitely.

Cruise ship[ edit ] Sri Lanka has been included in its destinations list for by American cruise operator Zegrahm Expeditions [20]. The line plans four voyages that stop in Sri Lanka in Large passenger ships recently docked in Trincomalee and Hambantota harbors.

Get around[ edit ] Driving in Sri lanka requires great skill and knowledge of local driving attitudes. If you are not an expert driver who can negotiate dense traffic do not try driving. Also known as Tuk-Tuks from the noise of their horns. These operate in a manner similar to taxis, and in many situations are a convenient and highly cost-efficient way to get around.

Safety is a concern however, as none of them have seat belts and they are open to the sides. Three-wheelers are ubiquitous in Sri Lanka. You probably have not experienced everything Sri Lanka has to offer until you travel in one. On any given street, you'll hardly have to wait more than a couple of minutes without one going by that you can wave down.

If you're traveling with luggage, there are slightly larger three-wheelers with more space for your bags that you can look for. Some are metered and some are not. If available then always prefer the metered and make sure they turn the meter on. This trip will cost you much less than an agreed price. If metered are not available specially in countryside or smaller places then agree for a total price which will be a few times more than normal if you are a tourist.

Public transport is cheaper by far, and most three-wheel drivers tend to over-charge foreigners. The best price you can get is about LKR per km for short journeys and about LKR for long journeys more than 15km.

If you do come across a metered Tri-Shaw make sure the meter is switched on. Self Drive Tuk-Tuk Hire[ edit ] Hiring and driving your own Tuk-Tuk is possible; rules for insurance and driving license are more or less similar to those for cars, see below. By car[ edit ] Rented cars usually turn out cheaper than three-wheelers, and are less prone to road accidents--and are recommended by most hotels.

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With Driver: Rented cars often come with their own drivers. Often the automobile itself is free, whereas the driver will charge a fee for his services. You can book good cars from most of the Colombo hotel reception counters or from special counters located next to it. They will provide hotel Logo marked cars for rental with their own drivers.

They are good for airport drops or moving within the city. Check the price first before you book it.

Self Drive: First of all you need to have your international licence from your own country with you and also you must get it validated in Sri Lanka licencing centre. You may not drive in Sri Lanka without it! All rental companies will direct you to the right place or even take you there with their driver to help you through the process which can be speeded up if you pay a premium to your Sri Lankan driver who can then expedite the process.

There are several rental companies at the airport before you go out but its cheaper to get another company from town such as Malkey, Kings Rent a Car or Casons - they have a good range of cars and are very customer friendly. Expect to leave a high cash deposit for any vehicle you rent. Check for damage and that everything works prior to accepting the car. Insurance is included just in case check with your company and your own responsibility is around EUR.

Driving in Sri Lanka is on the left side and traffic is quite hectic - recommended only for confident and experienced drivers. There seems to be no rules other than bigger vehicles have the right of way. Don't be surprised to have a big bus coming at you on your side of the road so you have to get out of the way. Honking is common as a friendly "here I come" warning everywhere.

Note that central Sri Lanka has a lot of steep mountain roads and difficult to reach hotels so if you plan to have a fully loaded car and drive in central areas then at least rent a vehicle with a minimum of 1,5L engine. Night driving requires exceedingly strong concentration especially on the busier highways such as Colombo to Kandy. Taxi companies[ edit ] Taxis are a better way of getting around Colombo than three wheelers as, due to the metering, they often turn out to be cheaper.

Rates are about USD0. They will also take you outstation for around USD0. You can also set up your own itinerary and travel around that way as opposed to whatever the tour operator tells you. In Colombo and suburbs "Budget Taxi" are getting popular. It cost lower than normal taxis but bit higher than tuk-tuks. These are small cars and usually operated by reputed companies.

This is a safer and cost efficient way to travel in Colombo. All Budget Taxis are metered. Uber Go cars are plentiful throughout the Colombo region, and works out cheaper if you travel more than 2KM. UberX Base fare Rs. UberGO Base fare Rs. There is a Sri Lankan taxi service app called Pickme, which you can download from major app stores.

It's cheap and safe and you can order tuk tuks and mini cars, too. Tour operators[ edit ] Tour Operators are happy to get you a van and a driver who will take you all over the island but most of roads are narrow and slow, Be aware when you are calculating times because you can't drive as per the Navigator time-frame. Also remember max speed limits for highways kmh, Main Roads 60kmh 70kmh allowed only if clearly mentioned on the road and 50kmh city limits.

Maps of Sri Lanka – Download free

Customs of Sri Lanka Shaking hands is the customary greeting. Tea will always be offered to you if you visit someone. Refusing it is considered impolite. Punctuality is appreciated. Western wear is allowed at all places except in temples and religious sites.

Tips for visiting Sri Lanka Throughout the country, there prevails a heightened threat to security against terrorist attacks by indigenous political parties and even major militant groups. Always carry official photo identity proof with you everywhere you go and cooperate with local police and officials. Major languages are Sinhala and Tamil. Food of Sri Lanka Sri Lankan food is spicy with rice and curry as a staple food.

But you can always ask for less spicy options when you are ordering your food. Thambili, the juice from King Coconut, is very refreshing. They're sometimes crowded and uncomfortable, but they get you around for almost nothing; it costs about a dollar to get half-way across the island. If you're planning on splashing out, AC buses run most routes for twice the price, which offer air-conditioning and a guaranteed seat. However, they're still uncomfortable. Bus stations are confusing places, especially the big ones, but almost everyone will be delighted to practise their English and help you.

Also, when travelling by bus, it is local etiquette in most buses to provide or give up the very front passenger seats to members of the clergy such as monks or priests if they are present. If you're on a very tight budget, the standard public buses CTB lack air-con and are regularly pretty overcrowded, but they're dirt-cheap for western standards and run everywhere all the time. Private buses charge about double but are still cheap and often do have air-conditioning and often guaranteed seats.

Your best bet is to inform upon arrival in a destination about your way out, and if possible secure a seat already. In all cases, arrive early and preferably travel light. If you're carrying a lot of luggage, you might have to purchase a seat for your backpack if you don't want to keep it on your lap or under your feet.

By rail[ edit ] Sri Lanka Railways map Sri Lanka has an extensive railway system serving all major towns and cities in the island except for the North.

The railway system in Sri Lanka is picturesque when entering the hill country because of the winding tracks along the mountains especially on the Badullu-Nanu Oya line. Make sure, if you can, to sit on the right side of the train, as it offers the better view. Travel by train is itself a journey to remember, be it travelling to Central Sri Lanka or travelling on the coastal line is just amazing.

Highly recommended to travel by train outside Colombo. The Hill train to Badulla is an amazing journey. Preferably choose the express trains, and try to get a reservation beforehand, if you can.

There are special Observation cars for tourists to take in the scenery. Trains can be slower than buses, depending if you are on a line that offers an express train or not, but more comfortable and even less expensive than buses.

You can look up train schedules on the official website of Sri Lanka Railways. This site will only give you results for direct connections between stations. There are three classes of railway cars, although 1st and 2nd class are only available on some Intercity and Express trains. Travelling 3rd class is not as bad as it may sound. Often the difference between 3rd and 2nd class is only a missing armrest between seats.

Intercity and Express trains have reserved cars which can be booked online in advance on 12Go Asia website. Trains are sometimes crowded, especially in the morning and late afternoon. Also, observation car seats for the lines popular with tourists like the Colombo-Kandy line are often booked out several days in advance in the high season.But while most of the people in Colombo can speak English, don't expect everyone, everywhere to be able to speak it fluently.

Some are metered and some are not. By motorbike[ edit ] You can rent motorbikes or join a motorbike tour from several places in Negombo. On any given street, you'll hardly have to wait more than a couple of minutes without one going by that you can wave down.

The National Tourist Guides caters to a large group of tourists traveling in luxury coaches driven by reserved drivers while Chauffeur Tourist Guides would be guiding small groups conveyed in small vans and luxury cars.

Be advised, however, that these will only give you results for direct connections between stations. Super luxury buses: These buses operate only in limited routes. But you can always ask for less spicy options when you are ordering your food. Steering the way in Sri Lanka Tourist guides provides the visitor with in depth knowledge in their mother tongue, smoothing creases and wrinkles that is bound to occur while touring a foreign country for the first time.

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