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See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. Help for Prince of Persia: Warrior Within on GameCube, PC. Free Prince of Persia: Warrior Within game guide. Ben Zackheim If you're a " complete" member, you get the guide in pdf format. SCROLL TO. Prince of Persia 2 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Welcome to the Prince of Persia: Warrior Within wiki guide.

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After installing the game, select Ubisoft/Prince of Persia: Warrior. Within/Play Prince of Persia: Warrior Within from your computer's. Start menu or double-click the. Walk-through: This section provides a complete walk-through for Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. Inside you'll find combat tips for specific. For Prince of Persia: Warrior Within on the PC, GameFAQs has 10 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs).

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Walkthroughs for Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Prince of Persia: Need more help? Find a walkthrough Ask a question Start a discussion. After your Sand Tanks are filled, go back towards him. When you get close to him, he will shoot tendrils out of his stomach at you. Roll under them then activate Slow Time and hit him until his health is about half way down. An intermission sequence will start, and the beast will be hanging on the side of the cliff. Run over to him and use Ravages Of Time as much as possible.

When his health gets too low, he will jump up into the center of the stage and regain half of his health. This is when he becomes angry and things get tricky. He will try to jump on you multiple times. Run around the stage collecting the sands, rolling out of the way when he jumps towards you. If he misses you, he will try to shoot his tendrils at you; just run or roll away from him. Eventually he will go back to shooting tendrils out of the ground. When your sands are full, run towards him and use the same tactic as before.

When your down to a couple of Sand Tanks, fill up again. The strategy is to get his health as low as possible before he gets knocked to the side of the cliff, then use either Slow Time or Ravages to kill him off before he jumps back up again.

Get the Light Sword. Ensure that you do not throw the Light Sword. Hang onto it until the Dahaka fight. Beat on him as instructed above, but when he hangs on the ledge for the first time, slow time and hit him with the Light Sword not the Water Sword. He should die before he is able to jump back up. If not, you will defeat him the second time. Defeating The Empress Of Time To defeat the empress of time for the last time, dodge all her attacks, especially the kicks.

Do not let her get near the girl in red. When only a little of her life remains, keep blocking and press Y or X. Go up to it and start slashing it. If it slashes at you with its claw or tail, roll out of the way. Keep hitting it with time slowed down. Once it has taken enough damage, it will go into the air.

Go to the edge and hang off. Reach the area on to the opposite side of the room back left corner to locate an artwork chest resting near a column. Hop onto the base of the column and jump up to the bar.

Swing to the next bar. Shimmy around to the right and get onto the left side of the bar requires you to turn around when you first get to the bar.

Swing up to the ledge and crush the enemy here. Maneuver carefully across the beams. If you fall off, pull yourself back up and keep going.

Walk across the beam to the right and reach the far platform. Battle more enemies on this ledge and break the containers for some sand. Look on the back wall to find more bars. Jump and grab hold and swing to the next bar overhead.

Reach the beam by swinging on the bar, leaping against the wall, and then jumping off the wall onto the beam. Hop from the beam to the next platform.

Fight the acrobatic enemies and snag a weapon from the rack if desired. Drop off the edge of the platform but keep hold. Jump backward to the beams. Cross the beam to the opposite side and leap to the ledge. Defeat the enemies that wait for you. Break open containers for sand. Run along the back left wall and reach the curtain.

Start across the next beam and spot the acrobatic enemy. The goal here is to jump when the enemy attacks. Immediately press attack to knock her off of the beam. Resume across the beam to the next platform and combat another acrobatic foe. Jump to the beam along the back wall. Hop to the next beam then jump against the wall and the overhead beam. From there, jump to the next platform. Crush the acrobatic enemies that appear here.

Also, note this location for much later in the game. You may even encounter an enemy on the beam. Leap backward to the beam. As you cross the beam, an acrobatic enemy drops on the opposite side.

Dodge her attack with a jump then counter immediately. Jump to the curtain and ride it down to the opened passage. Proceed through the new route. Drop off the ledge and spot the curtain underneath. Drop onto the curtain and ride it toward the bottom. Leap to the shorter beam then across to the adjacent beam.

Hop over to another small beam before landing into the next passage. When you land, roll across the floor trap. Bust some containers to gain sand before saving your game at the fountain.

You spot Shadhee and an unknown woman engaged in battle. You must battle Shadhee again. Her attacks remain essentially the same; though she employs a damaging kick that tears through your blocks.

Utilize your power to recall time if you suffer significant damage. Break them to recover some sand. If you move away from the battle, Shadhee will move to the woman and resume kicking.

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If you go for the sand containers, you must return quickly; if the woman falls to her death, the game ends in failure. Block her attacks then counter with your own assault. When she unleashes the uppercut, counter with your own series of primary and secondary weapon strikes. If she turns her back to you and goes for the unknown woman, assault with a combination strike.

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Press attack quickly to gain the upper hand. Be careful around the edges. After the battle, the room crumbles and the woman you saved escapes the chamber through an alternate route. Objective: Reach the Hourglass Chamber Past. Also, grab and pull the altar toward the stairs.

This opens a secret passage. Follow the passage to reach your first life upgrade. Roll over the floor spikes and dodge the pole traps. Roll under the spinning blades.

At the large gap in the floor, run along the right wall when the blade moves toward the top of the screen. Roll under the final pole traps to reach the life upgrade. Hop onto the broken column on the right side of the chamber facing the altar. Leap to the ledge. Traverse it to the right and jump to the bar. Swing on the bar and leap to the ledge above. Jump to the left to the adjacent ledge. Hop to the bar then swing on the bar and jump off the wall to reach the bar overhead. Swing on the overhead bar to reach the platform on the left.

Jump up and grab the rope. Hold the special action button to run along the wall while holding the rope. Press action to let go and run toward the beam. From the beam, leap to the walkway then save your game at the fountain on the left. Break nearby containers to replenish your sand tanks.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Walkthrough

Drop to the beam straight below. Walk on the beam toward the column and continue to the right. From the end of the beam, leap to the ledge on the column. Traverse around to the left then jump to the bar. Swing to the next narrow ledge.

Jump up twice then shimmy to the right and onto the upper walkway. Hop onto the debris and climb the rope. Leap from the rope to the bar switch.

Jump from the switch back to the rope and descend. While standing the edge of the platform run along the left wall to the balcony. Jump up to the rope and use it to reach the next pathway in the corner. Enter the circular chamber on the right and battle a couple acrobatic enemies. Return to the previous balcony and throw the enemies off.

In the circular room, run up the back wall and grab hold of the upper ledge. Swing to the next highest bar. Turn around on the bar and swing to the next higher bar. Swing again to reach the next passage. Break some containers for sand before jumping up to the ledge along the right side of the wall. Jump up to the next ledges and hop to the bar. While hanging from the lower bar, you need to swing toward the wall and jump off the wall to reach the upper bar.

Turn around again and swing from the bar to reach the ledge. Avoid the pole trap by dropping and holding onto the ledge. Shimmy to the left underneath the pole trap.

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Wait until the pole trap moves away again then pull up and continue into the hallway. Around the corner a couple blades guard the wall. Run along the right wall to the rope when the blade moves up.

Leap to the opposite rope and use it to reach the far ledge.

Run along the wall when the blade moves near the bottom of its run. You may have to adjust your rope run to get the blade in the right spot. Maneuver through the pole traps around the corner wait for an opening in the center and enter the time travel room.

Drink from the fountain to replenish health and save your progress. Upon entering new time travel rooms, you must activate the portal by inputting the correct four-button sequence. This time travel room must be activated.

To activate the room, you must toggle the four switches in the room in the appropriate order. If you press a switch out of order, the entire sequence resets. Figure out the first switch, then the second, then the third, and finally the fourth. For traveling through time you receive arguably the best power in the game, Eye of the Storm.

You can now slow down time temporarily, which will help you circumvent traps as well as become more powerful during combat situations. Exit the chamber save your game again if you wish.Pull up to the ledge above. Beyond the golem, run along the left wall and snag the rope. After a few times of doing this, he will fall to his knees. Roll over the floor spikes and past the spinning blade and crusher.

Run along the new flooring to the save fountain and save your game.

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