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Shadow and Bone book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. ▷ Alternative Cover Edition #1Surrounded by enemies, the o. Shadow and Bone is the first novel of the fantasy-adventure Grisha trilogy, written by American was sold to Henry Holt and Co./Macmillan on December 3, ' Shadow and Bone, the first book in the trilogy, was published in June Shadow and Bone is the first book in the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. Alina, a pale, lonely orphan, discovers a unique power that thrusts her into the lavish world of the kingdom’s magical elite—the Grisha. The Darkling, a creature of seductive charm and terrifying power, is.

Shadow And Bone Book

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The Grishaverse will be coming to Netflix soon with Shadow and Bone, an original series! Enter the Grishaverse with Book One of the Shadow and Bone Trilogy. The Grishaverse will be coming to Netflix soon with Shadow and Bone, an original series! Enter the Grishaverse with Book Two of the Shadow and Bone Trilogy. The Shadow and Bone Trilogy He believes Alina can summon a force capable of destroying the Shadow Fold and reuniting their war-ravaged buy the book.

In the end I just took it as it came without looking too much into it, thought it added a nice background feel and was never the main point of the story. I think it maintains a good balance between action and world building and look forward to reading the sequel.

But can she trust the seductive, powerful Darkling?

‘Shadow and Bone’ Series Ordered by Netflix from Eric Heiserrer and Shawn Levy

And what about Mal, the childhood bes Have you read Shadow and Bone? We've found that while readers like to know what we think of a book they find additional reader reviews a massive help in deciding if it is the right book for them. So if you have a spare moment, please tell us your thoughts by writing a reader's review. Thank you. When she asks what needs to be done, Baghra tells her that she needs to head to West Ravka, which means she needs to cross the Fold.

After changing out of her kefta into simpler clothing, Alina runs away and hides in a theatrical troupe's wagon. She ends up in Balakirev, a town directly west of Os Alta, but continues traveling on her own. One night, she gets accosted by a drunk man and has to use her sunlight to protect herself, but it draws the attention of a soldier who is dressed in the charcoal uniform that the Darkling's guard wears.

She runs away before he can grab her but is chased and falls into a stream. When she thinks that she is safe, she hears something and it turns out that Mal has tracked her down. Instead of giving her away to the other soldiers, he leads her to safety and she learns that they have not found the stag yet. After a night of rest, she explains to Mal why she ran away and why the Darkling wants the stag so badly.

Later, Mal announces that he is taking her North to Tsibeya. If they can get to the stag before the Darkling, Alina can claim the antlers for herself and become powerful enough to fight him. After some more traveling, Mal and Alina finally reach a village on the northwest side of the Petrazoi and are unnerved by how empty the houses they past are. It turns out that it is butter week.

A week before the spring fast, every nobleman is expected to ride out in a cart filled with "sweets and cheeses and baked breads" to pass out to villagers, and it is a happy celebration for everyone.

While in town during the festival, Mal and Alina are accosted by some muggers who rob them. When the thieves tell Mal to open his bag, they see his military-issued rifle and they are immediately suspicious.

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A fight soon breaks out and Alina has to use her powers so they can escape, but they luckily only lose Mal's rifle and wool blanket. In the end, the fight ends the tension that had existed between Alina and Mal and, while not everything is back to normal, the two are friends again. Now as they travel further north, they talk about Alina's life at the Little Palace.

One night, Alina asks that Mal not let the Darkling's men take her if they get caught. Essentially, she is asking that Mal kill her before letting that happen.

Met with his refusual, Alina pushes the subject until Mal ultimately promises to take her life if need be. When they think that they have finally found the stag, Mal and Alina set up camp for the night, and Mal reveals that Mikhael and Dubrov were both killed in Fjerda while tracking the stag. Mal had volunteered to go look and the two volunteered to go with him. Nine soldiers crossed the Fjerdan border for the stag, only two returned. The next day, Mal finally admits his feelings for Alina and they kiss.

Not too long after, does and the stag from Morozova's herd enter the clearing. As Mal is ready to kill the stag, Alina tells him to wait and walks over to the stag that is staring at her. The Darkling arrives in the clearing and does not hesitate as one of his soldiers fires an arrow at the stag. When he goes to kill the stag, Alina covers the stag's body with her own.

Knowing that she won't give up without a fight, the Darkling uses his darkness to cover the area and they struggle with each other, but Alina is not as strong and is about to fall.

She tells Mal to kill her but he cannot do it. The Darkling overpowers her and Mal easily.

He then kills the stag to take pieces of his antlers and calls David forward. When Alina refuses to wear the antlers, the Darkling threatens Mal and forces her to obey him. David uses his powers to create a collar out of the antlers, and Alina is now tied to the Darkling and forced to obey.

When he tells her to use the light, her body cannot refuse the order. After arriving back at Kribirsk, Genya comes to Alina and reveals that the King has fallen ill and the Apparat is ruling in his stead.

Alina then realizes that Genya is no longer wearing a white and gold kefta. Instead, she is wearing Corporalki red with blue embroidered cuffs. Alina then realizes that Genya is involved in the Darkling's plans, but she still tells the latter that she forgives both her and David.

Later, Alina is brought to the Darkling's tent where he asks her why she betrayed him. When she begs for Mal's life, the Darkling seems to be merciful enough to let her see him, but then he reveals that he plans on bringing Mal into the fold with them and feeding him to the volcra.

Ivan takes Alina to see Mal, and the two spend the night reminiscing about their childhood and their time together after the orphanage. When morning comes, Alina is taken away to get ready for crossing the Fold. It turns out that the Darkling had gathered ambassadors from Fjerda, Shu Han, and Kerch to see her powers. As they enter the Fold, the Darkling uses Alina's powers as soon as the volcra get close to their ship, and she easily drives the creatures away with the power from the stag's antlers.

Minutes pass and they are already almost through the Fold, and Alina can see the other side of the Shadow Fold. As soon as the boat is about to dock, the Darkling uses his powers to combine with the Shadow Fold and makes the Fold spread, and the volcra quickly attack the innocent villagers. When Alina tries to call on her light, nothing comes and she is forced to watch.

The Darkling stops but the message is clear to the ambassadors that crossed the Fold with them. He threatens them with the Fold and says that there will now be peace. Before leaving, the Darkling orders that Mal be thrown overboard. Alina can only watch as the Darkling commands her light to leave Mal so that he can be taken by the volcra.

When Alina hears Mal scream, she is brought back to the memory of the stag and finally realizes that she has earned her amplifier just like the Darkling did. While he killed it, she had spared it's life.

She feels back in control over her powers and immediately uses the light to save Mal, and the Darkling, angry, commands his soldiers to attack her.

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

When the Grisha come towards her, Alina demonstrates her new strength by using the Cut, a powerful technique that only the Darkling uses, to split the skiff's mast in two. Alina asks the people around her for help, but they are too scared of betraying the Darkling. Seeing that no one will help her, Alina decides to jump off the boat and runs for Mal, leaving the rest to fend for themselves against the volcra.

When she is safe with Mal, she uses the Cut again and slices the skiff itself in half while running away with Mal into West Ravka. The book ends with Mal and Alina on a boat running away on the sea to whatever is on the other side.

Memorable Quotes Edit The Duke would have recognized that look He knew the look of a man defending his home with nothing but a rock in his hand.

Something strong enough to topple kings, and even Darklings. While there she meets other Grisha, struggles to fit in, and to believe in her abilities, and begins rigorous training. She feels a strong attraction to the Darkling, which he seems to reciprocate. During two encounters they kiss, and Alina is confused by her reactions to the kisses. After demonstrating her power to the King and his court, Alina is told by her tutor Baghra that she must flee, that the Darkling is using her, that the Darkling created the Unsea, and that he intends to enslave her and use her Grisha power to conquer the world.

Two weeks into her flight, she is nearly captured, being saved by Mal.

Mal has a nearly supernatural ability to track, and was sent to find her, which he did. But instead of turning her in he helps her escape. They decide to hunt the magic stag in the far north. If Alina kills the stag, and makes a necklace of his antlers, her powers will be greatly amplified.

After much time and effort they find the stag, just as they realize how much they love each other.

Alina refuses to kill the stag, and the stag acknowledges this. At that moment the Darkling, and his minions, appear.First edition cover. It took me exactly 4 and a half hours to read this, and not a single second in this consecutive reading did i feel even slightly bored. As well as having to adjust to her new life, she also has to come to terms with the loss of Mal and her emerging feelings for The Darkling — a very powerful mage who can manipulate darkness and who sees her as the key to defeating the Fold.

Shadow and Bone is not an isolated example of a lazy handling of Russian language and culture, and very often I feel very much compelled to offer authors, who choose to base their stories on Russia, my help, to at least check the spelling of the words.

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His plan was to use Alina's powers to drive off the volcra in the Fold so that he could use his own powers to expand it and take over all the lands. The main characters kill thieves and assassins who cross their paths. Alina drinks alcohol but doesn't care for it.

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