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performed on this novel was, as always, amazing, and your suggestions Nicholas Sparks This book is dedicated with love to Pat and Billy Mills. people who'd. Nicholas Sparks. This novel is dedicated to Miles, Ryan, Landon, Lexie, and Savannah. Acknowledgments. For this novel in particular, I have to. Nicholas Charles Sparks is an American romance novelist, screenwriter and producer. He has published nineteen novels and two non-fiction books.

Nicholas Spark Novels Pdf

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22 books based on votes: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song by Nicholas. With over ninety-five million copies of his books sold, Nicholas Sparks is one of the world's most beloved storytellers. His novels include twelve #1 New York. The “Warner Books” name and logo are trademarks of. Hachette establishes Nicholas Sparks as a gifted storyteller “This novel is full of love and sadness; its .

Next, I would like to say that I love the whole love and romance elements embedded in this novel. It is interesting to see how a twist of fate could change a boy's life and make him see what life has to offer him. When Landon asked Jamie to be his partner for the homecoming dance, little did he know it would only be the beginning of a long-time memory that would last with him forever. It is so neat how Jamie and Landon would later fall in love with each other, even though they never expected the unexpected to happen.

The tiny moments they had with each other such as rehearsing the play, helping out at orphanages, talking on her front porch, etc, were beautiful, and make me fall in love with the book even more. The whole process of falling for each other ,even though they didn't expect to, was heart-lifting and makes the book all the better.

Another kind of love that strikes me the most is the love that parents have towards their children. I can no more give Jamie away than I can give away my heart The exploitation of this theme could be used as a springboard for exciting discussions or writings as it will provide a chance for students to increase their emotional awareness towards a certain event or element that they encounter in this novel. In discussing the theme of parental love, some students might be offended as they might not have a good relationship with their parents or worst, either their father or mother or both are no longer in this world.

Therefore, this would encourage them to be aware of various human situations and conflicts so that they would not be easily offended and felt like they are abandoned by their parents. This situation could at least give them a hint about how difficult it is for a father to let their daughters go and how important it is for them to be thankful by taking good care of the daughter, who is now his other half.

The last theme that I think would be worth to discuss in class is the theme of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Somehow, it is easier to say that we forgive someone, but, deep in our hearts, do we really mean it? Once again, not as it seems, this is one difficult question. This action also effects reconciliation between Landon and his father.

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The situation may be tragic, but it is not without its positive aspects. The power to forgive and forget shown by Jamie has influenced a few other people to change and recognize how nice she is. He even collected over dollar for the orphanage that Jamie has been visiting and volunteering for years.

Such miracles do happen, even in the real life — that is what I always believe, and I love the idea that my students would also appreciate the power to forgive and forget because it really can change the world.

Nevertheless, I believe that up there, those who are faithful to God and kind to others would receive a miraculous and better rewards from God. In order to help the students to appreciate the values and elements that I noticed while reading this novel, a pre reading and a post reading activity is designed and would be explained as follows.

During this stage, students are required to just see the book cover Appendix 1 and try to figure out the themes of the novel based on the information written on the cover.

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Then, they have to take note of their thoughts and share them with the person sitting next to them. For this activity, a bottom-up strategy is used in the process of comprehending the novel.

Thus, making them predict the themes of the novel based on the title for example could help in building up their understanding of the novel. Before they begin to write a reading journal of their thoughts, I will provide three lyrics sang by Mandy Moore Appendix 2,3 and 4 and they have to choose one that they think best represent the novel and they have to include explain the reasons together with related themes in their journal. As a follow-up activity, students would then form three groups and they have to group themselves according to the song that they had chosen.

Then, after they have identified and agreed on the themes and their favourite scenes, they have to do a 15 minute role-play. In conclusion, it could be said that literary works usually expose students to complex themes and unexpected uses of language. This could actually be a drawback to the students whose mother tongue is not English.

Nevertheless, if a novel used in a classroom can take students to foreign countries and fantastic worlds through their imagination as well as it is able to bring up certain issues and powerful emotional responses, then, a little challenge in understanding the text would never demotivate the students, especially the advanced ones.

Eventually and hopefully, what they have learnt in class can all be transposed to their real lives. And Field, A. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Chang, L. London: Routledge. Sparks, N. What would it be like to walk the beaches without another care in the world? How would it be to come to a quiet spot every day, away from the hustle and bustle of Boston, just to appreciate what life had to offer? She stepped out a little farther into the water and mimicked the man, hoping to feel whatever it was that he was feeling.

But when she closed her eyes, the only thing she could think about was Kevin. Lord knew she wanted to spend more time with him, and she definitely wanted to be more patient with him when they were together. She wanted to be able to sit and talk with Kevin, or play Monopoly with him, or simply watch TV with him without feeling the urge to get up from the couch to do something more important. But the problem was that there was always something to do.

Dishes to be washed, bathrooms to be cleaned, the cat box to be emptied; cars needed tune-ups, laundry needed to be done, and bills had to be paid. Even though Kevin helped a lot with his chores, he was almost as busy as she was with school and friends and all his other activities.

As it was, magazines went straight to the garbage unread, letters went unwritten, and sometimes, in moments like these, she worried that her life was slipping past her. But how to change all that? Neither did her younger sister, Janet, who had followed in the footsteps of their mother.

She and her husband had been happily married for almost eleven years, with three wonderful girls to show for it. There were times when Theresa thought she might like a life like that, even if it meant giving up her career.

Not since David and she divorced. Three years now, four if you counted the year they were separated. The breach of trust was irreparable. David moved back to his home state of California a year after they separated and met Annette a few months later. His new wife was very religious, and little by little she got David interested in the church. David, a lifelong agnostic, had always seemed to be hungry for something more meaningful in his life.

Now he attended church regularly and actually served as a marriage counselor along with the pastor. She was simply glad that he still took an interest in his son.

Naturally, once she and David had split up, a lot of her friendships ended as well. A few friends remained, though, and she heard from them on her answering machine, suggesting that they set up a lunch date or come over for dinner. Occasionally she would go, but usually she made excuses not to.

Things changed, people changed, and the world went rolling along right outside the window. Since the divorce there had been only a handful of dates. She was, or so she was often told. Her hair was dark brown, cut just above her shoulders, and straight as spider silk.

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Her eyes, the feature she was most often complimented on, were brown with flecks of hazel that caught the light when she was outside. A new wrinkle around the corner of her eye, a gray hair that seemed to have grown overnight, a vaguely weary look from being constantly on the run. Her friends thought she was crazy. Not that she would want to be, even if she could, unless, she sometimes thought to herself, she could take her more mature brain back with her.

But dammit, rules were important, especially the ones regarding marriage.

They were the ones a person was never supposed to break. Why did he have to? And why, she wondered as she stood in the surf, did her thoughts always come back to this, even after all this time?

She supposed that it had something to do with the fact that when the divorce papers finally arrived, she felt as if a little part of her had died. That initial anger she felt had turned to sadness, and now it had become something else, almost a dullness of sorts. Even though she was constantly in motion, it seemed as if nothing special ever happened to her anymore.

Each day seemed exactly like the last, and she had trouble differentiating among them. The first few months had been hard on her. All she could do was feel sorry for herself. Even having Kevin around all the time did nothing to change the fact that she felt absolutely alone in the world.

When David showed up at her sorority party at the beginning of her junior year, one look was all it took for her to know she wanted to be with him. Her young love had seemed so overwhelming, so powerful, then. She would stay awake thinking about him as she lay in her bed, and when she walked across campus, she smiled so often that other people would smile back whenever they saw her.

Over the years, a different kind of marriage emerged. She and David grew up, and apart. It became hard to remember the things that had first drawn them to each other.

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But anything can happen when the flame of a relationship goes out, and for him, it did. A chance meeting at a video store, a conversation that led to lunch and eventually to hotels throughout the greater Boston area. The unfair thing about the whole situation was that she still missed him sometimes, or rather the good parts about him. She had been used to having another person around, just to talk to or listen.

She had gotten used to waking up to the smell of brewing coffee in the morning, and she missed having another adult presence in the apartment. She missed a lot of things, but most of all she missed the intimacy that came from holding and whispering to another behind closed doors.Then, they have to take note of their thoughts and share them with the person sitting next to them.

The family remained there through Sparks' high school days, and in , he graduated as the valedictorian of Bella Vista High School. I'm not really sure what to read after that though, because For a second she felt her heart quicken as another memory came back to her. But the reality was that older men usually had older children; few welcomed the trials of raising an adolescent male in the s.

Please don't stop writing Nick! Her friends thought she was crazy. To vote on existing books from the list, beside each book there is a link vote for this book clicking it will add that book to your votes.

But it was hard, if not impossible, to meet someone decent these days.

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