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Revolution - Love, Corruption, Ambition. Love. Corruption. Ambition Chetan Bhagat RUPA PUBLICATIONS INDIA To my mother Revolutio. Revolution Home · Revolution Author: Chetan Bhagat. downloads Views 58MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF. 4§ • CHETAN BHAGAT. 'WhyBHUn said. "I want to do journalism part-time, I have contacts In newspapers. hereJ Raghav said. When people.

Revolution 2020 By Chetan Bhagat Pdf

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Revolution is one of the best selling noels written by Chetan Bhagat, who is one of the great authors. Download the eBook from below download link. Download Free PDF of Revolution - Chetan Bhagat. Once upon a time, in small-town India, there lived two intelligent wanted to. Chetan Bhagat's Revolution A Novel on Love, Corruption and. Ambition. Talluri Mathew Bhaskar. Lecturer in English, A.P.R.J. College. Chetan Bhagat is.

The girl then starts getting close to through the various parts of the book. The book is a tale of the boy out of sympathy. Soon the three become friends. This story starts with the introduction of the two main characters in the story. He comes home a dejected man.

Revolution 2020 By Chetan Bhagat

He thinks of continue their friendship even after their school himself as a loser. They all pass out 12 from the same class.

The girl, Aarthi was not the HT exam. Try to forget training. Wish her happiness with her JEE boy. But the other boy Gopal gets dejected as he a day since she stopped talking to me.

At around the same time, worry. You will get another girl, even the last rankers. He wants to tell her but whenever he How do you think India has such a large population? Yet both of them spent time away in sleep. This jolts Gopal much more and soon he sees together and Raghav for sided. The family members were ignored because they had feels that this girl was his and she also loved him. He knew their evil of him and a seat at the IIT.

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He soon comes across a character called Sunil. He is an the exams, he starts cursing his fate as his only said would agent of the local MLA Shukla-ji. Having nowhere to go, the be a worthless being now.

This further hurts Gopal and he two go to Shukla-ji for help regarding the land matter. The breaks down. He assures his father that he will give it three men discuss the issue and finalize that they will open another try the next year. They get Gopal still manages to be in touch with Aarthi the relation the permission, approval and other per-requisites through still flourishes.

As he gets busy and looses himself in the many corrupt practices as the MLA is a very corrupt man. He was to which she hides with Gopal. Gopal though trying hard this become the youngest director of a college in town. II, Issue I, January his girl was now with someone else. He could not control his has immense potential and is craving to be utilized and anger. He turns Raghav into his enemy for stealing what was channelized in a proper way. He wanted to hit back at Raghav.

He waits for This book presents the life style of Indian students and the a chance to do so. Meanwhile, Raghav graduates from IT- Education system relevant her in the most correct way. All BHU, Varanasi.

Also the story is a very inspiring his passion which was journalism. He was very passionate one. The claps and whistles were my cue to leave.

Security volunteers formed a human barricade and soon I managed a neat exit from the hall. Thank you so much, sir, someone said right behind me. I turned around to face my host. Mr Mishra, I said, I was looking for you. Please call me Gopal, he said. The car is over there.

Revolution 2020

His black Mercedes whisked us away from the crowded Vidyapath Road. Any more temples you want to see? Gopal asked. Thats all Varanasi has, anyway. You saw the ghats, right? Yeah, I went to the Vishwanath temple and Dasaswamedh ghat at five in the morning, I said. The aarti was out of the world. Gopal frowned. I said. You must be used to the aarti by now. I was seeing it for the first time, all those diyas floating at dawn. It is not that, he said, but did not elaborate.

You will drop me at Ramada hotel? Your flight is only tomorrow morning, Gopal said. Dont be formal I began. You have to come home. We must have a drink together. I have the finest whiskey in the world, he said. I smiled as I shook my head. Thanks, Gopal, but I dont drink much. Chetan sir, one drink? I can tell people I had a drink with the Chetan Bhagat. I laughed.

Thats nothing to brag about. Still, say it if you want.

You dont actually have to drink with me. Not like that, sir. I actually want to have a drink with you. I saw his intense eyes. He had sent me twenty invites in the last six months, until I agreed to come. I knew he could persist. Okay, one drink!

I said, hoping I wouldnt regret this later. Excellent, Gopal said. We drove ten kilometers outside the city on the Lucknow Highway to reach GangaTech. The guards saluted as the campus gates opened up. The car came to a halt at a gray bungalow. It had a stone exterior that matched the main college and hostel buildings. We sat in the living room on the ground floor. It opened out to a badminton court-sized lawn.

Nice house, I said as I sat on an extra-soft brown velvet sofa. I noticed the extra-high elevated ceiling. I made it myself. The contractor built it, but I supervised everything, Gopal said. He proceeded to the bar counter at the other end of the room. Its the 4 bungalow of an engineering college director. You and your friends raided one, right? How do you know?

Everyone knows. Weve read the book. Seen the movie. We laughed. He handed me a crystal glass filled with a generous amount of Irish whisky. Thank you. I took my drink. Single malt, 12 years old, he said. Its the directors bungalow, but you dont have a daughter, I said. You arent even married. The youngest director Ive ever seen.

He smiled. How old are you? I was curious. Twenty-six, Gopal said, a hint of pride in his voice. Not just the youngest, but also the most uneducated director youve met.

I never went to college. I said as I twirled the ice-cubes in my glass and wondered how potent this drink was. Well, I did do a joke of a correspondence degree. It isnt a joke to open such a big college. Sixteen hundred students now, ji, across all batches. Each paying one lakh a year. We already have a sixteencrore turnover. And you inaugurated the MBA coaching today. Thats another new business.

I took a sip. The smooth whiskey burnt my throat. Do you have beer? Or wine? I coughed. Gopals face fell. Not only had I ignored his impressive business statistics, I had rejected his whiskey. Its Glenfiddich, four thousand a bottle. Ill open Blue Label? Thats ten thousand a bottle. It is not a price issue, I wanted to tell him but didnt. I dont drink whiskey.

Too strong for me, I said instead. Gopal laughed. Live life. Start having fine whiskey. You will develop a taste. I attempted another sip and winced. He smiled and poured more water in my drink to dilute it. It ruined the scotch, but saved my sanity. Life is to be enjoyed. Look at me, I will make four crores this year. What is the point if I dont enjoy it? In most parts of the world, speaking about your income is taboo.

In India, you share the figures like your zodiac sign, especially if you have lots. He seemed to have put the question more to himself than me. His dark eyes continued to bore into me.T have to choose a course. However, I had little time to prepare for the test scheduled in three days. She took me to the bathroom. But Gopal does not know that how to build a college because he has no money and educational experience.

I patted his back to cheer him up.

Iguess Manoj Dutta didnt call home often enough, leading to his lonelinessand early demise. I knew he could persist. Youth should garner enough courage and initiative to uproot corruption. Mr Mishra, I said, I was looking for you. He seemed to have put the question more to himself than me.

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