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Developing Web Applications, Servlets, and JSPs for Oracle. WebLogic Server. 11g Release 1 (). E May This document is a resource for. Head First Servlets and JSP™, Second Edition, and related trade dress are In other words, if you use anything in Head First Servlets & JSP™ to, say, run a. For live Ajax & GWT training, see training t htt //. l t. / courses at http://courses. Taught by the author of Core Servlets and JSP,. More Servlets .

Servlet And Jsp Pdf

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Servlet and JSP. Programming with IBM WebSphere Studio and VisualAge for Java. Ueli Wahli. Mitch Fielding. Gareth Mackown. Deborah Shaddon. Servlets & JSP. (with Tomcat & Apache). Kai Tödter. CT SE 2. Siemens AG. E- mail: [email protected] www: Besides studying them online you may download the eBook in PDF format! The resources like servlets, JSP pages and HTML files are.

How to write data into PDF using Servlet

The client sends a request message to the server. The server, in turn, returns a response message. The messages consists of two parts: header information about the message and body contents.

Header provides information about the messages. The data in header is organized in name-value pairs. First "Hello-world" Servlet Let us begin by writing a servlet that says hello in response to a client's request. Create a new Webapp "helloservlet" We shall begin by defining a new webapp web application called "helloservlet" in Tomcat.

A Java webapp has a standardized directory structure for storing various types of resources. Create a directory "helloservlet" under Tomcat's "webapps" directory i.

Take note that the directory names are case-sensitive. These resources will be delivered to the clients as it is. You could create sub-directories such as images, css and scripts, to further categories the resources. This is where you keep your application-specific configuration files such as "web.

It is a good practice to separate the source files and classes to facilitate deployment. Classes defined in packages must be kept according to the package directory structure. It keeps resources and configurations e. In this example, we shall write a servlet called "HelloServlet. A client can invoke "HelloServlet. A servlet shall be kept inside a Java package instead of the default no-name package for proper deployment. Let's call our package "mypkg".

Use a programming text editor to enter the following source codes, and save as "HelloServlet. Line 2 places this class in a package called mypkg. We need the Servlet API library to compile this program.

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Tomcat provides a copy of servlet API called "servlet-api. You could copy "servlet-api. The compiler creates the package directory "mypkg" automatically. We don't write a servlet from scratch. Instead, we create a servlet by sub-classing javax. HttpServlet in Line 8. As mentioned, a servlet is invoked in response to a request URL issued by a client. Specifically, a client issues an HTTP request, the server routes the request message to the servlet for processing.

The servlet returns a response message to the client. In the HelloServlet, we override the doGet method as denoted by the annotation Override. The client need to know the message type in order to correctly display the data received.

Java Server-Side Programming

In Line 15, we retrieve a Writer object called out for writing the response message to the client over the network. We then use the out.

This servlet also echoes some of the clients's request information, and prints a random number for each request. Configure the Application Deployment Descriptor - "web. It provides the configuration options for that particular web application, such as defining the the mapping between URL and servlet class. The above configuration defines a servlet named "HelloWroldServlet", implemented in "mypkg.

Run the Hello-world Servlet To run the servlet, first start the Tomcat server. Verify that the web context "helloservlet" has been deployed by observing the following messages in the Tomcat's console: xxx x, xxxx xx:xx:xx xx org.

Head First Servlets and JSP

Assume that Tomcat is running in port number User does not receive the servlet's program codes, which are kept under a hidden directory "WEB-INF" and not directly accessible by web users. Everything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong Read " Common Error Messages ".

This allows web users to interact with the web server by submit data. Text field for single line only.

Each of the input elements has an attribute "name", and an optional attribute "value". For example, suppose that we enter "Alan Smith" in the text field, select "male", and click the "SEND" button, we will get a " page not found" error because we have yet to write the processing script. Always begin writing code that runs as a standalone example.

Gradually add complexity until something goes wrong. Look at the stack trace in the server logs. Most of the time, the error messages will tell you exactly what to do. An easy way to find out if a problem is caused by iText or by the browser is to replace the Serv-letOutputStream in step C with a FileOutputStream for debugging reasons only. If the file is generated correctly on your server, you can rule out iText as the cause of the problem.

By following this last rule, you should be able to determine whether the problem is a client-side or a server-side problem. If something goes wrong in the try block, an IOException is thrown, resulting in an internal server error.

The best way to debug problems like this is by saving the stream that is sent to the browser as a file. First try opening it in Adobe Reader. Newer versions of the Adobe Reader plug-in may ignore the HTML, but older versions will complain that the file is corrupt. The question marks should be binary characters.

This can happen when your server flattens all bytes with a value higher than Consult your web or application server manual to find out how to make sure binary data is sent correctly to the browser. Check whether you have added all the JARs you need to the classpath of your web application. Different versions can lead to conflicts.

Finally, check whether the application is compiled with the correct compiler. A file that was available for the standalone example might not be available for the web application. Normally, the exception will give you an indication where to look.

Maybe the working directory of the servlet is different from what you expected. For instance, read the bytes of the resource file, and write them to the ServletInputStream.

If the file generated on the server side is OK, or if none of the situations mentioned so far matches your problem, chances are that your problem is browser-related.

If all users experience the same problem, the problem is caused on the server side.

The viewer receives the PDF syntax, but shows it as if it were plain text. JSP 2. Servlet 2. Supported by Tomcat 5. Core Objects JavaScript Reference: Programming Resources. Top table of contents Chapter 1: Server Setup and Configuration Chapter 2: Using and Deploying Web Application Chapter 5: Controlling Web Application Behavior with web.

A Sample Web Application: An Online Boat Shop Chapter 7: Declarative Web Application Security Chapter 8: Programmatic Security Chapter 9: The Application Events Framework Chapter Please see http:Alternatively, you could issue a URL with query string.

Recommended Java EE Books. Enumeration getInitParameterNames A servlet can bind an attribute of name-value pair into the ServletContext, which will then be available to other servlet in the same web application. Maybe you can use this argument if using JSP is a requirement in your project. Pure servlet is servlet which is used to create java objects that can be implemented from javax. Different versions can lead to conflicts. As mentioned, a servlet is invoked in response to a request URL issued by a client.

You could debug your web application in IDE, like debugging standalone application. Servlet mapping maps URL patterns with the servlets.

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