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Who Should Read “Same Kind of Different as Me”? Denver Moore, Lynn Vincent, and Ron Hall Biography. This book tells the magnificent story of two men Denver Moore and Ron Hall, and their joint endeavor to final salvation. Read the critically acclaimed New York Times best-seller with more than one million copies in print. Same Kind of Different as Me is releasing as a major motion. The book tells the story of Ron and Deborah Hall and their friendship with Denver . Moore who they met at the. Union Gospel Mission in Fort. Worth. • The book.

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Read Same Kind of Different as Me PDF A Modern-Day Slave, an International Art Dealer, and the Unlikely Woman Who Bound Them Together. My favorite book of all time: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. It was what finally put me over the edge to travel to India a few years ago. The story is. About the NY Times Bestselling Book and Paramount Movie. A dangerous, homeless drifter who grew up picking cotton in virtual slavery. An upscale art dealer.

And it's really awkward to feel the terrible sadness of a real person's death while gawking at the absurdity of her family and friends' visions of angels and spirits. I'd read some reviews and they were largely polarized, wi Its awkward to read a memoir when you don't like the subject.

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I'd read some reviews and they were largely polarized, with religious folks loving it and everyone else complaining about the preachiness. I fully expected to be in the second camp and got to my nit-picking right away.

One of my pet peeves is book and movie descriptions that are not accurate. No no no. Yes in his early years, Denver was a "modern-day slave" and lived through shit that most of us cannot imagine.

While we're on the topic of slavery, isn't the word "bound" kind of in poor taste? And if anyone is going to bring together a wealthy snob and a jaded homeless man, a wealthy person with a passion for serving the homeless seems to be the most likely person to make the introduction or is it unlikely for any wealthy person to be genuinely philanthropic?

Once I got beyond the book jacket things didn't get a whole lot better. While, Denver's story was fascinating, Ron came across like a egomaniac, a woman-hating rich guy pushing his religion.

Same Kind of Different as Me

Eventually the cancer story kicked into one heart breaking scene after another and I finally started to become involved with the story and my opinion of Ron slowly climbed. This book tells the magnificent story of two men Denver Moore and Ron Hall, and their joint endeavor to final salvation. The first chapter of the book unveils the Dark Part of the Deep South, and the upbringing of Moore who faced racism since early days. At one point, Denver Moore describes a situation he encountered during his teenage days.

As he was changing a tire for a white woman on the country road, he was attacked by three young boys who dragged him and beat him just because he was black.

Same Kind of Different As Me

This unfortunate turn of events, marked the beginning of a new era, and shaped his personal views. He sensed a pull from within or a desire to find a better place that will help him to fulfill his dreams.

Hall was born in Haltom City of Texas, in to middle-class parents. Dealing with an alcoholic and unpredictable father is certainly a tough responsibility for a young man.

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Hall during his college days at Texas Christian University, met his life-companion — Deborah Short who later became his most trusted supporter and admirer. After deciding to find his luck someplace else, Moore embarks on an unprosperous journey , while spending most of his time on the streets. As an uneducated man, facing segregation on every corner, he moved a lot, from place to place.

At one point, Moore was arrested for an attempt to rob a city bus. He was found guilty and spent the next 10 years in Louisiana Prison. After serving his sentence, he returned to Fort With, with a heated head and anger. He was homeless at the time; with no job, no hopes and a fierce temper that granted him 10 years in a jail cell.

He was forced to rely on the people from the homeless shelter, while he was still being monitored for his passion for criminal activities. On the other side of the story, Hall after graduating from college got married to Deborah.

As a successful and renowned high-end art dealer, Ron Hall traveled around the world while indulging in many luxuries such as sports car, money, nice hotels and other privileges.

His wife was never too impressive of this lifestyle and as a mainstream Christian woman, she was more into charity and helping others.

Several years later, Deborah was among the first who set sail on a new adventure brought by the increasing presence of evangelicalism in American lives. The family was divided by different viewpoints or mindset that was no longer keeping them together. Deborah however, insisted that the stability of the marriage can be rebuild again.

After making their marriage work, Deborah took the charity work on to the next level and became even more passionate about it. She volunteered at the Union Gospel Mission and prompted Ron that he should do the same.

One day, Deborah spotted a man who she believed would save the city. An exceptional friendship was born out of a dream, and Moore and Hall started a new expedition that will question their faith and devotion towards one God.Nevertheless, you have done well that you shared in my distress.

I just know the draggin all of a sudden stopped. Walls scarred with urine stains and graffiti. I just know the draggin all of a sudden stopped. I knowed who done it. At one point, Moore was arrested for an attempt to rob a city bus.

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