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Nivea Regular. Nivea Regular font. Nivea Bold. Nivea Bold font by Heather Hemphill (1 Style). Verlag Book font download. Font-Face Web fonts & TTF-OTF. Show all weights of Nivea OT font. . Download Nivea OT ZIP. How to intall the font in: Windows, MacOS, Linux. Download Nivea Bold For Free, View Sample Text, Rating And More On By clicking download and downloading the Font, You agree to our Terms and.

Nivea Book Font

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1 Introduction

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In this method handwriting samples are described using pre-tested expressions grouped in 24 semantically distinct subsets. A team of examiners selects — individually — the most fitting ones, and afterwards the results are brought together in a single protocol. Significant clusters in subsets are seen as indicators for character features. Each participant chose 10 impression-characteristics she considered most appropriate for the envisaged handwriting style.

The terms selected were highly consistent within the group. Obviously the impression-characteristics primarily chosen were most important for us. But also avoided subsets had significance — since they contained terms to stay away from. Most frequently chosen were: 1. Impression-characteristics of movement: energetic, dynamic, flowing, lively Emphasis of movement is a predominantly emotional aspect in the handwriting act.

Nivea bold font

Movement of the pen mirrors temperament and vitality of the originator. Handwriting psychologists interpret movement in writing as an intuitive, subconscious expression of individuality. Figure 4 top to bottom: Handwriting samples with diminishing emphasis on stroke movement; on the right: corresponding impression-characteristics Wallner, Handschriftenatlas The uppermost sample in figure 4 is clearly the one with the highest writing speed. An indication of this is its strong slant to the right.

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But a slant alone is not necessarily tantamount with fast movement — as we can see in the lowest example which has a slant to the right but the pen stroke is cumbersome and faltering. In contrast, the fourth example shows a steady flow in spite of a slight slant to the left. Flattening of the medium zone is a second indication of quick writing pace. Concurrently the medium-height letterforms are often reduced to thread-like structures.

These impression-characteristics do not really fit to the uppermost sample, but well to samples 2 and 3, which besides showing quick writing pace preserve clear forms in the medium zone and thus are well readable.

The examples show that the handwriting of the NIVEA Woman needed a fine balance between stroke-speed and form-clearness. So the next impression-characteristics to look at are those connected to the letterform composition. Impression-characteristics related to clarity of letterforms and readability: precise, well-balanced, uncluttered, clear Contrary to the largely subconscious role movement plays in handwriting, the shaping of characters is the conscious component.

It aims at creating a readable text with a potential reader in mind. Yet, clearly shaped letterforms — besides making texts readable — can also indicate a lack of individuality. This is often the case when the letters are scrupulously created following rules once learned in school, and no personal handwriting style evolved.

Figure 5 top to bottom: Handwriting samples with diminishing stroke speed and concurrent increase of emphasis on shape; on the right: corresponding impression-characteristics Wallner, Handschriftenatlas The readability related-terms selected by our participants, precise, well-balanced, uncluttered, clear demonstrate a team-player attitude of the NIVEA Woman.

She aims to be understandable, shares her views. She is an individualist but not a solitary mind. The second and third sample of figure 5 are apt visualizations of this. Here the movement and form aspects are well-balanced in the word images. In contrast, the other examples: The first one is one-sided in its focus on speed. Sample four emphasises form, but the shapes look quite artificial with signs of deliberate decoration indicating not natural but intended individuality.

And in the lowest sample the letterforms seem crowded, the words overloaded. Impression-characteristics relating to strength of will: steadfast, determined, confident In handwriting-psychology special attention is paid to the word beginnings and their endings.

Oversized first letters figure 6, samples one and two are seen as indications of high self-esteem or even self-centredness if they additionaly are elaborately designed.

Similarly, increasing character sizes at the word endings — which is more seldom sample three — can be signs of a strong will and perseverance. Beginning strokes and especially stretched-out end-strokes sample four are generally considered as expressions of vitality — if they are quickly written and appear only sporadically.

On the other hand, when they appear with great frequency at both ends of the word they are more of a deliberate demonstration of harmony than express inner vitality.

Nivea Bold Font

Figure 6: Handwriting samples emphasising word beginnings and endings in various ways However, one always has to keep in mind that a handwriting style is never defined by its originator alone but also by the model and rules according to which writing is taught in school. These vary from country to country and change in the course of time.

Since the word beginnings and endings are of special importance for the writing style we created a range of alternate glyphs exactly for the characters in these positions. Font users themselves can decide which one to use — checking in each case how much emphasis is needed and which end-strokes they want.

The impression-characteristics sophisticated, individual, warm and light Handwriting can reflect individuality and sophistication in different ways. A general definition might be: an interplay of stroke-movement and form-image that evolved from the once learned model toward a distinctive personal style.Handwriting psychologists interpret movement in writing as an intuitive, subconscious expression of individuality.

Its purpose is quick identification, high recognition, differentiation of competitors, transmission of information about company values, quality, and benefits the company offers. Flattening of the medium zone is a second indication of quick writing pace.

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Available handwriting fonts very seldom contain the full character sets needed for an international brand. Impression-characteristics of movement: energetic, dynamic, flowing, lively Emphasis of movement is a predominantly emotional aspect in the handwriting act.

It gives the consumer in general and in front of store shelves a positive, familiar, intimate feeling. Which images, experiences, and emotions do we want to communicate to create a brand image? Please verify that you are an organic, carbon-based life form, not an automated computer program!

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