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Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Table of Contents Chapter One Chapter Two. demons 1 by lisa desrochers is available in various formats such as pdf, doc and epub which you can directly download and save in in to you personal demons. PDF] PERSONAL DEMONS TOR BOOKS BY LISA DESROCHERS Personal Demons Lisa Desrochers PERSONAL DEMONS A TOM.

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fg57gjhng - Get book Personal Demons (Personal Demons, #1) by Lisa Desrochers read and download online. Full supports all version of your device. [PDF] Personal Demons Personal - Frannie Cavanaugh is a good Catholic girl with a bit of a wicked streak. She has spent years keeping. Get Free Read & Download Files Personal Demons PDF. PERSONAL DEMONS. Download: Personal Demons. PERSONAL DEMONS - In this site isn`t the.

Luc does not act like a 4k year old demon. He acts like a teenage guy. Gabe acts like an old woman. Errr, this book is soooo annoying!

I kept wishing Frannie would just die or something. Whyyy is there always an annoying girl who makes EVERYONE love her and uses all the boys who come across her path and, of course, fall at her feet with melting love? Can't she frickin' pick one person!? It's not fair that she gets to make out with several guys, yet the guys are fully in love with her, so much so that they wouldn't dream of even looking at another person?

A summary of this book: Luc falls in love with Frannie for no apparent reason, since she doesn't have a single likable quality. Gabe falls in love with Frannie for no apparent reason, since she doesn't have a single likable quality.

Frannie makes out with Gabe, who enjoys it for no apparent reason. Frannie makes out with Luc for no apparent reason. A random demon attacks Frannie, and Luc, for no apparent resason, since she has no redeeming qualities, saves her worthless hide. Frannie gets pissed off at Luc for no reason at all. Frannie makes out with Gabe again.

Luc reeaallly loves Frannie, like, reeeeaaallly, again, why!? Frannie makes out with Gabe and Luc, one right after the other, then gets a little more Gabe action, followed by some more Luc, and some more Gabe. Frannie swoons like an elderly woman and cries.

Luc, unfortunately and for no apparent reason, saves her. Frannie feels sorry for herself, and cries some more. Luc has a revelation. Oh, and then she cries. Luc is an invincible robot, since it is clearly impossible for him to be injured, but even when he is injured, he's still fine. I have a knife in my shoulder and deep claw marks all over my chest?

Guess maybe I'm not okay after all. No, she'd just scream and cry and hug Gabe. Frannie sniffles, puts on a dramatic show of tears, and gets on with her woe is me production. Then Frannie passes out drunk. Then Frannie does something she has never done before: View all 22 comments. Aug 12, Lina rated it did not like it Shelves: I would like to apologize for this harsh review, because it really is not the fault of the writer as a whole. For a debut novel is not bad in terms of writing.

However, the plot leaves a lot to be desired. First of all, the portrayal of demons and angels in this book is just pathetic. The ma I would like to apologize for this harsh review, because it really is not the fault of the writer as a whole.

The main male lead of Luc Cain what a name right? He does not live up to the power of his name at all, by page 20 he is already melting into Frannie's "charm" and loosing his demon instincts and falling into the wangst of love.

Nothing about him screams "bad-ass". He spends most of the novel talking about these "new feelings" he develops for Frannie that somehow turn a seven millennia old demon into a lovesick douche bag, who pisses himself in front of demons he's supposedly known his whole existence. Satan is in this book and he just comes of a drama-queen. I am a big fan of Paradise Lost and while I know that not every book can develop the devil into a complex character, I would like some effort.

He's not unique and in the few seconds we see him, he not only lacks the charisma of a man capable of waging war on God. In addition he doesn't inspire fear to have people think of him as the ultimate evil. As for the angels. First of all they lack any depth because the writer obviously wants you to route for Luc. Also, the character of Gabe aka Gabriel is just an irritating shade of an angel. He just asks like a goodie-goodie lovesick boy. Hard to believe that this is the same guy who is supposed to be a messenger for God.

We also have no real insight to the way angels work or act, except they are good guys. Our main character Frannie has the makings of a good lead.

She is a fairly strong lead, with judo skills that give her an edge that a lot of other leads do not possess.

Personal Demons T Personal Demons

However, she is giving a senseless ability that makes her the target of Heaven and Hell. Unfortunately, her personality is irritating. I don't have any problem with her having feelings for two guys Luc and Gabe , my problem is the way the situation is handled. In addition, when discovered that she has this immense power she becomes selfish. I'm sorry, but when you discover you have the ability to become the next Hitler, there must be a sense of personal responsibility. No, not for Frannie. For those who might claim I am being too hard on Frannie, let me compare her to the character of Aang from Avatar: At twelve he discovered that he had to become the Jesus of his people.

While he did angst slightly in the beginning, he realized that you have a responsibility to other people not just yourself.

Hopefully Frannie will learn that, but I do not care to read further to find out. D- My problem with book like this is that they are not trying to do anything deep.

This a story of Heaven and Hell fighting for the soul of a girl who could be the next Hitler and the hook is a love triangle.

The romance isn't moving and the characters aren't that complex or compelling. View all 8 comments. Feb 01, Courtney Allison Moulton rated it it was amazing Shelves: Frannie is a kind, smart girl who questions the world around her and made for a very interesting narrator. She really holds her own in a story filled with powerful, supernatural creatures. Luc is sexy and written with a realistic male voice, and he and Frannie have so much depth to their characters.

I was never bored once while reading this and only put it down once.

Personal Demons por G. Streator

The exciting overall story arc has me itching for the sequels! Mar 01, K. I couldn't get past Chapter 15 which is just a bit more than half way so I feel like I gave this a fair shot. The book advertises itself as a paranormal romance, a tug-of-war between Heaven and Hell, seductively represented by two obviously gorgeous guys called Gabe riel and Luc ifer. Guess who's on what team! And that's exactly what you get.

No more, no less. Personal Demons is as narrow a book as I've ever come across. I was honestly gutted when by page A rant. I was honestly gutted when by page 30 I realized I wasn't going to like it. After reading some really fun reviews and seeing how people reacted to the book, I got excited myself.

Who doesn't want to read a book with characters oozing sexual appeal? As long as the book is also oozing with quality which this is not, sadly. And I think that's the problem. The author got too caught up in trying to entice the readers, trying to make Frannie, Luc and Gabe and their scenes together as smoldering as possible that she consequently forgot about a little thing called plot development and character growth. You know, those troublesome yet necessary things you usually get in most novels.

Now, I said I didn't get past Chapter 15, so this review is irrelevant, I know, but let me just get this out incomplete on its basis of opinion but unless the book takes a dramatic turn after page and decides to get good, then I think this review is still fairly accurate.

Party Of Five S03E07 Personal Demons

The characters were one-sided. I appreciated that the writer gave them their individual problems to make them sympathetic and give them the appearance of depth and complexity.

Frannie is flat and unpleasant to be around. Not to mention consistently mildly vulgar. I say mildly because it wasn't like she was dropping the F bombs or anything and I suppose its faithful to reality because people do swear. But for someone who comes from a Catholic family religious enough to be branded as a Catholic family , exactly how many times does she incorporate the word Hell into her sentences, whether telling people to go there or simply uttering it because she can't think of anything else?

Its unattractive when the main character's vocabulary is limited to "mmm This book was screaming for a threesome. I didn't enjoy it all. First, it happened way too fast. First chapter and Frannie and Luc were already sending chills down each others' spines. A little balance wouldn't hurt, you know.

From the get go we're already exposed to their sexual tension on Full Power. It would've been nice if the author had started small and built from that. And for someone who keeps her emotions bottled up and people at bay, Frannie seems to be quite the boy magnet. Left and right, there's a guy leering over her. The romance between Frannie, Luc and Gabe became redundant and tedious after a very short while.

When she's with Luc, she's drooling over him. Oh, but when she's with Gabe, she's drooling over him. That's literally what every scene was about. Her looking between Luc and Gabe, confused and so sexually frustrated. And since she alternates between them, you can be sure that the sexual tension is maintained on high. I swear, with the amount of electricity they sent coursing through each others' veins while staring deeply into each others' eyes as if reading the other one's soul, I was surprised they didn't just die right there.

Every page, people, every page. Okay, maybe, like every other page. I was torn between giving this one star or two stars. In the end, I decided that mercy was the higher and harder road over justice so I'm giving it a one. View all 3 comments. I love a bad boy, but when that said bad boy is trying to redeem himself? Anyway, great new book about fighting one's destiny against the forces of Heaven and Hell. There was an error trying to load your rating for this title. Frannie is the black sheep in her very religious Catholic family.

Never having recovered from a childhood accident, she blames herself for the life lost and finds Hell knocking on her door. Cool, swave, break-your neck kinda hot. He's out to tag Frannie for Hell, and he'll stop at nothing to claim h Luc, so hot! He's out to tag Frannie for Hell, and he'll stop at nothing to claim her as his prize. But it turns out, she's not so easy. Somewhere along the way, Luc notices himself changing. Softening to her and finding himself in a very uncomfortable situation.

Gabe, an angel from Heaven, swoops in to save the day, only to realize, like Luc, there's more than meets the eye when it comes to Frannie. With Hell fast on their heels, the three form a somewhat unconventional team to save Frannie from herself, Hell and a destiny she wants nothing to do with. A great beginning to a very original new series. Can't wait for the next installment. Though there are three main characters, the story thus far is told from alternating POVs, Frannie and Luc's.

Now I'm team Luc, so I'm hoping the series will stay it's course, but maybe, for you Gabe fans out there, Original Sin July will level out the playing field. Nov 03, Katerina Kondrenko rated it did not like it Shelves: My eyes were hurt, my brains could die if not Shadow and Bone's healing sessions. Maybe I'll tell you what this book was about later, just to save your time and nerves. Right now just believe me, you don't want to read this epitome of delusion.

View all 13 comments. Sep 04, Monica rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was giddy with excitement as I started this book and I read it straight through in one sitting, ok, with a few random 'OMG' tweets between pages and chapters. This book definitely did not disappoint. I love most of all, since it seems to be becoming a pattern in book recently, that the ending did not have a cliff-hanger. There is definitely enough opening for a second novel but I wasn't left with that 'stolen puppy' feeling and my mouth hanging open.

I am unable to eloquently break this book do I was giddy with excitement as I started this book and I read it straight through in one sitting, ok, with a few random 'OMG' tweets between pages and chapters. I am unable to eloquently break this book down by characters, writing, and plot because it was all amazing I am going to tell you what I loved and didn't love. Let's start with what I did not love. I did not love that Gabe didn't get his own point-of-view.

I would have loved to have known what was going on in his sexy head. I totally think he should have had his own POV from the beginning of the book, that way I can feel justified for wanting to be on Team Gabe, because he would have then actually stood a chance. I also did not like that Frannie was so What I did love. I love that this book has a nice comfortable paranormal romance feel someone intertwined with a bigger-than-life feel.

This book is about the sway of good and evil, heaven and hell, I would say that is pretty important. I love that Frannie is a strong independent women and knows what she wants, in life and in her man I can totally appreciate her wanting to live her own life without being controlled but at the same time see comment above. I love the raw sexual energy seeping from the pages of this book, it is hot, and so very right.

I also loved the concept of the smells associated with emotions, don't we always say animals can smell fear, but Read this book and find out! As for me, I have developed a liking for cinnamon. Jul 23, Wicked Lil Pixie Natasha rated it it was amazing.

Luc wants Frannie to, but for a different reason. The tension in the relationships is so real, it sizzles. Speaking of pages, the action was something else, the pages flew by. Lisa Derochers has done YA a service with such a fabulous debut. Savoring it, really. He lets Mystery Boy read through the end of the chapter, which is much longer than anyone else has read all year. I glance around the room and everyone—even tough guy, smart-ass Marshal Johnson—seems hypnotized.

Snyder snaps abruptly out of his trance. Thank you, Mr. That will be sufficient. Beautifully done. All right, class, the chapter outline on Mr.

You have the rest of the period to work. That was a nice little trick. Why would you memorize Steinbeck? Just a thing where we send letters to kids in Pakistan.

Kind of like pen pals, I guess. I fix it before answering her. She looks at me, all incredulity. No extenuating circumstances. No second chances? She shifts back in her chair and folds her arms across her chest, scrutinizing me. Done something you were sorry for? I pushed a little power at her without really meaning or needing to. But I like the reaction. I search deep in those eyes to find the root of it. I feel Hell-bent on making her happy.

Just the tiniest push is all it would take. Stop it. Where the Hell did that come from? Not like that, anyway. Lots of promise.

Personal Demons

This is going to be interesting. She blinks as if startled from a dream and looks down at her empty composition book. I like a little fire. Makes me feel at home. The mortal world is so droll sometimes. I look at her more closely. Which roughly translates into now. I scan the crowded hall. So many prospects, but no angels—so far. She starts across the hall to her locker and I hang back to admire the view for a few seconds before following her.

She is petite—maybe five-two. Nearly a foot shorter than my human form. There are curves in all the right places. I laugh at myself.

This is going to be fun. I stride across the hall and catch her just as she reaches her locker. I spin the lock on mine a few times, and it springs open.

They must have fixed it. This mortal is extraordinarily observant. She looks skeptical. Welcome to Hades High. Hades High? Haden High—Hades High. How perfect is it that my target goes to a high school nicknamed Hell? This is too rich.

Then she pushes her locker shut with a crash. Sooo sorry. She cringes. Entrar Cancelar. Entrar Registrar Cancelar. PDF 1.

Publicado em Captain J. Frannie feels sorry for herself, and cries some more. Nothing about him screams "bad-ass". The desks are grouped in twos and are nearly full. Luc, working for the devil, shows up first to tag Frannie.

He turns his slender face toward me, glasses perched just at the tip of his long, straight nose. I also did not like that Frannie was so What I did love.

His chapters read the same as Frannie's narration, except Frannie's was different because she narrates by using the word 'cause' a lot and Luc's was different because he thinks lustful thoughts all the time fairly frequently.

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